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  1. Hi! I recently reviewed my disk usage on my hosting account and found that there was a folder called "tmp" in the root directory which was using up almost a 100 MB of space. How do I go about figuring out which files in this folder I can delete and which are essential files? I would like to minimize the space this folder is currently taking up as much as possible. Thank you, studius
  2. a. studius b. Tommy c. studius.heliohost.org
  3. I was able to create the new database through cPanel, but I am still getting the error message: "Access denied for user 'studius_corp'@'tommy.heliohost.org' (using password: YES)" when I use mysqli_connect.
  4. After my account got deleted due to some server problems on Tommy a couple months ago, I tried starting a website again from scratch on my new account (thankfully I had the backed up files). This time, I am not even able to create a database in phpMyAdmin because apparently access is denied for my user. phpMyAdmin also shows I am connected to localhost:3306 while I used to be connected to tommy.heliohost.org. Please let me know how I can fix this issue. My website is nvitro.gq where you will find the error messages displayed. Thank you for your time. Best regards.
  5. Works! Thank you for the quick fix and I'm happy that it helped others too.
  6. Hi, I recently encountered a 500 Internal Server error on my site @ https://studius.tk which has been online without issues for the past few months. The error appeared suddenly and without any significant changes being made to permissions etc. which were set correctly for PHP files and folders containing PHP files. This seems to be a problem with the host, so I am posting this here with the hope that it will be resolved. Thanks!
  7. Yes, I have the same exact issue. When will this be resolved?
  8. Hi wolstech, It works!!! Clearing the browser cookies since adding the session cookie code did the trick. I was also able to modify the length of the cookie so that users were automatically logged out after 30 mins of inactivity. Good stuff, thank you for all your help!
  9. Hi wolstech, Yes, I'm checking $_SESSION['is_logged_in'] which is set to 'true' if login is successful. I've checked my code for syntax errors before and after adding that line and both come out clean. The logic checks out too, as everything on valid.studius.gq (the subdomain where login is located) is able to use all the $_SESSION variables. Only other subdomains are having trouble accessing the variables.
  10. Hi wolstech, Thank you for the reply. I think I was looking for something like this. I added the above function to all my php documents but for some reason I am still getting the same result. Basically, each of the protected pages on my site has an if-else php script that says "if (user is logged in) {show content} else {echo error message}" and even with the cookie set, I am getting the error message when logged in. I am not sure if this has something to do with the problem, but my login PHP script itself is located on a subdomain (valid.studius.gq) while the page the I am trying to access is also on a subdomain (matic.studius.gq) similar to how Google logs users in at accounts.google.com and provides content at, for example, drive.google.com. Must I move my login to the root folder of the domain (studius.gq) for the cookie to work or is something else the issue? Please help, thank you.
  11. Hello, I've done a lot of research but cannot figure out how to make session variables created on one subdomain or root domain accessible to all other subdomains of that root domain. For example, if I login to my account on https://valid.studius.gq, the login php script sets the session variable "logged_in" to true. This allows access to all pages that are protected within the subdomain. However, the same session variable is not valid at https://matic.studius.gq and it redirects back to the login page. Any and all suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.
  12. Hello again, I'm getting the same 500 Internal Server Error again but this time I've checked and double checked all the permissions for directories with php files (755) and php files (644). This time, all pages on the domain are giving the same error, regardless of whether they are html or php files. The last thing I did before this happened was modify the .htaccess file on the root folder of my domain (studius.gq). Please help, thank you.
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