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Found 11 results

  1. I would like to know how to use pourcentage instead of pixels in that javascript code. if (document.body.scrollTop > 1 || document.documentElement.scrollTop > 1) I know this sounds really obvious but I don't know and can't find anything online about that. Thank you.
  2. Hi. I installed Angular library in my account (bfpswrm on Johnny) from Softaculous. I've tried to deploy a basic app but it doesn't work.I realized that when I download Angular, the version installed is 8.0.6, but the version in Softaculous is 1.7.9. Is it possible to upgrade the Softaculous version? Thank you
  3. Hello I've finally been granted Java support on my account, and so today I tried to test out my website/game on it. I'm very new to websites, domains, etc. so my knowledge of all this is limited. That being said I've worked on my website/game for a while now, and I know it works as I have tested it on my computer. My game uses a websocket from the client side to connect to the Java websocket endpoint. I use: new WebSocket("ws://localhost:443/Hide/Server/ANY") ...on the client side to do this. "localhost" is used because this is being tested on Tomcat on the same computer; "443" because while I can set this to any number (which I have tested), it seems like the best port I could use for a non-secured connection; "Hide" is the project folder name; "Server/ANY" is the server endpoint. I've tested this many times and it works. Now to move the project/WAR file (WAR file is called "Hide-1.war") to HelioHost, I first changed the Websocket URL to: new WebSocket("ws://hhdavidh.heliohost.org/Hide/Server/ANY") I then uploaded the WAR file and deployed it. However, when I go to the URL where it's deployed at (http://hhdavidh.heliohost.org/Hide-1/) I get: WebSocket connection to 'ws://hhdavidh.heliohost.org/Hide/Server/ANY' failed: Error during WebSocket handshake: Unexpected response code: 404 I've tried port "8080" as well as other port numbers. I've tried changing the websocket URL to: new WebSocket("ws://hhdavidh.heliohost.org/Hide-1/Server/ANY") new WebSocket("ws://hhdavidh.heliohost.org/Server/ANY") new WebSocket("ws://hhdavidh.heliohost.org:8080/Hide/Server/ANY") ... ...which all come up with the same error. When trying: new WebSocket("ws://hhdavidh.heliohost.org:443/Hide/Server/ANY") ...the error is instead: WebSocket connection to 'ws://hhdavidh.heliohost.org:443/Hide/Server/ANY' failed: Connection closed before receiving a handshake response I've tried everything I can think of but now I'm stuck. Any help is appreciated!
  4. I've delete the underlying javascript referenced by existing HTML. To my surprise, methods with such javascript file still fires. It's sounds strange. Anyone have the same experience? Any work around for this?
  5. Hi im having quite a problem logging into my sql database, i've tried most host names, like stevie.heliohost.org, localhost (as it says in the wiki), and my domain name.. but nothing works. All the values are correct so no need asking for that. I've also added a user to the mysql and tried to connect via it.. but also no success One quick note is that i am using node.js and do u guys know some good way to connect to mysql with other server (not localhost)
  6. I am currently working on a website that is a mixture of php, AJS, and JQuery. I was wondering if AJS or JQuery would work on other free hosting websites or if i should just wait for my javascript to be active on this site. I mean I'm in no hurry, but why wait until may if i can do it now. Right? This is probably a stupid question but I figured I'd ask.
  7. Hi, does anyone know why this javascript-counter can not add any decimal numbers? <body onload="javascript:startCounter();"> <script> function startCounter() { document.getElementById('counter').innerHTML = parseInt(document.getElementById('counter').innerHTML) + 1.4; setTimeout('startCounter()', 200); } </script> <div id="counter">0</div> Thanks^^
  8. Welcome to my new post. If you are here then you were asking this question to google at some point to start programming your own website. I decided to share this information and help you get on the right patch to becomming a great programmer and website developer. "You are your limit" Alejandro Chataing For you to learn and apply there are some things about computers that you should know before coding. If you are like me, you would like to start learning right now. So if you feel inspired and eager to start learning right now before learning how to configure everything in a website then I will show you this: www.codecademy.com is a free place where you can start learning how to code HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Php/Python/Ruby for free. To learn with them you require 0 previous knowledge on any programming language, so if you are like I was, this is the right place to start learning. I reckon this site is idiot-proof and anyone who wants to start building a big idea should learn how to code. So if you feel like coding is imposible then try this website: www.codecademy.com They have built a good courses system to help yo implement the code they teach right on their web. Once you have finished learnning html/css/javascript/jquery/php (3 days for me), I suggest you come back to www.heliohost.com and do the following: 1) Go to http://www.heliohost.org/home/signup choose a server and signup 2) Go to http://my.dot.tk/cgi-bin/login01.taloha and join providing email & pass. You can signup there using a facebook/google/windows live/yahoo/aol/flirck account instead if you own one using just 1 click 3) Go to http://my.dot.tk/cgi-bin/domain-add.taloha and enter any name for your website 3.1) Choose "free" then "Next" 3.2) Choose "Use DNS for this domain" and notice that the option "Use Dot TK Free DNS Service" is selectedThere is another option you need to choose right below the text areas that are displayed. This option is "Use my own DNS Services" (above Use this domain for TK Mailias only) 3.3) Choose "Use my own DNS Services" and another set of text areas appear: in Host Name: put ns1.heliohost.org leave IP address blank and put ns2.heliohost.org under the first and leave the second IP address blank aswell 3.4) Register the name for a year and fill the captcha code and click "NEXT" 4)go to http://www.heliohost.org/home/ and scrolldown to the buttom. Enter you cPanel username and password 5) Create a new domain using "your-website-name.tk" and wait 24 to 48 hours until you can access "your-website-name.tk" from any computer in the world 5.1) If after waiting 48 hours you can not see anything but a standard Queued website go to http://www.helionet.org/index/forum/81-suspended-and-queued-accounts/ At this point you have yourself a free hosting, a free domain and your inicial inspiration is starting to materialize since soon enough your-website-name.tk will be public to the world 6) Since you are a newbie at programming you need to implement your new coding skills offline before putting in all together in this hosting service. So for you this is the simplest way: Go to http://www.w3schools.com/default.asp for reference when coding Go to http://www.htmlgoodies.com/ for extra reference You are wondering why I am not suggesting codecademy for referece. Because you are a newbie and codeacademy was to learn and apply with the help of their website and now you need to do it offline and those websites I put have all the info codecademy taught you and you will understand them more easily. I recommend you do not fall in love of any particular website so you can gain the knowledge from internet. It does not mean that you can not go back to codecademy, your work there has merly started. 7) Create 1 folder in your computer (does not matter where) name it what you want and create 3 files using notepad "index.html", "stylesheet.css" "scrip.js"
  9. Hi, when I was viewing my profile, I clicked on reputation and got this error message Fatal error: Call to undefined method skin_profile_3::tabReputation() in /var/www/html/helionet/index/admin/applications/members/extensions/profileTabs/reputation.php on line 73 I have no idea what it means but I thought you should know about it. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place. PS - I only joined today so that could maybe be a factor...just saying... -Peace
  10. Hello, I am trying to figure out a way to get a default function that is called if a function does not exist. For example var foo = { bar: function(){ console.log("Bar was called") }, unknown: function(){ console.log("Unknown was called") } } foo.bar(); // Should log "Bar was called" foo.biz(); // Should log "Unknown was called" Is there any way to do this cross browser, and if not then is there a way to do this in certain browsers? Thank you
  11. While doing some work towards developing mobile apps,and getting to grips with Gnome-shell, my interest in Server-side Javascript has been renewed. I'm thinking of using it for web-scraping and to gather content from API Services to enrich web site content. I've specifically been using Node.js and wonder if any other Heliohost members are interested in or already using these technologies. Also wondering whether it would be acceptable to load node.js to my Heliohost space. Given that we do not have shell access to our accounts- ( sigh! - though I do understand the reasons) I anticipate creating a little perl/ CGI harness to launch node and apps using it. Thinking too that perhaps this approach would provide away to use Drush( Drupal's command line interface) on Heliohost'ed sites. Any observations/ pointers/ suggestions would be most welcome. I would have looked through other posts for relevant materials but unfortunately javascript is a forbidden search term . .a little odd for forums largely devoted to programming. .
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