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Found 13 results

  1. I need to move my server account, previously it was on tommy server, but after upgrading to plesk my account was moved to johnny server
  2. Thank you very much in advance! username: gintokki website: https://gintokki.art Transaction ID: 481506415H9731015 Paid 2 EUR (USD 2,25) via Paypal Have a good day, and thank you for the hard work everyone is doing out here!
  3. Hi, I just made a donation via PayPal. The transaction code is the following: 8BN162830H8391155 Could my account now be moved to your best server Tommy? Thanks :-)
  4. I would like to have my account switched to tommy because ricky is now down for maintenance. my username is: gekigek9 the transaction id is: 20522726274464208 or this: 5ER37504F8869444S (I don't know which one is the correct one) thanks
  5. Hy sir, I have donated 6$ to Helio Networks for your amazing services. I got to know that a move to tommy server along with additional postgresql data will be granted for me! I have paid through paypal. TRANSACTION ID : 8G102950K0433112U ​ Account username : prg Account email : pranav.nss6@gmail.com
  6. Hi I would like to kindly request moving of my account from johnny to tommy server. * Username of the account : paul9 * Transaction ID: 3U327510V1230954M via PayPal Thanks!
  7. Hi may I kindly request to move my account from johnny to tommy server. Thank you! Transaction ID: 6YD61479XW929922A
  8. I read about changing servers quickly and efficiently at the HelioHost Wiki under Moving your account with the help of support staff if I would make a donation, so I did via PayPal under Transaction ID: 44S94597522224048 ​I am doing this because I need SSL protection and a production server to host my website(s) with cPanel. Please help me to move nonstate.heliohost.org/ from Johnny to Tommy; and also please delete globcal.heliohost.org/ I have already made backups of my sites, so I can consolidate them on the Tommy server. Thank you!
  9. Hello, I have donated and I would like to transfer my server from Johnny to Tommy. My username is briskelm. My Paypal Transaction ID: 7MA55845R4871674T
  10. Hi, I've a server move request to be made. And I've made a card donation via PayPal. Receipt Number: 2840-6337-2879-2209 (I paid using PayPal direct card payment. Not using PayPal account. So I received a receipt number.) Date of the Transaction: 30/03/2020 Username: edvicon Please transfer to a more stable server. My website is down. So please process the request as soon as you can. Thank you.
  11. Hello pls move my account to Ricky or Tommy! user name jurgisb!
  12. Hi, I'd please want to move my account from Ricky to Tommy (because of python version). There's no hurry and I don't care for files - it's only a flask example there for a moment - so feel free to test any move scripts you have, if something's lost it's not a big deal. I'd like to keep my username and domain, though, if possible: Username: cprn Main Domain: lue.heliohost.org Donation ID: 4PG25960KE5679946 (PayPal)
  13. Please help me, i need to use laparcela.tk in Jhonny server but now is in innactive server Stevie. This night i want register in Jhonny with the same user in Stevie and use laparcela.tk Can you delete my domain? STEVIE ACCOUNT: domain: laparcela.tk user: parcela JHONNY (deleted today for change): domain: laparcela.heliohost.org user: laparcel
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