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  2. This support request is being escalated to our root admins.
  3. Hello, I have a Johnny-account, but it doesn't work now. Hope, I'll get my data back after your data-restore. I've tried to register a Tommy account. I didn't get your invitation email. Please check Transaction ID 2XW23926FP9988547 and (re)send it to me. Thank you, BR, Andriy.
  4. if the site works with the code above i don't see any reason of changing it other than personal preference. it can either be http or https depending on if your site has a valid ssl certificate or not. if so then it should be https.
  5. WSGI control access has been enabled on the domain mvt-capital.com. To restart your Flask app and load new code changes in simply edit /home/mvt-capital.com/httpdocs/mvtcapital/mvtcapital/dispatch.wsgi. Adding a blank line, removing a blank line, adding a space, or removing a space are examples of editing the file. As long as the last modified timestamp changes it will clear the server cache. Let us know if you run into any issues.
  6. You're suspended for high server load, and it looks like your email service also got disabled. If you didn't change anything, I'm thinking you probably got hit by bots. It's been 3+ months since there was a load issue and it suddenly started pushing a bunch of load yesterday 1800 UTC. The email disabled itself on the 12th after it tried sending 74 emails. You may want to consider bot mitigation, and also need to investigate the origin of those emails if you don't know what's sending them. I've left the email disabled for now, let me know if you want that turned back on. Unsuspended, it may take a little while to work again.
  7. There is no update at this time. Last I heard Krydos was trying to get HE to set up the idrac on the server so we can look at the storage configuration. If the array ultimately refuses to rebuild, the result will be a rebuild of Johnny with partial or complete loss of the user accounts. Timeframes on a full resolution are likely to be measured in weeks at minimum in that scenario. News will likely be published documenting the outcome of the recovery.
  8. Hello. My account has been suspended and I don't Know the reason. Kindly assist me.
  9. That incident does not affect us as we don't use Crowdstrike. We also don't use Windows (Lily notwithstanding). My full time job uses both though...I spent much of yesterday morning cleaning that mess up at work. Ugh. It only affects Windows 10/11 and Windows Server 2016/2019/2022 computers at companies that use Crowdstrike. It was not a bug in Windows itself, but rather a bad security definition update for Crowdstrike. Personal devices were unaffected as Crowdstrike is only found in enterprise environments. For the SSL issue, assuming its not expired, you can just unassign the certificate and reassign it, then wait 2 hours.
  10. And what is the situation now to know something at all, that could do or what could be done? And is there any hope that it will recover in the next few days, or when is there any hope at all?
  11. Me also i have a lets encrypt ssl problem. I have recently re-install the certificate, gonna wait i think 48 hours to be effective. I wonder if it could be because i heard on some news that Windows had some bugs and was down, many services used the os like: airplane travels, hospitals, trains, 911 systems, bus, subway, court systems, drivers licenses, banks, and so on. There are rumours that some peoples say that Windows XP SP3 is more stable. Mention on fiew news like: https://www.nytimes.com/live/2024/07/19/business/global-tech-outage https://www.nbcnews.com/tech/tech-news/microsoft-outage-crowdstrike-global-airlines-windows-fix-rcna162685 Well i just hope that it will be ok? I'm always glad to be with heliohost.org, you are great and amazing peoples that i like and appreciate very much.
  12. Thank you, @MoneyBroz. Can I keep the DNS setting on Namecheap as is, or shall it be also changed? Also, the URL Redirect Record on Namecheap, should it he http:// or https://?
  13. Keep an eye on the news section. Once Johnny is back online a post will be made there.
  14. How to find out if Krydos had resurrected Johnny from its demise with all the sweat.
  15. Try adding this line into your domains .htaccess file RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^domain.tld [NC] RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.domain.tld/$1 [L,R=301] i tested this and it worked for me. also make sure to replace domain.tld with the actual domain name you are using.
  16. Hello, I use custom domain with Helio Host at Namecheap. I am trying the following configuration in order to redirect domain.tld to www.domain.tld, however, it does not work. Could you please advise how to redirect domail.tld to www.domain.tld? URL Redirect Record https://www.domain.tld Permanent(301) A Record www Helio Host IP address
  17. This support request is being escalated to our root admins.
  18. Hello heliohost, Would like to request for you to give me WSGI control access please, as I'm trying to develop my website using Django. It's written in this link that I can request this from you (https://wiki.helionet.org/tutorials/django/converting-existing-django-app#id-1.-request-wsgi-control-access) username: markytools server name: tommy domain name: mvt-capital.com
  19. I also added the email address from this forum account to your VPS account so you can request support from either.
  20. Your VPS rebuild has been started, and you will get an email in a bit when it finishes. Your next free rebuild will b available on 2024-08-19. If you need another rebuild prior to that date they can be purchased for $1 each. Let us know if you need help with anything else.
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  22. KazVee

    Johnny Databases

    Yes, the server is still down, that's what the red text of "Johnny is currently offline for repairs" in your screenshot means. The problems with Johnny are still being worked on. There's no estimated time for repair but you can check this thread which gives some details about the latest repairs that are being done. Once the server is back up, there'll be an update posted in the News section too, so you can keep an eye there too for updates.
  23. I just send you the email from k@rtist.mx hope u get it
  24. That VPS was purchased with an email address that doesn't match the email address on this forum account. Since this action permanently deletes data we need to verify your identity first. This is to prevent someone from pretending to be you to delete your data. The easiest way to verify your email address is to send an email to support@heliohost.org with your rebuild request from the email address you used to purchase the VPS.
  25. Not at this time. We're working to see if we can recover the raid array that failed to rebuild...
  26. Neither account can be unsuspended because they're on the broken Johnny server and no backup exists in the system to move them to Tommy. User needs to sign up on Tommy and create only one account this time around... Marking solved.
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