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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I just made a donation on the GoFundMe site and wondered if I could have my account moved to Tommy please. username: bee1 (johnny) transaction id: 3SP736635J843232J amount: $50 Thank you guys for this service, I really appreciate it!!
  2. Hello, today I got suspended (got unsuspended later heliohost username is painless) for high load spikes caused by my website. I would like to know what caused my website to load spike tommy.
  3. Hello My account has been archived due to inactivity. I request that an admin unarchive it. My username : dhyanesh My Email : t.dhyanesh@gmail.com thanks in advance.
  4. I've got several addon and subdomains on my main site and their root folders are inside my public_html folder, a bit like this: public_html ├───subdomain1 │ └─── ├───subdomain 2 │ └─── ├───addon_domain1 │ └─── └─── I'd like to make things a bit more tidy and change the root of my main site to a folder inside public_html, so that every site has its own folder inside public_html, so that it would look like this: public_html ├───subdomain1 │ └─── ├───subdomain 2 │ └─── ├───addon_domain1 │ └─── └───www └─── Is that possible somehow?
  5. How to make a Python file directly under the document root of a hosted domain (and not under the "/public_html/cgi-bin" directory), executable? I mean, how can I achieve to execute my Python file e.g. at www.example.com/index.py and not at www.example.com/cgi-bin/index.py ?
  6. The old Document Root of the wildcard "*.firm.tk" subdomain is "/public_html/domains". And I've change it now to "/public_html" and the system print such as its document root has been updated. But until now, when I visit the URL "blog.firm.tk", it looks like its document root is still at "/public_html/domains" because I'm still seeing its subdirectory "cgi-bin/" that's listed therein the main web page. Could any admin fix it? Could you please really update the document root of the wildcard "*.firm.tk" subdomain to the "/public_html" directory? Thanks!
  7. This AJAX error is irritating me when every time I try to create a new folder on the folder of the Document Root of my Addon Domain: But after clicking the "OK" button on the alert, the created new folder will appear, I mean, it's created, but still, the error is irritating. But when I try to add a new folder on the folder of the Document Root of my main domain, that error doesn't exist.. Do anybody here experienced the same issue when creating a new folder on the Document Root's folder of an Addon Domain in File Manager? Is there any way to fix it? My details about what's folder of a Document Root that causes the error when I try to add a new folder and about what's my username, are in the attachment. I hope that irritation can be fixed, thanks!
  8. Hi, I am just trying to set my domain: www.electrosavings.co.uk To be the root of my account here, as when i registored it asked me to create one and now thats the root... Ive tried addon manager but that just creates my site as a sub-directery.. Thanks in advance! Ravenx30
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