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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I have some difficulties to parameter my domain name "aqua-alimenta.mg" My NameServers were already chosen as follow Nameserver 1 : ns1.heliohost.org Nameserver 2 : ns2.heliohost.org Is it possible for someone (an Administrtor) to do it for me, because I always get an error when doing it via CPanel/Addon Domain ? Regards Account : aquaali.heliohost.org Server : Johnny
  2. first of all i want to thank all of heliohost staff for providing us best free hosting/support out there i just have one question, i can understand there is some sort of a que for creating new accounts but why is it like that for subdomains, parked/addon domains? its a real pain waiting 24hrs for a subdomain, i mean 1 day is really too long, there's 365 days in a year lol it is created immediately, it just points to another directory/has a redirect, why is it like that?
  3. I was having issues with subdomains not working, but it turned out that they just take a while to process. But now that they ARE sort of working, every time I go to the SUBDOMAIN of the name I want it comes up with this http://i1088.photobu...bdomains2-1.jpg The actual folder that it points to works, but this comes up for the subdomain even though it does not do this anymore for my actual domain. I've also tried adding an A record but it still does this regardless. Thanks!
  4. Hi admins, I hope you are all well and thanks also for the good work done for a free service. I am having a small problem with the sub domains registrations. I have created three submains but they don't seem to be working and when I try to delete them I get the following error: There was a problem removing the subdomain blog.msegroup.biz Show Details Error from domain wrapper: My domain is : msegroup.heliohost.org and I have parked my domain msegroup.biz on it. Can you help me out. Cheers, Adama
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