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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, my domain works fine, i have not any problem with it, but in the File manager, i created a new Folder outside public_html, and when i want to acces like MyFolder.gomgo.helihost.us, I receive this message: [Attached Image] I wait more than 72 Hours and i still receiving this message
  2. My account is still in queue after switching the server. Please help me with this. Username: edvicon Thanks.
  3. Hi, last couple of days I have found the time and money to visit this forum and check up on the news: looks like the Sparkie server is getting close to its target. To help the process along, today I donated a little more than 5 euros. I am also interested in setting up a computer running windows 7 to mine for heliomine possibly. Free hosting is cool and deserves support.. My site firemachine.nl.eu.org was on Tommy for a few years, I am looking to get it back online with a bit of storage space to spare so I can give it a makeover. I am not sure at what point I am in the queue due to having only donated twice small amounts. I followed the signup process but it seems that in my time zone the renewal service opens at 2am since I have to get up for work at 5am that is not working for me. Since I have entered the signup process am I no longer in the queue for Tommy ? Thank you for your time.
  4. I need to have the java installation on my server to happen very soon and I have been waiting 12 hours for my request to be processed and it still has not been processed. Is there any way to up the priority of my request or have it happen now?
  5. It's been well over 24 hours and I am still getting prompted by this page. Source: Link Any idea what's happening? Is it stuck, is there any bug & error? Or sometimes it just takes a while? Edit: Quickly after posting this, everything got back to normal.
  6. Hello guys, I've created a new account yesterday, and registered my website as "ctfisep.org", deleting the "heliohost" part. Is it going to make the DNS bug? Indeed, when I connect to http://ctfisep.org, it reads the server doesn't exist. However, when I go to the IP of the server (which is specifed in the domains section of cPanel), it reads the Account is queued (even if It's been more than 24 hours, and even if I cleared my cache). It doesn't seem to be working properly. Moreover, the cPanel license now seems to be expired .. Any help? Have a good day.
  7. hello, im a new user. its been about 2 hours or more since i registered, changed my domain nameserver, and its seem go very well. I uploaded wordpress because i dont know why i cant install it using softaculous. Now im ready to install wordpress but when i go to my domain name, its still Queued ---------------------------------------- username: bazou999 domain: rubbishnote.com server: johnny ---------------------------------------- Can you check it for me please?i've cleared my browser cache, i did tried use another browser and even another internet connection, but my website/domain still in Queue. Thank you.
  8. first of all i want to thank all of heliohost staff for providing us best free hosting/support out there i just have one question, i can understand there is some sort of a que for creating new accounts but why is it like that for subdomains, parked/addon domains? its a real pain waiting 24hrs for a subdomain, i mean 1 day is really too long, there's 365 days in a year lol it is created immediately, it just points to another directory/has a redirect, why is it like that?
  9. Hello, Please look into the matter. Thanks EDIT: snehashahdadpuri.com was added to the system 6 hours 12 minutes ago. 6 hours and 12 minutes is less that 24 hours. New domains can be expected to show queued for up to 24 hours. This is normal for all domains, not just new accounts. If the domain still shows queued after 24 hours try clearing your browser cache. EDIT2: It has now been more than 24 hours and the domain is now working. If you're still seeing queued remember to clear your cache.
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