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  1. What is your hosting account's username?
  2. Please check your email for a link to reset your password.
  3. There currently is no self-serve way to see the numbers, but that functionality is planned and will eventually be available in the dashboard. In the meantime just ask and we can post a load chart for you.
  4. An invite for a replacement account has been sent to you (and is probably in your spam folder since Gmail considers our mail to be spam). Your new account will be on Johnny since Ricky is no longer available. As for why you didn't get the email, Gmail puts all of our email in spam, so you likely missed it alongside your actual spam. A copy of your old account's content can be downloaded via https://heliohost.org/backup/
  5. You're suspended for causing too much server load. You've consistently been the heaviest account on Tommy for the past several months, you were suspended because your load has gotten to the point that it's causing impact to other users. Please fix or remove whatever application is causing the excess load quickly. Long-running Nodejs applications and Wordpress (which is poorly coded) are the usual culprits. Node apps can be fixed by using passenger, unless it's something like a discord or telegram bot (in which case rewriting it to be less resource intensive is usually the solution). Wordpress is best fixed by removing extensions or not using Wordpress. Unsuspended.
  6. Just checked again on this and it was causing a ton of load again, I've added deny from all to the htaccess in your httpdocs folder to take the site offline until you fix it. Please fix or remove WP, then remove the deny from all statement to put the site back online.
  7. Changed and sent. Domain may take up to 2 hours to work.
  8. Please do not bump your posts after 6 hours, doing so moves you to the back of the line. Also, please keep in mind that being impatient and/or repeated bumping may result in a ban from the forums. It is normal for support requests to take 24-48 hours for a response as all of us are volunteers who have a real life outside of HelioHost and don't always have time to work through these requests. An invite for a fresh account has been sent to you.
  9. We have to make all domain changes on our end for the time being because there's no DNS integration for Plesk. As a result, we disabled all the domain settings. Also, it looks like our system does not provision the DNS record for www by default on the name servers, so that not working for domains hosted using our name servers would be expected. Krydos can add the DNS record for it so it works.
  10. You need to remove all of the extensions from Wordpress, or just use something that's not Wordpress. WP is infamous for being extremely heavy on resources. Unsuspended.
  11. You should be able to just sign up for a Venus VPS here: https://heliohost.org/vps/subscription/?mem=2&cpu=2&hdd=50&os=ubuntu22 Since a VPS comes as a bare Linux install, you'll need to install a web server and related components then move your content over. Many users choose to install a free control panel to simplify things since a VPS is otherwise entirely command line driven. Hestia is one such free control panel that's widely used for this, though KeyHelp has also been mentioned on here. I'll escalate this to Krydos since he supports VPSes. Once you purchase it and it's built, he can help you get it set up and configured if you're not familiar with setting up a linux box.
  12. Those commands don't work on the server as they appear to be part of the SDK, which is not present on the server (the server only has the runtime). The way you're doing it would be fine for local databases, but you're probably going to be best off just developing in MSSQL if you're going to use the server to host development versions.
  13. Deleted. Thank you for the donation, let us know if you need anything in the future
  14. What database system and format are the databases being migrated in? Usually to migrate existing DBs to Lily, you'd need to upload .sql files or import through a database manager. Mysql can import through phpmyadmin, MSSQL you'd need to request, then you can connect with a tool like SSMS and import the contents.
  15. During the migration to Plesk we moved a good number of Tommy users to Johnny because the new Tommy didn't fit all of the accounts.
  16. Added. They will take up to 2 hours to work. Please make sure you set up NS records pointed to ns1.heliohost.org and ns2.heliohost.org, or create A and AAAA records pointed to the IPs shown in Plesk.
  17. Fixed. The DNS zones were missing from the name server and have been added. I've also issued the certificates for you, but it will take up to 2 hours to take effect.
  18. That account is long gone. It was created in March 2019, deleted, then created again in October 2019, and then was either deleted, got lost during one of the multiple server migrations, or was archived and the archive was lost in a ransomware attack back in February. Please sign up again.
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