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  1. Lets Encrypt sends those emails itself, and they have no idea whether the domain and account are no longer active. Marking solved
  2. That account does not exist. There is a different but similar account called asterwind, but it has entirely different domains and a different email address. EDIT: To clarify this, the account you're looking for was deleted in September due to being suspended for too long. It was suspended for multiple accounts, which makes sense because the above account already exists.
  3. It's because you let your account get archived. When an account gets archived, its DNS zones get deleted. Unarchiving does not restore the DNS zones for any domain except your main domain. As a result, added domains using our DNS will not function after unarchiving unless you ask us to recreate the zones. I've recreated these for you and they should be working shortly. The "disabled" status on your added domains was because the domains are not resolvable. If a domain does not resolve to our server, the system disables it automatically after a period of time to improve server performance.
  4. Do you have a Plesk account? If so, what is the username? Even though you will be using Lily, you still need a Plesk account on one of the other servers in order for a Lily account to be set up since the Plesk account provides services such as email and DNS...
  5. Lily has no user interface or control panel. I have to configure many things for you. Site options are controlled by editing web.config manually via FTP and creating text files in your home folder. Also, it supports up to .NET 6.0 at the moment. Will that be sufficient?
  6. The free *.helioho.st and *.heliohost.us domains generally can only be pointed to sites hosted on our servers.
  7. Does the API run over a nonstandard port? We block outbound traffic on nonstandard ports, so if it's doing something like making an API call to api.something.com:12345, it won't work unless you request the port be opened.
  8. Wordpress is so bloated that the more likely issue is Apache/PHP timing out causing nginx to toss that error. WP struggles in its vanilla form due to the amount of resources it needs, and often performs poorly or not at all if you install a lot of extensions. Some extensions are worse than others, but I can say from experience that WooCommerce, Wordfence, and Elementor are three that almost always lead to broken installs and high load.
  9. It was this fundraiser: https://helionet.org/index/topic/41169-2020-server-improvements/g If I remember that fundraiser correctly, you were supposed to get one of the three gifts, not all 3 of them together. You picked the VPS, so you can't get the space or inactivity protection.
  10. Those overuse suspensions are what happens when your account runs out of disk space. The weird part is you were nowhere close to being out of space (212MB of 1000MB), so there was nothing to clean up. Unsuspended.
  11. Domains added. It can take up to 2 hours for them to work.
  12. Can you post the transaction info for the donation? As for the inactivity, I don't believe we offer that on Tommy and Johnny anymore...I forget but it may have been a fundraiser promo? A Morty account will offer that once the server is available. I'll let Krydos handle this as he'd have more details on it.
  13. The password on this account wasn't working because it was partially suspended (our custom stuff showed active but Plesk showed suspended). It looks like the renewal didn't complete yesterday during that Plesk outage. This has been corrected. Please try logging in now using your existing password, and if it still doesn't work, I can send a password reset email.
  14. The errors you're seeing are because Plesk is down at the moment. You won't be able to renew this until it is fixed.
  15. The errors people are seeing are because Plesk is down on both servers at the moment. Websites should be up, but you won't be able to log in.
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