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  2. Can you help me with this e-mail question?
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  4. Hmmm. So for this it does seem like VPS would be the most reasonable option, thankyou fellas. Much appreciated.
  5. Krydos

    MoneyBroz Promoted

    Everyone please welcome the newest addition to our HelioHost staff, MoneyBroz. A question that we get a lot is how to get promoted to admin. You need to do exactly what MoneyBroz did by helping out on the forums and Discord with simple questions that don't require admin access. Since he continued helping out we took notice and offered to give him access to the admin tools so he can help out even more. Here at HelioHost we all started as regular users helping out like MoneyBroz, and eventually got promoted.
  6. No. They're entirely separate. A domain attached to Lily will not appear in Plesk at all and cannot be controlled from Plesk. You can use the Plesk account's MySQL from Lily but it is considered remote. You will need to enable remote access to mysql, and specify the host name of your Plesk server (e.g. tommy2.heliohost.org) as the database server instead of localhost.
  7. Will I see the domain linked to the Lily server in Plesk. Also will I be able to connect locally from the deployed ASP.NET application to a database created from Plesk?
  8. To change the Plesk username you have to delete your account and sign up again. Forum username I can just change for you. What do you want it to be?
  9. ASP.NET does need to be run on Lily. Keep in mind though that Lily has no control panel or user interface. I have to set a lot of things up for you, and you just upload your application via FTP and configure it by editing the web.config file. In order to get a Lily account, you need a Plesk account on one of the other servers first which you already seem to have (the Plesk account provides things like email that Lily doesn't have). Do you want me to create a Lily account for you?
  10. If possible I would like on both. If it is not possible, only forum will be okay
  11. As I can see from the documentation, if I want to host an ASP.Net Core application, I should be part of Lily virtual server. What is the procedure?
  12. Is it possible to change my username/display name?
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  14. This domain has been removed from your account.
  15. High server load. 10060 CPU. You got suspended for high load. Please optimize or remove the software running on your account. If it's not possible to optimize this further, you may wish to consider a VPS instead for the time being. Eventually Morty would be another potential option as there's no load restriction there (and a monthly fee in place of the load restriction), but he isn't available yet. Unsuspended.
  16. Did you install a certificate? You can do that from the SSL options in Plesk (make sure you uncheck the option for wildcard certificate as it's not supported). Once you do that, it can take up to 2 hours for the certificate to start working.
  17. We have to add it for you. What domain do you want?
  18. I have created an account with a default domain. Now I want to add another website/domain, but I can't find it anywhere inside Plesk. What is the procedure?
  19. I'm a new user. I have a simple html web page (jrf.helioho.st) that is working fine (I believe on Tommy), but it is not secure. Using Chrome, the https in the URL is crossed out in red, and it says "Not secure". For my application, I need SSL to be working. How can I fix this? Thanks
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