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  1. Something on your account started using a ton of CPU. This could very well be something like one of your sites suddenly becoming very popular or being hit by bots. If you are using software that's extremely heavy like WordPress, that would be the first place to start looking. The logs in Plesk will also show the traffic to your domains which can help you determine whether or not one of your sites with simply being hit with excessive traffic. Please take a look through your account and If you need any help, let us know. Unsuspended, it may take a few minutes to start working.
  2. This is very typical for Wordpress, especially if extensions are installed. The best solution is to not use Wordpress, but if you insist on it, avoid using extensions (WooCommerce, Elementor, and Wordfence are notorious for causing load issues, though many others can cause them too), use caching and/or Cloudflare, and consider converting the finished site to static HTML with a converter plugin. This user has some advice on managing load with Cloudflare anad plugins: https://helionet.org/index/topic/57606-handling-cpu-load-spikes-or-high-load-using-cloudflare/ You can watch your load here: https://heliohost.org/dashboard/load/ Unsuspended. It may take a few minutes to work.
  3. Neither, because you violated the terms of service. As I explained in your post over in the suspended forum, this account is suspended for copyright infringement because you hosted pirated movies. You can't buy an unsuspension for a TOS violation. The only way you can get the account back is to agree to not host any form of copyrighted content on your account. A second violation for copyright infringement would be a permanent ban (without a refund if you're a donor). Do you agree to this?
  4. We don't allow piracy. Care to explain?
  5. Changed. It can take up to 2 hours to finish setting up.
  6. Domain added. It can take up to 2 hours to finish setting up.
  7. Account tymek805 has been reset. Please look for an email containing a link to complete the process.
  8. Domain added. It can take up to 2 hours to finish setting up. Please make sure DNS is configured using our name servers (ns1.heliohost.org and ns2.heliohost.org), or for external DNS by adding A and AAAA records pointed to the IPs shown in Plesk. It currently shows as not being hosted here.
  9. Unsuspended. It may take a few minutes to work again.
  10. You'll need a VPS for docker. Not sure about Deno, but even if it were available, the load limits would like get you suspended repeatedly if it's anything like nodejs in terms of resource use.
  11. That's normal if you haven't installed an ssl certificate. You can fix it by telling plesk to get you a free certificate from let's encrypt, and then waiting two hours for it to take effect.
  12. Changed. Give it 2 hours to take effect then try again.
  13. Deleted. Also, in the future, it is possible to request your account be reset without making another one manually. Creating a second one to do this is unnecessary and may actually subject you to suspension for having more than one account.
  14. Account has been reset. Please check your email for a link to create a new account. You pick a domain during that process. If you need a copy of your old account's files, they're available from https://heliohost.org/backup/
  15. Please work with Krydos on this in your original topic: https://helionet.org/index/topic/60365-krydos-nixos-as-bare-os/
  16. The only logs really available are those in Plesk. I was kind of confused when I saw this account causing tons of load a few days ago, as I couldn't find any obvious source for it. An FTP connection shouldn't cause much in terms of load, though perhaps its the fact its every 10 minutes that's an issue. It was for the memory limit being exceeded, which FTP uses basically none of. For now I'll just unsuspend you. If this load continues, we can have Krydos investigate it for you. Unsuspended. It may take a few minutes to work. You can watch your load here: https://heliohost.org/dashboard/load/
  17. The DNS zone is corrupt on the name servers. It has no zone file but also claims to exist and be owned by nobody. Escalating to Krydos. ---- Technical stuff: No errors thrown yesterday during the removal of the domain or DNS. The subsequent main domain change through the admin tools also worked fine without error but it looks like the DNS zone didn't set back up correctly and broke instead. This is what I see when trying to check the zone file on the server. No zone file found, but also can't add it or remove it. root@brody [/var/named]# ls -l | grep cleosai.site root@brody [/var/named]# whmapi1 adddns ip= domain=cleosai.site --- metadata: command: adddns reason: Sorry, the domain cleosai.site is owned by another user (nobody) result: 0 version: 1 root@brody [/var/named]# /scripts/killdns cleosai.site Unable to remove zone: “cleosai.site” on brody. Unable to remove zone: “cleosai.site” on cody.
  18. It looks more like your domain didn't set up correctly because of the domain you picked. Do you mind if I change the domain to just mingrkli.helioho.st instead? I'm hoping that will fix it, and if not we can just reset the account for you and let you sign up again.
  19. Those functions specifically are only applicable to Plesk when it's installed on windows server. Ours is running on Linux. We've also turned off some of the functionality like adding domains since it doesn't integrate with some of our backend systems at this time. This functionality will be added back at some unknown point in the future if we can get it to integrate.
  20. Domain removed and readded as main domain. It will take up to 2 hours for everything to work again.
  21. In order to do this, we have to remove it and re-add it. Note that this will also cause the content to change as the main domain will use ~/httpdocs instead of ~/cleosai.site as the document root. Is this OK?
  22. It is technically still a thing, but nobody has qualified in years. Most of the support these days is on discord, and discord traffic doesn't qualify. It's kind of a relic of days gone by at this point. Also useless posts (filler, nonsense, a post with only a smiley, etc.) don't count, nor does spam or other removed posts. Last I checked I think the entire "other discussions" forum was also excluded. Note that we may manually count the posts when approving you to verify the posts have not been deleted and are of sufficient quality.
  23. We were a post to host service back when we first started in the middle 00s. There used to be a point system. I don't really know the details though, it went away before I really started, and I've been here since 2012 (technically 2009 if you include my first account that I abandoned after a few months). I have no idea which of the testimonials you're talking about, because those are random and change each time you reload the page. I know there are some really old ones from when we first opened though still circulating in there... when I loaded, I saw one referencing Stevie...a server we haven't offered in years (Tommy was his replacement).
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