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  1. Can Heliohost join the Brave Creators program? It would make one click donations avalable to all Brave browser users. I think it would be simple considering you already have a BAT wallet (I suppose with uphold) that you could connect to your heliohost.org domain or your github (probably simpler since you only have to log in with it). Anyway, the program's url is creators.brave.com. Thank you.
  2. Hello HelioHost, I just made a donation of $ 2,86 Username: svd500 My transaction id = 8G218571HR7609909 Can you move my account to Tommy server please? I used the Ricky server before, but it is out of use. Thank you, J. Heuvel
  3. Hi, I just made a donation via PayPal. The transaction code is the following: 8BN162830H8391155 Could my account now be moved to your best server Tommy? Thanks :-)
  4. Hello dear Heliohost Team and users. I've been using heliohost for around 2-3 months. I want to switch from Johnny to Tommy. When I try to donate from the page that is using paypal and credit/debit card as payment method, when I fill in my cridentials it tries to buy it but paypal thing just disappears. Is there any other payment gateway that I can use my debit card? I am living in Europe. btw. Sorry for the typo in the title.
  5. Hello, I've donated $23. Current storage for my account is 2GB, so I gather it can now go up to 5GB, and four months of inactivity immunity. Username: cnk2 PayPal Transaction: 10C88794JG259883N Thanks, and hope it gets to $2,700.
  6. Hy sir, I have donated 6$ to Helio Networks for your amazing services. I got to know that a move to tommy server along with additional postgresql data will be granted for me! I have paid through paypal. TRANSACTION ID : 8G102950K0433112U ​ Account username : prg Account email : pranav.nss6@gmail.com
  7. Hi, Just donated using BTC. txid 22456eeed23e617c7ce8af491864c4e8cc7c46173aae1cf821adea9098abff01 Thank you for your service.
  8. Hi, The GoFundMe websites only accepts international cards. I don't have any international card. May I use PayPal to donate for this? Edit: Solution is here: https://www.helionet.org/index/topic/41169-2020-server-improvements/?do=findComment&comment=179399
  9. 2020 Server Improvements Good morning, thanks for all your work here at Heliohost. I´ve made a donation towards the fundraiser. Transaction-ID: 7LC203694H238044M HelioHost username: fcsltd heliohost server: tommy heliohost main domain: fcsltd.heliohost.org
  10. Hi, I just made a donation on the GoFundMe site and wondered if I could have my account moved to Tommy please. username: bee1 (johnny) transaction id: 3SP736635J843232J amount: $50 Thank you guys for this service, I really appreciate it!!
  11. Hello I have made an donation for Tommy server but didn’t receive an invitation Donation info: Date: 14 June 2020 Transaction ID: 28J14720DV967705D Purpose: HelioHost Tommy Donation to: Helio Networks Donation amount: 5.00 USD Thanks Regards
  12. Hello, I have donated and I would like to transfer my server from Johnny to Tommy. My username is briskelm. My Paypal Transaction ID: 7MA55845R4871674T
  13. Hi I donated recently to Go Fund Me for the new Sparkie server, this is my transaction ID: 30X74372FL8536144 could you please increase my storage space.
  14. Hello. I have been a Tommy member since February this year, I just have a simple blog there (not WordPress, I use Grav) and I sometimes upload some small files on a website testing subdomain so I can show it for work. Anyway, I was able to register on Tommy with a $4 donation (PayPal transaction ID 3625-3994-7101-7025). Then, when Sparkie came, I donated $5 (PayPal transaction ID 6P786913CP3615741) and got double storage. When Tommy broke, I waited patiently to get my account back, and fortunately got it earlier than expected. I don't use my website for critical things, but it's a huge help when I can use it, so I'm really very grateful for this service. I plan to donate again when I can. I just have two questions--more like inquiries. When my account was restored, I lost the double storage. Now, to be honest, I'm not sure if I really need 2GB worth of storage (although it'd be great to have). However, I do think that I'd really benefit from longer immunity. I'm not sure about the default immunity length, but I think it's a month. Anyway, I don't often access cPanel, however, I often access FTP and my blog's admin page. I don't have much reason to access cPanel and I fear that I will forget to someday. Since I believe that I will be using the service and won't be inactive, is there a possibility of instead of receiving my double storage, that I instead get double immunity? I promise to be active even if I don't open the cPanel much. If that's impossible, can I please have the double storage again? (I mean, I don't really require it, but it'd be nice to have, just in case the time comes that I need it, since I tend to upload some photos [not that huge] for blog posts.) If that's not possible either, then, it's okay, I'm just really asking In any case, I would again like to express my deepest gratitude to this service. This is of great help and I'm very grateful, and I will try to help whenever I can. Thanks!
  15. Hi! I would like to join your community and receive a Tommy invitation. I already send you a donation yesterday, and I was told to post the payment details here, so here I am. Thanks for the cooperation!
  16. Hi, last couple of days I have found the time and money to visit this forum and check up on the news: looks like the Sparkie server is getting close to its target. To help the process along, today I donated a little more than 5 euros. I am also interested in setting up a computer running windows 7 to mine for heliomine possibly. Free hosting is cool and deserves support.. My site firemachine.nl.eu.org was on Tommy for a few years, I am looking to get it back online with a bit of storage space to spare so I can give it a makeover. I am not sure at what point I am in the queue due to having only donated twice small amounts. I followed the signup process but it seems that in my time zone the renewal service opens at 2am since I have to get up for work at 5am that is not working for me. Since I have entered the signup process am I no longer in the queue for Tommy ? Thank you for your time.
  17. Could you please transfer my Tommy Account to Ricky ? I made the Donation through PayPal Giving Fund / GoFundMe. Transaction ID: 6X133753W94110645 User: bbird Domain: https://bbird.heliohost.org Thank you very much !
  18. I downloaded HelioMine and would like to install it. I just want to ask, when you run the software, are the coins generated considered a donation to HelioHost? And will I be able to signup on Tommy earlier or will I have to donate via PayPal/Scrill only?
  19. I donated yesterday to get a Tommy invitation, but didn't receive one just yet. Paypal ID: 2437-9023-3440-6093
  20. So i donated 1$ yesterday to get my invitation to get a Tommy invitation but didn't receive anything after 24 hours. I'd like to know if the donation arrived correctly or if i need to donate more to get an invitation. The Paypal Transaction ID is: 7V344671Y8052412V Thanks for reading
  21. Hi, April 10th I received the e-mail to activate an host on Tommy host a donation, so I clicked on the link and create an account (username: lslab). Since this day I checked the status of the account but it is not being found, otherwise if I clicked again on the link in the e-mail I could not create another account because the link was already used. Can you please check the registration? I also write an e-mail to support at helihost.org but nobody answered me and I can't find it on the forum. Thanks
  22. Please I want to transfer my account to Tommy (java server) username: ghelfer Transaction ID: 0CT11999XM625730C
  23. Hello, I'm new and Fench so I'm sorry for my English I read the FAQ (ok) I'm on Jhonny for now, I wanted to use Tomcat, Bad surprise : The delay : July 28 2018 Is there any way to do it faster ? Donation ? I'll send you my kidneeeeeeeey ! hrum. If we can't accelerate the process I guess I'll need to move to Tommy : (In Tommy there is no free account, I need to donate, right ?) Or I just need to donate when I want to move my account from Jhonny to Tommy without removing my account ? ( http://wiki.helionet.org/Moving_your_account is not clear for now sorry ) At this point I needed to log out log in etc and .. drama Before I say anything I just want to ask few question for clarifications : Am I the only one failing 75% of the time when I log In ? When I manage to log in it takes 2 minutes, same time to log out (i'm on optical wires) When I finally Ioged in and I click on the cPanel link : ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Internal server Error 500 The cPanel Server operation timed out at cpsrvd.pl line 531.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- cpsrvd/ Server at johnny.heliohost.org #GodPleaseKillMe Are these known issues ? I just want to know if all of this is normal, I'm not angry at all for anything because I know it's a free service, and I'm pleased for your work on creating and improving HelioHost. That's just ... that, I really want to work, and without any explanation I just feel a bit frustrated I'm Fench Thank you for your answers and clues, have a nice day
  24. Hi, I made a donation to HelioHost via paypal and would like to receive an invitation to create an account on the Tommy server. Please send the invitation to the following e-mail:juancopara545426@hotmail.com Transaction ID: 1MM51691PR6546933 thanks
  25. Hi, I made a donation to HelioHost through PayPal (herberth.leao@gmail.com) and would like to receive an invitation to create an account on the Tommy server. Please send the invitation to the following e-mail: arcanck@null.net. Transaction ID: 4U566666SH2202548. Thank you in advance!
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