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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, There's a really big difference in what File Manager says is used vs the Disk Usage (screenshots attached). Could anyone tell me why this is and how I can free up space? Thank you! Username: chal1812 Domain: chal1812.heliohost.us
  2. Hi! I recently reviewed my disk usage on my hosting account and found that there was a folder called "tmp" in the root directory which was using up almost a 100 MB of space. How do I go about figuring out which files in this folder I can delete and which are essential files? I would like to minimize the space this folder is currently taking up as much as possible. Thank you, studius
  3. Today I logged in my account and noticed that I've used 479/1000 MB, but most of them (405.79 MB) are on "other usage". Is it possible to have more information about the nature of these files? As fas as I know nothing that I've done recently justifies this usage and I would like to know why this is happening. My username is wolf2d and the domain is wolfcube.heliohost.org Thanks in advance
  4. Hello, I am aware that the disk usage for my Heliohost account is 85% and I am getting worried. This is probably due to the several Softaculous scripts that I am using to run various subdomains of my my main site. However, I was wondering what happens when you reach your quota (1 GB)? Does the service suddenly stop or will it be slower? I need to know as I need to plan whether to cancel some of my projects or clean up. Thanks!
  5. Incorrect Disk Usage showing up for MySQL, It says 2807MB of space in mySQL but the highest file size i have as shown in PHPMyadmin is not that. Is there some trash which is not emptying? Please help me out, I'm attatching the screenshots here.
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