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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I hope I posted this in the correct forum. I finally got into the forums. I had some trouble at first because the system said my forum login would be the same as the Cpanel. My Cpanel password is strong with upper, lower, numbers, and special characters. When I tried to login to the forum, it said my password was invalid. After resetting my password, I tried to change it again to the same one as the Cpanel, and after logging out, it said it was invalid. So my question is, What is the password character requirements for the forum login? After resetting my password twice, I noticed it only contains lowercase letters and numbers. Is that all the forum password can contain? Thanks. Also does changing your profile picture make logging into Cpanel for the next few minutes unreliable? Because I kept getting a bunch of invalid login and 500 Internal Error issues after doing that. Best Regards, Trenten.
  2. My website is in Brazilian Portuguese. And as you know, this is a language that uses special characters such as accents, cedillas, tildes, etc. And those characters are not being recogzined. I heard that something like this would solve: ini_set('default_charset','UTF-8'); But even so, it didn't work out. My html is set as charset=utf-8. And nothing. My database is set as utf-8_general_ci, so are the tables in it. What solution can solve this problem?
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