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  1. I want to set up a little website on a reasonably reliable host -- that's free, due to my minimal income -- to implement a calculator that tallies voters' orders of preference using a state-of-the-art algorithm (much better than the Ranked Choice Voting algorithm). The website won't store any data or transmit data to anyone (except it would of course send the results to the user who types or pastes in the votes). The site would be just one file, a php5 script that's about 60 kBytes. To use it, one member of the voting group pastes their orders of preference into the webpage's text field, and then clicks the "tally now" button... it would respond by tallying the results on the server side (using php code) and sending the results as a refreshed webpage. The webpage is just text with some color-coding, so the bandwidth consumed would also be tiny. I'm hoping the partners at Heliohost have the will and a way to spare me from the monthly logins... they seem unnecessary due to the negligible storage and bandwidth that my site would consume, and my free time is very limited. This website would not be for my personal benefit or profit. My goal is to teach the world about this voting system by letting people use it. This kind of system would have many benefits if used by democracies: It would minimize spoiling (Ranked Choice Voting does NOT eliminate spoiling, contrary to what many of its proponents claim), eliminate the need for primary elections, create a much stronger incentive for politicians to adopt policies similar to the majority-preferred policies they believe the voters themselves would collectively choose (if voters were able to vote directly on issues), end political polarization, reliably defeat extremists, and stabilize policies. In other words, the goal is to strengthen democracy and save the world. The reason that primitive voting methods (including Ranked Choice Voting) cause so many problems is that they count at most one majority. But the fact is, there's more than one majority when there are more than two candidates, and all of the head-to-head majorities of the complete round robin tournament can be counted given the voters' orders of preference. (The most widely used, most frequently used voting method -- the Robert's Rules procedure for voting on motions -- pays attention only to head-to-head majorities, which are based on relative preferences. But it's only halfway toward state-of-the-art because it works like a single-elimination tournament, not a round robin tournament. In other words, the Robert's Rules procedure counts only some of the head-to-head majorities: when there are N alternatives, it counts N-1 majorities to eliminate N-1 alternatives.) After counting all of the head-to-head majorities of the complete round robin, the best way to construct the order of finish is to process the majorities one at a time, from largest majority to smallest majority, placing each majority's more-preferred alternative ahead of their less-preferred alternative in the order of finish. The largest-to-smallest processing order is in accord with the heuristic that underpins majority rule: "The larger the number of people who think x is better than y, the more likely it is that x is better than y, all else being equal." I've attached a screenshot of part of the webpage (before the voters' orders of preference are typed in). The text in the screenshot provides some additional information about the voting method.
  2. Since a couple of days, I'm unable to connect to tommy through webmail and using web clients (thunderbird). Yesterday, I've tried logging in cpanel with the main heliohost account and I get the following error message I'm pretty sure my account has not been deactivated, what could be the issue here?
  3. Hello Team and thank you so much for your continuous assistance. You are awesome This is more an information than a request for assistance. During the last 4 days i was forced to reset the password twice to login on my user. This was not an issue with bad password or user and reset to the same login password always resolved. On the first time i thought that Johnny was down so i waited a few hours but the issue persisted. After reset the password i was able to login. Right now it happened the same thing: i was using the correct user password information and again the login was denied. After reset i was able to get in with no issues whatsoever. I would say that something more might be happening on Johnny's server when it comes to user details or password information and losing it in some way, or some time out configuration on the account that forces to reset constantly. Of course, if you feel that i am doing something wrong please tell me and ill correct it Kind regards and keep up the good work.
  4. Hi, I hope I posted this in the correct forum. I finally got into the forums. I had some trouble at first because the system said my forum login would be the same as the Cpanel. My Cpanel password is strong with upper, lower, numbers, and special characters. When I tried to login to the forum, it said my password was invalid. After resetting my password, I tried to change it again to the same one as the Cpanel, and after logging out, it said it was invalid. So my question is, What is the password character requirements for the forum login? After resetting my password twice, I noticed it only contains lowercase letters and numbers. Is that all the forum password can contain? Thanks. Also does changing your profile picture make logging into Cpanel for the next few minutes unreliable? Because I kept getting a bunch of invalid login and 500 Internal Error issues after doing that. Best Regards, Trenten.
  5. I tried to connect using FileZilla to my web server with correct credentials, it shows as 'logged in' but directory listing is not successful. It worked few weeks ago. Now this error is receiving for few days. I thought it's some server error. But the problem still there. I've attached a screenshot of the window. Please provide me a fast solution. Thank you.
  6. Good morning: My account was archived even after I had logged in. I got the warning email to login so I went to where I normally login https://tommy.heliohost.org:2083And logged in. Three days later it was still archived. I was able to use the link to get it back in the second email saying it was archived. Is there a specific place I need to login at to count?
  7. Hi, I can't login to my account "munny". It was suspended. Then I requested its renewal. It was renewed, ok. But now I can't login and my password is correct. Then I try to change my password and I simply can't. Why is this happening. Can you check it to me, please?
  8. Hey there I'm having trouble trying to log into my johnny CPanel management page. Login on heliohost.org works but when clicking on "Access CPanel", nothing works. PLS help ! Thank you all in advance.
  9. I'm new at this website and I created an user but when I tried to use the given data to login it was false and I kept trying different things and then I got blocked??? I need help to get unblocked and I#d like to know how to login into an user.
  10. Hi, last couple of days I have found the time and money to visit this forum and check up on the news: looks like the Sparkie server is getting close to its target. To help the process along, today I donated a little more than 5 euros. I am also interested in setting up a computer running windows 7 to mine for heliomine possibly. Free hosting is cool and deserves support.. My site firemachine.nl.eu.org was on Tommy for a few years, I am looking to get it back online with a bit of storage space to spare so I can give it a makeover. I am not sure at what point I am in the queue due to having only donated twice small amounts. I followed the signup process but it seems that in my time zone the renewal service opens at 2am since I have to get up for work at 5am that is not working for me. Since I have entered the signup process am I no longer in the queue for Tommy ? Thank you for your time.
  11. Not able to login and Not able to change my password.
  12. Problem in Login into (Tommy Server) : thakurs Server : tommy Login Page is Showing Messages like = invalid Cookie IP address has been Changed The connection timed out. Please try again. i think these errors are occurring due to immediately cookie Expiration named (horde,PPA_id,SQMSSID,horde_secret_key,roundcube_sessid).
  13. Hi, I am a new HelioHost user, and have signed up on the Johnny server. I was able to access my website at noon, but now which is 8:18 PM at my place, I cannot. My credentials should be the same as the forum ones, this is the first time I do something, I have not changed anything but I get an "Invalid Login" error. Can anyone help me? I had also tried resetting password but never received an email and will try again now. EDIT: It seems like the issue was fixed without me doing anything, probably was a server issue.
  14. Hi admins, my IP adress got blocked due to SFTP Logins: Could you please unblock it? Thanks!
  15. I have created some subaccounts in the cPanel. But when I tried to login , it says " Invalid login ". username format: name@distribure.cf password: (the assigned password) Please look after the matter.
  16. I hereby Contact Support as my Account with Account name "Feshibab" was flagged as inactive. I hereby ask for your help to make it Active again.
  17. Hi there I am unable to log into my account and i cannot reset my password, after clicking the link in the email it just fails. My website is also showing errors and no-one can log into any of my pages: Warning: session_start(): open(/var/cpanel/php/sessions/ea-php56/sess_mm7p6qrajt87u67dnooa0u8pq5, O_RDWR) failed: No space left on device (28) in /home/**/public_html/login.php on line 2 Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at /home/**/public_html/login.php:2) in /home/**/public_html/login.php on line 2 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/**/public_html/login.php:2) in /home/**/public_html/login.php on line 20 What has happened here? I have not added anything to my site in a while. Please help as my website cannot be used right now. My website is www.rugbypredictions.co.uk
  18. I created my first account, and tracked it on the status page, until it said "there is no account associated with the email". And told me to create an account. I did it again. The weird thing is that I can login here on the forums, but I cant login on the site! What is happening?
  19. I was able to login in the morning but when I try to login now its giving me a invalid cred error but my email appears at the top with logout option.Its a weird situation.How should I login.
  20. Guest

    Cannot Login

    Dear all, for the past couple of weeks that I cannot log into my account. I tried resetting the password, but it did not work. Looking around the forum, it seems other people have had the same issue but there was no clear solution, apart from asking an admin to reset it. Or is there anothe way around it? thanks in adv,
  21. When I attempt to log in to my Heliohost hosted account, it says incorrect password. I then ask it to reset password. I then reset my password. And the new password also doesn't work. Please advise me on what to do. Thank you for your help in this matter.
  22. Hi, when trying to login to cPanel with the brand new user: acrimes I get an invalid password, and when I try to reset the password, I get: HelioHost Account Errorno-reply@heliohost.orgOct 12 at 4:35 PMToAC@UFNPSI.COM Dear acrimes, Your hosting account at HelioHost has encountered an error during installation. The error is: The domain “atrocitycrimes.org” already exists in the Apache configuration. Please visit http://www.heliohost.org/scripts/signup.php and try to signup again. Regards, HelioHost Staff ======================================================== If there is another atrocitycrimes.org, I would own it, since I own the domain (and .US) and have the DNS pointed to you and the NS1-4 at AFRAID.ORG. Did I somehow mistakenly sign up with a misspelled user or something? Could I please use the following? Server: stevie HH User: acrimes HH Pass: [the one I'm using for this HN account] HH Email: AC@UFNPSI.COM HH Domain: ATROCITYCRIMES.ORG (I will also add ATROCITYCRIMES.US) HN User: acrimes HN Pass: [same as above] I may have also used an email of AC@MichaelOatman.net, but that user would also be called acrimes with the same info as above. Please point me in the right direction to fix this so I can get the site up soon. Thank you very much in advance for any assistance! Michael AC@UFNPSI.COM ~or~ AC@MichaelOatman.net
  23. My account: hchanbi I am able to go to the classic website and login to stevie server, but when I use the same user name and password to sign in from the new website, I am redirected to an Invalid Login page. Same issue from that page as well.
  24. When I tried to login cpanel, it shows "The Login Is Invalid" , I guess that it may be caused by my trying actions and wrong password, so my ip is getting blocked, please help me to unblock it or help me to solve this problem.
  25. I have just set up an account and have tried to login for the first time After submitting my username and password into the Cpanel login form My antivirus has blocked the page with 4 virus alerts stating that there was a virus called HTML Framer detected. Virus found HTML/Framer Johnny.heliohost.org:2082cpcess......... What should I do?
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