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  1. You can't "upgrade" an account...we currently have to manually delete the account and invite you again on the other server to move severs. If you have a hosting account under that email address, you won't receive the invite because the system does not support automatically moving accounts and the TOS prohibits having more than one account. Would you like your account deleted and the invite sent to you for Tommy? If so, please back your data up and then let us know when you're ready.
  2. Yep, usually in the spam folder on most providers. Note that if you have an account already you will not receive one since you're not allowed to have more than one account. If you can't find it, please post the donation transaction ID or the email address and we can resend it.
  3. I'm not sure if the timezone can be set per database in PG or not... The extension will need to be created by Krydos if it's supported.
  4. I'll let Krydos do this since I'm on mobile at the moment...
  5. If you don't want to stay up late, you can donate instead to get an invite: https://heliohost.org/tommy/ We don't provide free invites for timezone-related inconvenience.
  6. Change the host to tommy2.heliohost.org and the port to 1373.
  7. Your numbers are off by a factor of 1000...it's a 1000MB limit (about 1GB), and you're using 1212MB, just over 1GB. You ran out of disk space. Our accounts aren't meaningfully large enough to run nextcloud with any actual data stored in it. The software itself is nearly half of the account. You can buy additional disk space if you'd like, but the max is 6000MB (just shy of 6GB) for $25. For capacity beyond that you'd need to buy a VPS instead (starts at $4/month for 50GB, though less is actually usable due to space needed for the OS). I'll let Krydos figure out how to bring you below the limit since I can't find anything aside from httpdocs/latest.zip and the nextcloud instance itself to delete, and that won't bring it down enough to matter. Trash is already empty it looks like.
  8. Something is weird with this account. I'm going to guess an unarchive failure as you unarchived it on the 19th... It's active in the admin tools but suspended with all domains disabled in Plesk (which is why you can't log in). I have no idea how that would happen other than a bug in the restore process... Escalating so Krydos can take a look.
  9. It was sent and lost long ago. I just resent you a new invite, it'll probably be in spam (which is likely what happened to your last one as well).
  10. Added. It may take up to 2 hours to start working.
  11. I forgot that Afraid/FreeDNS domains don't work properly with LE (they're almost always over quota for certificates because Lets Encrypt did not give them an exception). This is another reason we recommend not using that domain provider. You're going to keep running into trouble with that domain. Please consider getting a domain from a different provider. That said, I've installed the zerossl one that's on your account since all the pieces are there. Give it 2 hours to start working. Note that our servers do not redirect HTTP to HTTPS by default. You should not expect that behavior unless you specifically turn it on in Plesk (though I'm not sure users can even have change option). Do you want me to turn that on for you?
  12. As moneybrz stated, just use the button in plesk to generate one. Make sure you uncheck the box for wildcard certificate hen doing it as we don't support those yet. ZeroSSL has been obsolete for years on our service. Back in the day it was a requirement before automatic SSL certificates were a thing on cpanel, but it died when that was added, and Plesk now has the same functionality.
  13. Sent. The invite will probably be in your spam folder...
  14. What was the username on your old account?
  15. You do it on the registrar's website. That domain is from Afraid though isn't it? IIRC they didn't support NS records unless you contact them to have that support enabled. Check for an option to set up external name servers / NS on their site, but if you don't see it you'll need to ask them how to do that. Their service has historically been known for not being the most compatible thing in the world due to its nonstandard nature...
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