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  1. sorry username: wambachr main domain wambachr.heliohost.org postgresql-database: wambachr_osm server: tommy regards walter
  2. Hi, i would like to create indixes used by the like-phrase something like select name from collected_admin_boundaries where name ilike 'san %'; This type of query will only use trgm-indices which can be created using create index idx_collected_admin_boundaries_name on collected_admin_boundaries using gin(name gin_trgm_ops); But for that i need the extension pg_trbn, which is installed but not activated. wambachr_osm=> create extension pg_trgm with schema pg_catalog; ERROR: permission denied to create extension "pg_trgm" HINT: Must be superuser to create this extension. Time: 2486,759 ms (00:02,487) Regards walter
  3. thanks and waiting is no problem. Regards walter
  4. i was not asked to use paypal, therefore i used visa + gofundme regards walter
  5. ok, did it: Transaction ID: 3AW52485E68405919 a little bit strange: added my visa card and was billed by paypal walter
  6. Hi, i would like to add onother table to my postgresql/postgis database (wambachr_osm), but my disk quota does not allow this Size of this table is about 400 MB but there may be a little overhead. I'm trying to minimize my tables but 1 GB space is not enough. 2 GB would be fine. what can i do? Donate? ok for me. regards walter ps: Still waiting to get access to your new "payed" server. Of course i'm willing to pay for that (some bucks per month is fine)
  7. Hi, just got this message: My websites on tommy.heliohost.org /https://wambachers-osm.website/ are in heavy development and use. (*) I'm using cPanel/Filemanager day for day and sometimes (1-2 times a week) i have to login in cPanel, which i do. But i don't use heliohost.org (Main page), because i don't need this. cPanel is enough. May be there is a bug in your usage monitor? ok, i'll login to heliohost.org right now to get rid of this "problem" regards walter aka wambachr *) Still waiting for a solution for ticket HH#816382 i don't have any problem to spend some $. Good work must be well paid. ;
  8. Bingo select ST_Astext(ST_Transform(ST_MakeEnvelope(905014.414896487,6467184.089152194,907460. 3998016127,6469630.074057321,3857),4326)); st_astext ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ POLYGON((8.1298828125 50.1205780979601,8.1298828125 50.134664322167,8.15185546875 50.134664322167,8.15185546875 50.1205780979601,8.1298828125 50.1205780979601)) (1 row) Yes, that problem is gone. regards walter, may be the only user on tommy doing this stuff
  9. Hi, select ST_Astext(ST_Transform(ST_MakeEnvelope(905014.414896487,6467184.089152194,907460.3998016127,6469630.074057321,3857),4326)); does not work (yet): ERROR: permission denied for relation spatial_ref_sys CONTEXT: SQL statement "SELECT proj4text FROM spatial_ref_sys WHERE srid = 3857 LIMIT 1" this PostGIS tables/views will need r/o access: spatial_ref_sys geography_column geometry_columns Regard walter host: Tommy db: wambachr_osm db user: wambachr_postgres & wambachr_osmuser
  10. Hi, i'm planning to switch from tommy to a vps but i can't find what i'm looking for. I there a way to rent a preinstalled vps? More than the OS only? I like the comfort using cpanel and don't like to install and maintain all the stuff i need. The current setup of wambachr.helioshost.org (postgresql, postgis) is fine for me but may be i need more performance and stability 2021. And i want to pay for it Regards walter btw: Searching for VPS is rejected on your site: -> "The following search terms are not allowed and were removed from your query: vps"
  11. Hi Krydos yes you are right. no big problem using postgis/hstore. Thanks walter btw: may be i'll switch to one of your paid servers next year.
  12. Hi, Please create hstore and postgis extensions on my postgres database. Host: tommy.heliohost.org User: wambachr Database: wambachr_osm Regards, Walter ps: would like to add some simple OpenStreetMap based maps.
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