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Found 15 results

  1. To the those who complain when they get suspended for high server usage. Heliohost is a FREE and an AMAZING host that tries its best to provide unlimited hosting. If you do need more space and storage then maybe you should have hosted an Apache server or a windows IIS server (both free) on your own computer and then you can get all your resources to yourself. Then you would be able to see that what you are hosting is slowing down everybody's hosting accounts making them not able to appreciate this AMAZING FREE HOST. Sorry if this is harsh but Thank You.
  2. If you think that the cPanel email is slow. Then I recommend trying out Yandex. You first sign up and create an account and organization. Then you go to admin and add your domains (the first one is the main domain the others are aliases). After that you add their MX record, SPF, and DKIM records. Click add a person and fill in the mandatory info and write your email and passwords. Voila, you got yourself a fast and free domain email (that you can connect to Gmail or Microsoft 360). P.S the limit is 1000 email accounts and 10 GB each.
  3. Hi there I simply wanted to share my free pdf guide about the 3d modeling software called BforArtists 2 version 2.0.0. This software is based on the popular software called Blender. It is more intuitive i find Here is a link of a image that i have made using BforArtists free open source software at: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dvnBBEubkyzdxvy-AeoitLRt19R8943m/view?usp=sharing Here is the link to my free BforArtists 2 version 2.0.0 Pdf Guide i have made at: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17ANvDZvigt1y_UpNUBHhKyY2pZLu8HMr/view?usp=sharing The source code of BforArtists 2 version 2.0.0 is at: https://github.com/Bforartists/Bforartists/releases/tag/v2.0.0 And here is the url link to the official BforArtists website at: https://www.bforartists.de/ So if you like the free 3d modeling popular software called Blender, then i think you will like also BforArtists A+
  4. Hi I am trying to point a subdomain i got from freedns (example.uk.to) to my heliohost website (example.heliohost.org) CNAME and NS records are disbaled so im left with A and AAAA records (and some others that i doubt are useful like MX and SPF) Can anyone help with this issue? Thanks
  5. Have the free sign ups on tommy reopened?
  6. Hi, could you please install free auto SSL certificate on my addon domain mkgamers.ml? Thanks
  7. I am currently working on a website that is a mixture of php, AJS, and JQuery. I was wondering if AJS or JQuery would work on other free hosting websites or if i should just wait for my javascript to be active on this site. I mean I'm in no hurry, but why wait until may if i can do it now. Right? This is probably a stupid question but I figured I'd ask.
  8. Hello, is there some one who know a way to have a private e-mail contact form; with some kind of captcha? A form that dont show the e-mail destination "private", and with some kind of captcha; to be assured it's not some robot that submit a message. Why the form dont show at all the e-mail the message is sent to? It's because i would not want to have some spam's and would not want that some robots send a lot of e-mail to my e-mail account i want. Wich could result into some server that are over loaded and my email account way to full. I have seen a lot of website that offer this kind of service, an example would be: http://www.jotform.com , like i have for now. The problem with those websites, is that you must pay some money each month; and the free version have a lot of limitations. I'm sure a lot of peoples out there, would appreciate to have a private e-mail contact form into there website with some kind of captcha. So the user can be sure it's not a robot that continue to send e-mail messages "knowing the e-mail address the message is sent to". Also the form with name sender, e-mail of the user, message box; and captcha to verify before sending. Is a great thing. Wonder if some one could help me with it? Thank's for your time!
  9. Hello everybody, first, thanks to heliohost for the hosting service, i created a new account on stevie server with the domain name: http://sd.heliohost.org/ and i already uploaded my frontpage to the FTP and everything is fine! but unfortunetly since few hours i am trying to create a new postgreSQL database but the connexion to phpPgAdmin is not possible with my root login and password! How can i fix that please! Thanks for your help! --------------------------------- Smart Decisions
  10. Hi, I would like to install my own SSL. Is that possible? Thank you. Regards, SMARTDODO
  11. Hey friends, everyone wants free stuff and when it is custom made its demand become more, I am krishna, a full time science student but much interested in designing and painting. So i decided let you help in your website building in free of cost, if you want to pay my service just thank me, like me, and add me as a friend. POST YOUR REQUIREMENTS HERE AS GIVEN BELOW--- 1)brand name(your website or product or service name) 2)color 3)expected filetype 4)expected file size(in KB) 5)link of any image or symbol(optional, if any symbol resembles your site) THANK YOU !!!
  12. Welcome to my new post. If you are here then you were asking this question to google at some point to start programming your own website. I decided to share this information and help you get on the right patch to becomming a great programmer and website developer. "You are your limit" Alejandro Chataing For you to learn and apply there are some things about computers that you should know before coding. If you are like me, you would like to start learning right now. So if you feel inspired and eager to start learning right now before learning how to configure everything in a website then I will show you this: www.codecademy.com is a free place where you can start learning how to code HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Php/Python/Ruby for free. To learn with them you require 0 previous knowledge on any programming language, so if you are like I was, this is the right place to start learning. I reckon this site is idiot-proof and anyone who wants to start building a big idea should learn how to code. So if you feel like coding is imposible then try this website: www.codecademy.com They have built a good courses system to help yo implement the code they teach right on their web. Once you have finished learnning html/css/javascript/jquery/php (3 days for me), I suggest you come back to www.heliohost.com and do the following: 1) Go to http://www.heliohost.org/home/signup choose a server and signup 2) Go to http://my.dot.tk/cgi-bin/login01.taloha and join providing email & pass. You can signup there using a facebook/google/windows live/yahoo/aol/flirck account instead if you own one using just 1 click 3) Go to http://my.dot.tk/cgi-bin/domain-add.taloha and enter any name for your website 3.1) Choose "free" then "Next" 3.2) Choose "Use DNS for this domain" and notice that the option "Use Dot TK Free DNS Service" is selectedThere is another option you need to choose right below the text areas that are displayed. This option is "Use my own DNS Services" (above Use this domain for TK Mailias only) 3.3) Choose "Use my own DNS Services" and another set of text areas appear: in Host Name: put ns1.heliohost.org leave IP address blank and put ns2.heliohost.org under the first and leave the second IP address blank aswell 3.4) Register the name for a year and fill the captcha code and click "NEXT" 4)go to http://www.heliohost.org/home/ and scrolldown to the buttom. Enter you cPanel username and password 5) Create a new domain using "your-website-name.tk" and wait 24 to 48 hours until you can access "your-website-name.tk" from any computer in the world 5.1) If after waiting 48 hours you can not see anything but a standard Queued website go to http://www.helionet.org/index/forum/81-suspended-and-queued-accounts/ At this point you have yourself a free hosting, a free domain and your inicial inspiration is starting to materialize since soon enough your-website-name.tk will be public to the world 6) Since you are a newbie at programming you need to implement your new coding skills offline before putting in all together in this hosting service. So for you this is the simplest way: Go to http://www.w3schools.com/default.asp for reference when coding Go to http://www.htmlgoodies.com/ for extra reference You are wondering why I am not suggesting codecademy for referece. Because you are a newbie and codeacademy was to learn and apply with the help of their website and now you need to do it offline and those websites I put have all the info codecademy taught you and you will understand them more easily. I recommend you do not fall in love of any particular website so you can gain the knowledge from internet. It does not mean that you can not go back to codecademy, your work there has merly started. 7) Create 1 folder in your computer (does not matter where) name it what you want and create 3 files using notepad "index.html", "stylesheet.css" "scrip.js"
  13. I'm sure that some of you are looking for an online directory which will allow you to submit your business listing without a cost. Here I introduce you http://www.webdirectory.tk where you can find great products, services and businesses you can even check it if what I'm saying is real, or you can even submit your business if only it's not trivial because this business directory is fully reviewed by the admin. So we're sure that all of the listings therein are not spammy.. Guys, what do you think about this business directory?
  14. Mam/Sir, When I try to Addon the Domain example.tk instead that domain be added, it looks like it's creating example.main.tk subdomain.. Wherever I do, I couldn't add my another "dot tk" domain. Could you please give me a solution? And tell me what's the problem? My following information: My domain that couldn't be added: webdirectory.tk My cPanel username: mbdungo My main domain: firm.tk Thank you!
  15. We all want a free domain, and we all know of free TLDs like .tk and such, but we also know how difficult they are to get on Search Engine results due to the general belief that free domains=spam sites, so while they're great for personal sites, they're unfavourable for business sites. Among domains the most common are .com/.net/.org and they're relatively cheap ranging from $8-$13 at most registrars, but cheap isn't always in the budget as many of us may know. Well recently I was looking into getting a little spare cash to pay for monthly subscription services and a friend of mine mentioned he knew someone who paid recurring game subscriptions through online surveys. I thought about the idea some and decided I should at least give it a shot and happened across something legitimate and simple. Points2shop allows users to choose from a large pile of possible surveys, play online games, watch short video ads, and even just register for free trial subscriptions to Hulu, Gamefly, and Netflix to earn points. Points on this site are equivalent to one US cent, and can be redeemed through Points2Shop at Amazon for anything on the Amazon marketplace Or for PayPal cashouts. Your welcome to try it for yourself, they even give you 250 points just for registering. There are several daily surveys that each award 100 points so if you just log in a few times a week to do simple 20-30 minute surveys you can easily save up for that professional-looking domain name you've been wanting. Personally I'm just in it for a recurring Runescape subscription and I'll be trying to build up a small electronics workshop to feed my nerdy hobbyist needs. I do believe that before you try to withdraw anything above $.50 you have to be Bronze rank which happens after your first rewards order is approved and completed (personally I bought an HDMI adapter for 135 points including shipping). I've seen Network Solutions ads about $.99 domains for a limited time so I thought I'd share this little bit of information, don't forget that we also have a free domain for 400 forum posts policy, so if you're knowledgeable you could donate some time on here and earn yourself a free domain name that way. http://www.points2shop.com/?ref=uin1357498239
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