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  2. Hi @streamer, Thank you for providing those information. Your main domain was changed from stream.helioho.st to livetube.top. Please note it can take up to 2 hours for your new domain to start to work.
  3. my account name is stream23 the main domain stream.helioho.st current server Tommy
  4. Hi @sharamke, Tommy is currently full and unavailable to free users or migrations from cPanel, thus all accounts that are being migrated right now are being set up on Johnny. In the future, when everything is settled down, Tommy will be available again for free accounts and accounts that were created on it before our Plesk migration will be able to request to be moved back into it.
  5. Hi @streamer, I am sorry, but I could not find your hosting account using your forum account's username or email address. Could you please provide your hosting account's username and your server (Johnny or Tommy) or your current main domain?
  6. Thanks a lot. I've reset the password. Just want to ask one thing. Before plesk migration, my server was tommy and now it is johny. What happened to tommy and why accounts was shifted to johny.
  7. my domain is livetube.top i want make it the main domain and his folder is htdoc tnx
  8. Hi @streamer, Currently users cannot change their main domains or add new (sub)domains to their accounts on Plesk panel. When someone has such need it is necessary to contact us, provide your new domain, and telling us if you want it to be your new main domain or an additional (sub)domain into your account. That way a support moderator can change your main domain or a root admin can add new (sub)domains to your account. So, could you please tell us which domain you want your main address to be changed to? As soon as you provide it, I can remove your current main domain and change it to the one you specify.
  9. This support request is being escalated to our root admins.
  10. hi how i can change my main domain in plesk ?? i have a domain name from namecheap , i just updated the dns ther to ns1.heliohost.org ns2.heliohost.org but no idea about how to do it in heliohost cpanel thank you for help
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  12. Please reset my password I not lost it but it's not login! email: al3arbe1@gmail.com
  13. A password reset email has been sent. Let us know if you still can't get logged in.
  14. Rebuilding. You should receive an email when it's done.
  15. Thanks for escalating the issue and sorry for posting in wrong section.
  16. Hi @sharamke, Probably it will be necessary that you change your password. I am escalating your case to our root admins so they can send you a password reset link. PS.: Our section "Contact HelioNet" is only for matters about your forum (HelioNet) account. Anything related to your hosting (HelioHost) account should be posted at our "Customer Service" section.
  17. Hello, My account was inactive due to inactivity and I renewed it but after that I'm unable to login. I am getting "Unable to login with this email and password" error. Can you help me fix this issue. Best Regards
  18. Looks good. I canceled your old $5 subscription and gave you a refund since you only used a few days of it.
  19. Did you want to upgrade to the latest Ubuntu 22 or stick with Ubuntu 20 like you had before?
  20. Hello Krydos, I set up the new subscription. Thanks for all your help. Jose
  21. You've been upgraded to 2 GB memory. Here is the link to set up a new subscription https://heliohost.org/vps/pay/?code=vA28cQiP7v3lUvp8 Once the new subscription is set up let me know so I can make sure the old subscription is canceled so you don't get charged twice.
  22. This support request is being escalated to our root admins.
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