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  2. It's really not complicated. Just close your connections when you're done using them, and don't try to open 100s of them at the same time. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/19563474/how-to-close-database-connection-in-node-js I believe MySQL Workbench only uses 1 connection at a time, but if all 10 of your available connections are already taken by Node then it won't be able to connect with even 1. If you can't figure out how to add connection.end(); to your code you can always get a VPS where you can open 10000 simultaneous connections without blocking everyone else from accessing the database. They start at $4 per month and are available at https://heliohost.org/vps/
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  4. Your account is still causing a ton of memory load... You can view this chart yourself here: https://heliohost.org/dashboard/load/
  5. Hi, I want to cancel my subscription and remove my VPS from heliohost. Thank you in advance.
  6. wow, so several people tried to access at the same time, I'm going to change the ways I respond to the server, sorry about that
  7. Whatever you were running was using too much memory. Please fix the issue quickly. Unsuspended. It may take a few minutes to start working.
  8. help'-' I was just using it to keep my bot on Telegram active now I can't log in because it says that the account is suspended
  9. Plesk does not provide a management tool for Postgres. You need to upload a tool like adminer to do it. https://www.adminer.org/ For this, you basically just upload it, and then visit in a browser and log into postgres using the username and password you created for the database.
  10. I'll escalate your thread to the administrators so they can take a look.
  11. Appreciate any help you can extend on this
  12. I am currently in need of assistance with adding a table to my database on HelioHost. As I don't have access to phpMyAdmin or a similar database management tool, I would greatly appreciate it if you could guide me through the process or perform the task on my behalf.
  13. I am currently using NodeJS and Sequelize as ORM, but when I use MySQL Workbench it also happens
  14. This is going to be dependent on your code and the language you use. Krydos can explain more.
  15. Can someone help me with this? It's fixed for a while, but when I run some tests on my database (like 2 tests), this issue occurs again and I have to wait
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  17. What plan did you mean to sign up for? If you want, we can convert this into a Johnny Plesk account with 2000MB space for you instead of a refund. Or, we can install a web server and control panel on the VPS for you so its easy to use.
  18. This support request is being escalated to our root admins.
  19. I WANT TO CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION because I chose the wrong plan
  20. Please fix the load issue quickly. You can watch your load here: https://heliohost.org/dashboard/load/ Unsuspended. It may take a few minutes to start working.
  21. Unsuspend beornslim.helioho.st, please! Plan to use webhook to my site instead of polling.
  22. I just viewed the document about heliohost flask/node, and I know the steps to create flask/node application on helio server, but now what i need to do firstly? Need 3 different sub domains? Thanks a lot.
  23. Ok. I deployed a spring boot app with JDBC connection to my db on heliohost using Render (https://render.com) and I had some issues with it. (By the way, this is why you get AWS IP.) Now, I understand why, I didn't realize that Render was trying to open so many connections at the same time. I contacted them to understand why it does that and I'm still waiting for their response. Since I'm on training with others, we must be 3 or 4 to have made the same mistake. I didn't realize it was causing such a load. I'm really sorry for the trouble. We'll find another way. You can close my request.
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  25. Hi, I am having issues when I try to connect to my db already has more than 'max_user_connections' active connections How can I solve it? There is any way where I can close the connections by myself? Since now, thanks for u help
  26. All of your accounts opened 40-75 MariaDB connections and never closed them and essentially caused a denial of service attack on our server which caused downtime for thousands of other users. This news post is about you Personally, I don't think you deserve a second chance. Why not use AWS to host your databases since all of the 40-75 connections were coming from AWS IP addresses anyways?
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