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Found 12 results

  1. Dear HelioHost Support Team, I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to seek assistance regarding an issue I am facing with the DNS resolution of my webmail subdomain. Currently, my domain "www.infinityhue.us.to" is functioning correctly; however, I am encountering an error when trying to access the webmail via "www.webmail.infinityhue.us.to" The error message displayed is "DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN." I have verified that the main domain is functioning properly, so it seems to be specific to the webmail subdomain. I haven't been able to identify the root cause of this issue. I kindly request your support in resolving this matter. If there is any information or action required from my end, please let me know, and I will be more than willing to provide the necessary details or perform any necessary steps. Thank you for your attention and assistance in advance. I appreciate your dedication and expertise in resolving this matter promptly.
  2. With the actual weather in Luxembourg, it's a nightmare to be a non-professional, trying to configure a VPS, when you have to sit with your laptop outside, in order to have Internet access. Nevertheless, the major part of my website is running, DNS issues resolved thanks to the help found in this forum, Perl CGI figured out by myself after some 6 hours of hard work. Today, I configured mail and my server receives emails, including emails with non existing accounts going to a default one. Sending emails seems fine, too. However: - Has anyone an idea, what I must do to use webmail? With http://www.mydomain.lu/webmail, I get a "page not found" error (the same for https). To note that there is no webmail folder in my domain's web or mail directory. Have I to run some setup script for Roundcube, that perhaps creates this folder? Another problem, that I have no idea how to solve, is awstats. Awstats is actually running, but is only accessible via http. In fact, it does not work with the alias, defined in the generated config, but with an alias I created myself. - Is there some additionnal configuration to do, if I want to access the awstas pages with https? And why, when accessing it with http, the pages are immediately displayed, with a "basicauth/require valid user" set for the awstats directory? Forgive me for asking, concerning sth that seems evident, but I'm not sure, because Hestia does lots of things automatically. - When I changed my SSH port, the connection with PuTTY was timed out. May that be, because I have to open the new port in iptables? And if I change the port, have I to use the new port for secure FTP, too, or are these two things, that have nothing to do with each other? Sorry, for all these questions, but the Hestia documentation is limited to some specific points and there are very few webpages, where I found some usefull information. Thanks in advance.
  3. Since a couple of days, I'm unable to connect to tommy through webmail and using web clients (thunderbird). Yesterday, I've tried logging in cpanel with the main heliohost account and I get the following error message I'm pretty sure my account has not been deactivated, what could be the issue here?
  4. I want my cpanel email to forward to my gmail account. If I do that do I need to do something on my gmail side? Because or else some person might forward 100 cpanel emails to a random person's inbox
  5. I have created a new email id on my account. First time it worked fie and opened in browser without any error. I have also setup the id on my android device using blue mail app. But for the last two days i am getting a error on opening the mail id using https://johnny.heliohost.org:2096/ it logs in to mail client and the shows the following error on this link https://johnny.heliohost.org:2096/xxxxxxxxxxxxxx/3rdparty/roundcube/index.php I can successfully send and receive mails using my device but not on web mail. I have deleted and recreated the account but the problem remains same. Ps: My other two mail id's are working fine. Please help.
  6. How can I force redirect webmail.galactico.fashion to https://webmail.galactico.fashion My server is : Johnny
  7. Its been 2 days since I got to know about this issue, Its driving me mad. I don't know for how long this has been happening. My sent mails aren't always being delivered, I get no error/failed delivery mail and they aren't delivered to recipients. I checked in Track Delivery feature and found out that for sometime it shows status as "in progress" after few minutes it just vanishes, no record of whether it was delivered or failed, no record whatsoever.This is happening randomly, some emails get delivered successfully. I tried mailing myself from gmail, yahoo providers. Sometime the mail arrives but sometimes it doesn't. So where are the mails going? What is going on? Please help. I am using outlook, mail is also setup on my gmail android app, I tried using webmail, still same problem. Please help. See attached image for recently sent mails, it is even displaying recipients as unknown. user: mubeen77 domain: mubeenakhtar.com email: mail@mubeenakhtar.com server: ricky
  8. Thunderbird seemed to be unable to sync with IMAP/SMTP settings, so I tried to switch over to Outlook 2013. Using the settings: Username: [name here]@twinklecode.org IMAP server: stevie.heliohost.org (Port 993) SMTP server: stevie.heliohost.org (Port 465) Both were set to SSL. Server is Stevie. Outlook 2013 will test the login and send a test email; both tests pass. It then synchronizes all the subfolders (Junk, Drafts, Sent, etc.) of the inbox but not the main inbox itself. Is there some setting I need to change somewhere? It's kind of bad when you can see all your emails except the ones in the inbox. Thanks!
  9. Hi, I want use a mail address using my domain name@mydomain.com, So I created an Email account in my cPanel menu. but when I access the web mail using the mydomain.com/webmail and choose the RoundCube option, I get an Autentification error. then I tryed to install RoundCube by my self using Softaculous , but I get every time an Database related error ( can't connect etc. ) PS: *Other webmail SquirrelMail and Hord works fine, but I need to use RoundCube. *I tried installing / accessing RoundCube at different times, making sure that the server it not overloaded. Cheers.
  10. I updated CNAME for webmail/smtp/pop3 & imap in heliohost cPanel with the details I have from my domain registrar, also I have enabled catchall email option in my domain registrar cpanel..however I can send emails out from my domain's inbox the problem is it doesn't receive mails & the emails are bounced back when I send from gmail. How can I troubleshoot this error.. please help me with this. http://webmail.algby.com This is the the bounced response I get back: when I send an email to my domain Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently: simon@algby.com Technical details of permanent failure: Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain algby.com by algby.com. []. The error that the other server returned was: 550 No Such User Here
  11. Hi, I can't access my webmail... which I configured in helionet cPanel to use my domain registrar (bigrock.in) settings .. when I access the link webmail.algby.com I get helionet cPanel login where I should get a login something like us2.webmail.mailhostbox.com Have I configured incorrectly .. In my domain registrar (bigrock.in) control panel I have set my NS to point to ns1.helionet.org & ns2.helionet.org & later I appended dns4.bigrock.in dns2.bigrock.in dns3.bigrock.in & dns1.bigrock.in How Do I Configure my DNS / MX / CNAME to use webmail service provided by my domain registrar (bigrock.in) I've updated the DNS details in cPanel which I got from my domain registrar (bigrock.in) control panel which are as follows: Instructions by my domain registrar (bigrock.in) Your DNS Manager must insert the following MX records in the DNS Zone of algby.com 100 algby.com. us2.mx3.mailhostbox.com. 1 day 100 algby.com. us2.mx1.mailhostbox.com. 1 day 100 algby.com. us2.mx2.mailhostbox.com. 1 day Please add the following CNAME records for your branding to work Alias Host Canonical Host TTL imap.algby.com. us2.imap.mailhostbox.com. 1 day pop.algby.com. us2.pop.mailhostbox.com. 1 day smtp.algby.com. us2.smtp.mailhostbox.com. 1 day webmail.algby.com. us2.webmail.mailhostbox.com. 1 day Your DNS Manager must insert the following TXT records in the DNS Zone of algby.com I have updated the TXT as well .. but still can't access my webmail .. Please assist.
  12. After attempting to login to Webmail with correct username and password, I've got this: " Warning: fsockopen() [function.fsockopen]: unable to connect to localhost:143 (Connection timed out) in /usr/local/cpanel/base/3rdparty/squirrelmail/plugins/login_auth/functions.php on line 129 " I've been trying for hours without success, though
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