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  1. Hi admins Can you explain to me what's going on recently. I mean: What is CPanel and why you chose CPanel in the past? How CPanel affect your service? (Clarify: Admin Kydros has suffered from some CPanel behaviors) From your expectations, why CPanel revoked your registeration? What does Plesk do as CPanel do or don't? Does Heliohost will be FREE and FOREVER whatever the circumstances? What do you say? Feel free to answer and thanks for the hard work! You guys are very incredible, I had never saw a free hosting service like your host ever! Forgive me if anything wrong or violates your rules. NOTE: Sorry for duplicate questions from another users, my topic was accidentally created Sincerely Sffreesy
  2. Since a couple of days, I'm unable to connect to tommy through webmail and using web clients (thunderbird). Yesterday, I've tried logging in cpanel with the main heliohost account and I get the following error message I'm pretty sure my account has not been deactivated, what could be the issue here?
  3. Hello, I have two questions regarding cPanel. First, I would like to force all subdomains (cpanel.domain.com, webmail.domain.com, etc.) to use https. I have the SSL certs setup through AutoSSL, and I can access the secure version by manually typing in https, but I would like to force this behavior for safety/security concerns. It seems like this can be done using WHM, but I don't actually have a good idea of what WHM (Web Host Manager) is. Is this the software that Heliohost uses to provide each user with their own cPanel login and individual customization? If so, do users have any access to this interface? Next, I was having issues redirecting traffic pointed to the www. version of my domain name to the non-www. version. In cPanel, I have configured a redirect to match both www. and non-www. that points to the base domain name (https://example.com). However, this redirect only works for requests sent to http://www.example.com. Accessing https://www.example.com does not redirect to the non-www. version. I previously was self-hosting my site, and was able to accomplish this functionality through nginx redirect rules. Is there anything I am missing in setting up this redirect? Thank you!
  4. I have two web-pages on my cPanel account: one static html page at https://ternsjo-it.heliohost.us/troff/one Java-war-application-page at https://ternsjo-it.heliohost.us/ternsjo_Troff/ both work fine at there respective url's, however, I would like users to simply type https://sb.troff.app to access my web application.When I create a subdomain, I must specify a "Root domain". IF I specify public_html/troff then the subdomain will point to the static page. Now my question is what I should specify in Document Root for the subdomain to point to the java-war-application-page? Thanks for trying to explain this! NOTE: I have tried to put "/public_html/ternsjo_Troff" as Document Root but it is not working...I use the Tommy server.
  5. Please unblock my IP. It says that I logged in incorrectly a lot of times but I ALWAYS log in correctly. is my IP Address
  6. I have a question? When I access my whm : whm.robertzou.com or johnny.heliohost.org:2086 and I enter my password and username. It says login is invalid. Can you please help me find my password or fix the issue. Edit: johnny.heliohost.org:2087
  7. I want my cpanel email to forward to my gmail account. If I do that do I need to do something on my gmail side? Because or else some person might forward 100 cpanel emails to a random person's inbox
  8. According to the Wiki, Ricky is supposed to have free AutoSSL support, but I only see the option to "purchase" certificates in my cpanel. I've been using the 90 day Let's encrypt certs so far, but I haven't stayed on top of renewing them. I'd like to get AutoSSL working if possible.
  9. Hi, when I try to access to Tommy cpanel I obtain the following error: Internal Server Error500 No response from subprocess (cpanel (cpanel)): The subprocess reported error number 72,057,594,037,927,935 when it ended. The process dumped a core file. cpsrvd Server at tommy.heliohost.org
  10. Hi, i'm planning to switch from tommy to a vps but i can't find what i'm looking for. I there a way to rent a preinstalled vps? More than the OS only? I like the comfort using cpanel and don't like to install and maintain all the stuff i need. The current setup of wambachr.helioshost.org (postgresql, postgis) is fine for me but may be i need more performance and stability 2021. And i want to pay for it Regards walter btw: Searching for VPS is rejected on your site: -> "The following search terms are not allowed and were removed from your query: vps"
  11. Hello, I am new to Heliohost and already have a few problems. First of all, I can't access cPanel. When I login to https://www.heliohost.org/login/ and use the "continue to cPanel" button, I end up on a loading error page. Is it because it needs a really good internet connection ? If so, what should I do, as I cannot get a better one for now ? Secondly, I would like to host a Django application. I tried to follow the wiki-tutorial (https://wiki.helionet.org/tutorials/django), but all I get is a "basic hosting" of the files, and the app itself is not launched: when I go to my web address (mywebname.heliohost.us), I only get a list of the files and directories (db.sqlite3, manage.py, ...). If I host regular files (like .html files), I can access/see them without any problem. - Do you see what I could have missed when uploading my django app ? - What is the difference between the tutorial I followed (https://wiki.helionet.org/tutorials/django) and this one http://www.heliohost.org/classic/features/languages/python ? In particular, the second one says something about python's eggs, and that is not mentioned at all in the first one, so ... which is the "good" one ? Thanks in advance for any answer, hoping that my English is not too horrid ...
  12. Hello all, I've recently come across https://eu.org and thought "Why not give it a try?". I have applied for a domain and got accepted! However, I can't add my domain as an alias or addon domain. I have the right nameservers set (ns1.heliohost.org and ns2.heliohost.org), what am I doing wrong? Furthermore, I would like to use CloudFlare with it, is that possible? Edit: There is this post by Krydos on cPanel's forum which is really confusing to me... so does it mean that we can't use eu.org domains...? P.S.: Sorry for my lack of knowledge regarding domain names and related subjects. I'm happy to elaborate if needed. Thanks for all answers!
  13. I have created a domain namexxxx.combut it doesn't load. I can't ping it either. For example, when I try to install wordpress, I get this error. Internal Server Error500No response from subprocess (cpanel (cpanel)): The subprocess reported error number 72,057,594,037,927,935 when it ended. The process dumped a core file.cpsrvd Server at johnny.heliohost.org Edited 15/08/2020 16:19h UTC I will wait 24 hours: "Ahoy! You're seeing this page because HelioHost has not gotten about to installing and configuring your account yet. This process usually takes 24 hours, and once it is complete your website should show up properly. While the account is being created we suggest taking a look at your control panel. "
  14. Hello, I am trying to do a connect from Java to my DB, but I have a type error: “Access denied for user '_______'@'______' to database '_______'” I have the host, port, username and password of the helionet panel. The user is added to the database table and with all the privileges. Regards.
  15. Why is that stuff happening? Sorry for the inconvenience! The filesystem mounted at / on this server is running out of disk space. cPanel operations have been temporarily suspended to prevent something bad from happening. Please ask your system admin to remove any files not in use on that partition.
  16. Hi Heliohosters, I've hit a wall lately as I am trying to connect FileZilla to my Heliohosted website. I followed the instructions from this thread: https://www.helionet.org/index/topic/27646-cant-connect-to-johnny-ftp-using-filezilla/ which suggested to use SFTP with the following parameters: In Host field type "johnny.heliohost.org"In Port field type "1373"In Protocol dropdown select "SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol"In Logon Type dropdown select "Normal"In User field type your cPanel usernameIn Password field type your cPanel passwordbut it failed, and I suspect that I don't have the right cPanel username and pw. I can't seem to find them nor can I find where I have to go to manage my cPanel username and password. In order to get to my cPanel, I always use my Heliohost credentials to connect to my account and then transfert to cPanel from the link. When I go to: mydomain.heliohost.org/cpanel, I need to input a username and password, but they're not the same as my heliohost account, and I don't know where I can manage these. In cPanel, under the FTP section, I can manage FTP accounts. I tried that route by creating an FTP account named admin and following these instructions for FTP: ftp.mydomain.heliohost.orgport 21normal loginftp account usernameftp account pw and then again it won't work. I am at a loss here. Any idea what's going on? Thank you,
  17. Hi! I recently reviewed my disk usage on my hosting account and found that there was a folder called "tmp" in the root directory which was using up almost a 100 MB of space. How do I go about figuring out which files in this folder I can delete and which are essential files? I would like to minimize the space this folder is currently taking up as much as possible. Thank you, studius
  18. Hey there I'm having trouble trying to log into my johnny CPanel management page. Login on heliohost.org works but when clicking on "Access CPanel", nothing works. PLS help ! Thank you all in advance.
  19. Hi all, Something weird happened just now and I'm a little freaked. Three things, actually. Some background: I run a Ghost site on Heroku, which uses a HelioHost database via "remote MySQL". Today, the site failed to startup due to an application timeout, which I assume was a timeout while trying to connect to the database (it was working fine in the morning so I can't think of any other explanation). When I tried to sign in, the password was rejected thrice. That might have been just me in a panic, but I know what my password's supposed to be, so was wondering if someone's broken in and changed it. In any case, I reset via email to a different one. After signing in, I tried opening phpMyAdmin to test the database, but it fails with an error: As a side note: Tommy's cPanel seems much slower than usual. This might be unrelated, but it may also explain all the errors (maybe the password checks and database calls all timed out). If possible, would you admins be able to do the following: Send me IPs and login times for my last 3 cPanel logins (I got the last one's IP, but I'm travelling so would need a couple others to compare). Maybe also password reset logs or something to see if there's anything suspicious.Look into phpMyAdmin and remote SQL and see if others are having issues tooNot sure what else, but maybe something in the syslogs to indicate what may be happening?Thanks in advance!
  20. DKIM has already been configured automatically by Cpanel which has already put the key in the DNS zones for my domain, however, when sending emails to another email address, the .eml file does not contain any field DKIM-Signature or similar. Does it have to be added specifically?
  21. I'm trying to upload a bunch of files for my website. Since FTP takes a long time for multiple small files, I'm thinking of using a zipfile so I can do them all at one go. I remember this "Upload as ZIP" option used to be available from the cPanel FileManager, but now I can't find it anywhere. Any idea where it is?
  22. Introducing Account Based Pricing The hosting industry has changed a lot in the last 20 years, and has long out-grown the licensing and pricing structure that we have used at cPanel. Effective immediately, cPanel's license structure and the way we price our products is changing. Our pricing and licensing structure will now be standardized for all of our customers and include multiple Tiers. This new structure defines the price of each license based on the number of Accounts hosted on the server, reflecting the value received by the owner; now, customers pay for only what they use. On September 1st, 2019, we will introduce Auto-Scaling Packages, Fixed Packages, and transition all existing monthly licenses to the new account based pricing and licensing structure. They are charging around $0.20c per month per account. I'm seeing comments about +1000% price increases. If this isn't reversed we will witness the end of lowend & free cPanel hosting. Link to WHT thread: https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1770316
  23. Hi, there. It seems I have a misconfiguration on my FTP client and trying to guess the right parameters while accessing through ftp (one of those times I eventually did it) blocked the cpanel login. Could someone at administration unblock it, please? By the way, I'm also trying to figure out how do I have access to django (python). I can't figure it out on the cpanel. Tks++; Sorry for the incovenience. Plavra
  24. It would be nice to be able to use Let's Encrypt SSL certificates right from cPanel! Here's the instructions on how to install it: https://documentation.cpanel.net/display/CKB/The+Let's+Encrypt+Plugin Thank you for considering my suggestion <3
  25. Cpanel prompts IP has changed, can't log in
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