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  1. Hi, I already have a johnny server. I would like to get a vps. Can I have vps now using signup process? Do I have to follow different approach? Please suggest. thanks
  2. Will one of the wonderful folks who do such things please create a PTR record for vps69 using the information below? IPv4: IPv6: 2001:470:1:1ee::69 Domain: pizzabeer.club Thanks! -Ray
  3. While I was using HestiaCP on my VPS I found out it lacks support to IPv6. In fact, this is on their "to do" since 2020 so it seems it will take a while. Considering that IPv6 support is one of Internet's best practice, what are other free control panel options to use? Some I found while researching were these: CyberPanel: https://cyberpanel.net/ CloudPanel: https://www.cloudpanel.io/ KeyHelp: https://www.keyhelp.de/en/ ISPConfig: https://www.ispconfig.org/ Control-WebPanel (CWP): https://control-webpanel.com/ SPanel (free for the next couple of months since "licensing is in beta (?)"): https://www.spanel.io/ Virtualmin: https://www.virtualmin.com/ Webmin: https://www.webmin.com/ OVIPanel: https://www.ovipanel.in/ aaPanel: https://www.aapanel.com/ Froxlor: https://froxlor.org/ Cloudron (free for two apps): https://cloudron.io/ Ajenti: https://ajenti.org/ Sentora: http://www.sentora.org/ Through a fast analysis from their websites CyberPanel, CloudPanel, KeyHelp, ISPConfig, Control-WebPanel (if you're into RHEL/CentOS based distros), Sentora (supporting Ubuntu 20.04 right now) and SPanel (despite it isn't really free) seems to be the most promising ones. Does anyone have any experience with any of those? Right now I have access just to my HelioHost's VPS so I'm unable to destroy/create my machine and thus it wouldn't be easy to test them, that's why I'm looking for people who had already used and could vouch for one of them.
  4. Hey all, Could I request two PTR records to be added relating to the following IPs: IPv4: IPv6: 2001:470:1:1ee::48 With a value of: mail.postal-service.org Thanks!
  5. Username: kairion. Server: VPS67 Hello guys. I'm running some services on my VPS besides hosting my site and as noted by Krydos on Discord I think I'll really need to get a memory upgrade. I'd like to upgrade it for now to 2 GB RAM.
  6. Username: kairion, Server: VPS67. Hello everyone, I hope you're all having a nice day. Since yesterday my VPS seems to be suffering some timeouts during the day and now I'm unable to login to my panel or even SSH. Is this problem related to the Data Center's network issue mentioned on Discord? Also, would it be possible to add an IPv6 reverse DNS (PTR record) pointing to my domain fashost.eu.org?
  7. Username: kairion | Server: VPS67 Sorry for bothering again. I did my fair share of tests with OpenLiteSpeed (as well as other web servers and panels on DO's VMs) and in the end it isn't all that better than Apache or NGINX. So now I finally reached a decision and I'll stay with KeyHelp, which proved to be the most stable panel on all my tests in the past month. Therefore, may I kindly ask you guys to reinstall the OS on my VPS (just the OS, I'll take care of the rest)? Edit: Could I also ask you guys to create PTR (reverse DNS) records pointing to fashost.eu.org? I'm not in a hurry, so it can take as long as needed. PS.: Any chance VPS users could have access to a control panel so they could reinstall OS and set PTR (reverse DNS) records by themselves?
  8. Username: kairion, server: VPS67 I'm not sure why but it seems my VPS got stuck while rebooting after some changes on OpenLiteSpeed and CyberPanel. To be honest I'm kinda puzzled since it didn't happen on DigitalOcean on my prior test but since it's bothersome I'll try not to look into it. So could I ask what is the price for a new rebuild? I'll stick with KeyHelp for stability for my site and later I'll join the queue to get another VPS as a test lab for OpenLiteSpeed (I'll use docker to be able to create/destroy it without bothering support all the time 😅). PS.: Sorry for the trouble.
  9. Username: kairion, Server: VPS67 Hello everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. After some tests I made with the help of a friend's Digital Ocean account and a VPS with the same settings as a Mercury VPS plan (brief ones since I had just a day with it) and my finds posted here I'd like if possible to get my VPS rebuilt (default OS, aka Ubuntu 22) so I could use CyberPanel on it. It seems a good control panel for web hosting (which fits my laziness to manage services on my own) and it seems interesting to try OpenLiteSpeed since its premise is to be faster than Apache and NGINX according to its benchmarks.
  10. I wonder what is the network speed of vps provided by heliohost, then I can decide whether or not I should buy one.
  11. I recieved a notification that server has gone down. 3 times now when i checked it i found it off. How can we always restart the vps when they are down without Heliohost support team. as of this post its still down. vps39
  12. ribiry

    vps passwd

    welcome I seem to have a problem with installing my vps and moving the site to it When I changed the password, I did not log in with the new password, and I want to complete with you in my account because I paid for one month to try the service please help me My language may be poorly understood
  13. With the actual weather in Luxembourg, it's a nightmare to be a non-professional, trying to configure a VPS, when you have to sit with your laptop outside, in order to have Internet access. Nevertheless, the major part of my website is running, DNS issues resolved thanks to the help found in this forum, Perl CGI figured out by myself after some 6 hours of hard work. Today, I configured mail and my server receives emails, including emails with non existing accounts going to a default one. Sending emails seems fine, too. However: - Has anyone an idea, what I must do to use webmail? With http://www.mydomain.lu/webmail, I get a "page not found" error (the same for https). To note that there is no webmail folder in my domain's web or mail directory. Have I to run some setup script for Roundcube, that perhaps creates this folder? Another problem, that I have no idea how to solve, is awstats. Awstats is actually running, but is only accessible via http. In fact, it does not work with the alias, defined in the generated config, but with an alias I created myself. - Is there some additionnal configuration to do, if I want to access the awstas pages with https? And why, when accessing it with http, the pages are immediately displayed, with a "basicauth/require valid user" set for the awstats directory? Forgive me for asking, concerning sth that seems evident, but I'm not sure, because Hestia does lots of things automatically. - When I changed my SSH port, the connection with PuTTY was timed out. May that be, because I have to open the new port in iptables? And if I change the port, have I to use the new port for secure FTP, too, or are these two things, that have nothing to do with each other? Sorry, for all these questions, but the Hestia documentation is limited to some specific points and there are very few webpages, where I found some usefull information. Thanks in advance.
  14. My brandnew VPS is running, with Hestia installed. Next step: moving my website (hosted on Tommy) to the VPS. I suppose that this is essentially 3 steps: Create a new domain record, create a new web record and upload the files. Two major questions: 1. I suppose that HelioHost has to delete my actual DNS records (on Tommy), before I can create new ones? 2. Must I change server names at my DNS provider's? What are the DNS servers responsible for myvps.heliohost.us? My VPS itself, perhaps? Another question concerns security. What should I absolutely do to avoid hacking and other problems? Thanks for answer. And thanks for having the possibility to have this amazing experience, that's mostly complete newland for me.
  15. My First question is, is the storage calculated in HD or SSD? Also is there a guarantee uptime or is that only for the shared hosting? Lastly what are the differences between Ubuntu, Centos, or Windows does one cost more or less?
  16. This is not a specific issue but a general question. Is there a way to manually reboot my HelioHost VPS without contacting customer support? I know I can just type reboot in the console to have it restart, but I'm talking about cases where the command line is inaccessible, for example because of high load or an out-of-control process (which happened to me recently). It would be nice if there was some way to expose the vmware commands for a hard power-on/power-off—not that I would use it much, but it'd be a safety net I'd know was there if something went wrong.
  17. Hi, My VPS has slowed to a crawl for the past 8 hours: it started taking time to respond, and now all SSH and HTTP connection attempts are timing out: the only way I know my server is still alive is through a ping. I've seen this happen for short stretches before, but this is the first time it's been down for so long. Could someone check if this is a problem specific to my server or an issue across all VPSes? The only unusual thing I did today was to try upgrading wallabag (which is a PHP app) on YunoHost; the upgrade failed early because of some connection issues so I think the problem was already there before. VPS domains: hippo2.heliohost.org and members.snipettemag.com Thanks in advance!
  18. Hi there, I'm using YunoHost on a VPS to receive email, but it seems I need an rDNS set up to avoid spam filters. Could you set one up pointing to the following domain? IP: Hostname: members.snipettemag.com I think that's it but let me know if you need more details. Thanks in advance!
  19. Hi, recently, when multiple commands are executed in the VPS (for example sending a POST request from a PHP script or executing any shell command) always increase CPU load to 100%. Also, loading PHP pages is slow. Can this be related to the VPS network and SSD which will be upgraded when the fundraiser finishes? Do you have any fix I can try in the meantime? Thanks
  20. Hi, After a test with mail tester I have the following result: (Check attachments) Searching online, I've found out the provider needs to set the rdns record. Could you do it? Thanks
  21. Hi, i'm planning to switch from tommy to a vps but i can't find what i'm looking for. I there a way to rent a preinstalled vps? More than the OS only? I like the comfort using cpanel and don't like to install and maintain all the stuff i need. The current setup of wambachr.helioshost.org (postgresql, postgis) is fine for me but may be i need more performance and stability 2021. And i want to pay for it Regards walter btw: Searching for VPS is rejected on your site: -> "The following search terms are not allowed and were removed from your query: vps"
  22. Hi, I've accidentally uninstalled the linux kernel from my vps and I can't login anymore with SSH. Could you fix this (if you need it you can also reinstall OS as I've only done some tests for now)? Thanks
  23. Hi all...my VPS filesystem has suddenly become readonly I suspect it happened after this week's reboot, because I'd checked the read-only parts but never explicitly done anything requiring writing till now. I see this related error message in dmesg (let me know if you want the full output): [154995.476735] EXT4-fs error (device sda1): ext4_journal_check_start:61: Detected aborted journal [154995.478036] EXT4-fs (sda1): Remounting filesystem read-onlyAny idea how to fix this (redoing mount doesn't work and fsck doesn't seem to be installed)? Would it be possible to do a manual reboot from your end? My server is hippo2.heliohost.org, running Debian 10. (I don't have any irreplaceable data left, so a full reinstall is also an option, although not ideal).
  24. Hi, I tried ordering a VPS via your form, but I was having some trouble with activating PayPal subscriptions, so decided to send a direct payment instead. I'd like the lowest-end VPS, namely: 1GB memory2CPUs50GB storageOS: Debian 10I have sent in $9, which I think will cover 2 months? If this works out, I'll try a larger payment, maybe for 1 year. Transaction ID: 88E56858JW8967519 I sent a bit extra since I wasn't sure if all of it would reach you. If there's extra, I guess you could use that as donation Before you create the VPS, I have one question: I already have an existing setup on Tommy. Would I have to close that down and set it up again on the VPS? Is there a way to move it across? Or is it fine to keep both operational for a while? Thanks in advance!
  25. IP - PAYPAL Monthly Payment Transaction ($4) - 96930183LH282544N (Aug 22) * Paid Yesterday (Sep 07) Transaction ID ($1) - 3LR95575M94761433 Transaction ID ($2) - 16G4098276692293H Please Increase Memory 1 GB
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