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  2. ok. Thanks lets wait for his assistance
  3. When I pointed the DNS issue out the other day, the main A record was simply incorrect. It looks like Krydos moved the account to .77 instead of just updating the A record to match everything else that was already set to the other IP. Escalating again...
  4. Hello. My username is tchesoen. I am unable to send emails from my account. They all fail with an error citing a lack of SPF or DKIM records. Kindly assist
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  7. Krydos can cancel this for you.
  8. Your domain has been changed to https://ojplanet.helioho.st It may take up to 2 hours to start working.
  9. Hi there, Since i am not using the VPS i would like to cancel it. When i need it again, ill create another one!! thank you!
  10. Thanks... Can i use heliohost domain? If so generate one for me using my id: ojplanet Then make it my default domain for now
  11. Hello. My username is tchesoen. I request the removal of the following subdomains: damicotrust.cyclos.za.org & sokohaus.cyclos.za.org. And add the following: soko.cyclos.za.org & sacco.cyclos.za.org Kind regards, Titus Chesoen
  12. Thanks for checking. We'll keep those options in mind for the next fundraiser. Thanks for the suggestion. I've never even heard of FundRazr before. We'll keep that on in mind too.
  13. I just read on the discord support that the country the .ga TLD belongs to has decided to no longer partner with freenom. All .ga domains have been cancelled as a result. You'll need to get a new domain.
  14. Hello. My username is tchesoen. I have made a $5 donation towards Morty Server and therefore request an increase in the storage of my account. I have hereby attached screenshot of the donation receipt.
  15. That's a freenom issue. They aren't returning any name servers when I query that domain, it doesn't matter what name servers are being used if none are returned. https://bybyron.net/php/tools/dns_records.php?domain=ojplanet.ga&rec=NS should show the name servers you have set. It's returning nothing at all.
  16. It's a DNS issue. The name server is returning the .77 address but the account is actually on Krydos has to fix this as I'm not sure why this would suddenly change.
  17. I'm using CF dns for a while without issue but all of a sudden this DNS error popup am my site is not reachable.. i changed my Name server back to ns1 and ns2.heliohost.org still showing error.. pls what's wrong my site is down Site: https://ojplanet.ga Server: Tommy ID: Ojplanet
  18. Hello. I woke up this morning and to my shock, my main domain and subdomains resolves to the webserver default page. They have all been working well. My username is: tchesoen, Main domain is cyclos.za.org. Subdomains: clinic.cyclos.za.org and study.cyclos.za.org
  19. Please check your email for a Tommy invite (it may be in spam). And yes, Node.js is supported on Tommy
  20. I'd recommend FundRazr myself. Don't know for sure what their policies are so I might not be helping any but they are similar to GoFundMe with WAY more options.
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  22. Both do not say that thank you gifts are prohibited. so i guess you can.
  23. Not yet I'll look right now
  24. Thats fine, please delete it..here is my transaction number 23W69052XC4787708, Tommy will also come with Node JS support right?
  25. I think we looked at both when we did our first fundraiser, and decided to go with GoFundMe due to them having the lowest fees. Have you checked Kickstarter and Indiegogo's terms of service to see if we can give thank you gifts?
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