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  1. Hello, I am hosting a Telegram bot on Johnny using the Python library it has installed, and it has been working for quite a while. However, yesterday it started consistently crashing. I'm having a hard time figuring out what's wrong, since I can't find any real error messages. One thing that I noticed, however, is that if I print out the bot object when running the script on my PC, I get "Bot[token=<my API key>]", but in Heliohost I just get "Bot()", although I imagine this might not mean anything. Has anyone else had issues with this recently?
  2. How to use Python in my terminal and where is the terminal for that ?
  3. Admin can you update all the apps that are on my server to the newest, please !
  4. Hi Team, Please install following python packages: torch==2.0.1 deepface==0.0.79 imageio==2.33.0 imageio-ffmpeg==0.4.9 MarkupSafe==2.1.3 moviepy==1.0.3 numpy==1.26.2 opencv-python== Pillow==10.1.0 PyWavelets==1.5.0 requests==2.31.0 reportlab==4.0.4 scipy==1.11.4 setuptools==69.0.2 tqdm==4.66.1 transformers==4.32.0 urllib3==2.1.0 Werkzeug==3.0.1 Thanks Sudhakar
  5. Note: This is specific to HelioHost. There was a NameError in some code on line 87. Line 87 of my code was: return MySQLdb.connect(**kwargs) I modified it to: return mysql.connector.connect(**kwargs) mysql.connector has been imported in the file. Hence, no NameError should show up. Yet, the error still shows up in the logs. In the wiki it is mentioned that it takes several hours to purge the cache. However, in my case, the log files show the updated code but still have the same error. For example: return mysql.connector.connect(**kwargs) NameError: 'MySQLdb' is not defined What is happening here? Is it a caching issue, or something which I should do on my side? (I can share the code if required)
  6. Hello, I want to host a telegram bot made in python, and I made it with the python-telegram-bot module. I found some older posts about installing python modules, and the link that was there pointing to the list of installed modules doesn't work. In case it isn't installed, would it be possible for you to do so? python-telegram-bot-raw would be enough (it has less features, but I didn't use those that don't exist in the raw module). I've also seen some posts concerning excessive loads with hosting bots. I don't think my bot would have this problem, since it doesn't interact in any way with the users (so it doesn't need to constantly probe for new messages). It just sends a message when a new event is posted on the website of a student association I belong to, and I could adjust the polling period for the site if I notice it's causing too much load. Thank you in advance
  7. Hey Admin, please can you install this python library: https://pypi.org/project/Flask-Moment/ Server: Tommy Python: 3.7 Thanks
  8. Hey Admin, could you please install the aiosqlite Python library? https://pypi.org/project/aiosqlite/ Johnny, Python Version 3.7 Thanks!
  9. For my django app, i need some other python packages. Here the packages that i need : urllib3 lxml passlib bcrypt pillow django-markdown-deux django-markdown2 psycopg2 gunicorn requests Thanks !
  10. Hi, could you please install this python module on Tommy server with python3.7: flask-mail Your contribution to this awesome service is appreciable! Thank you!
  11. Hi there, I'm in Johnny server. I followed how to start flask app in the server. I'm just wondering how to import function from the cloudapi.py to the myapp.py, for example: file: myapp.py from cloudapi import * Structure of the folder in /home/mowaseem/public_html/flask/ | |_____ .htaccess | |_____ cloudapi.py | |_____ flask.wsgi | |_____ myapp.py | |_____ settings.conf
  12. Hi there! Im in the Johny Server, wanted to request for the following library: https://pypi.org/project/cloudshare/ Thank you
  13. This script is copied from this tutorial: https://wiki.helionet.org/tutorials/discord-bot My script: https://alaister.net/cgi-bin/start_bot.py #!/usr/bin/python3.7 print("Content-Type: text/html\n\n") import os, subprocess, signal counter = 0 p = subprocess.Popen(['ps', '-u', 'lj'], stdout=subprocess.PIPE) out, err = p.communicate() for line in out.splitlines(): if 'alaisterbot.py'.encode('utf-8') in line: counter += 1 print("Discord bot is already online!") if counter == 0: subprocess.Popen("/home/lj/alaisterbot.py") print("Starting Discord bot...")When I open the file in the browser, it doesn't even return anything. No errors. Just a blank white page. I expect it shows 'starting discord bot' or 'bot is already online'. The discord bot is also offline after running this. Please help. Server: Tommy cPanel username: lj
  14. I need the UUID python library for my flask app, on the Johnny server. It is not in the list of installed libraries, is there any way to get it installed?
  15. Kindly stop python process in my account and guide accordingly for starting and stopping of python process
  16. Hello, Can you please install "wikipedia" Module on Python 3.7 on Johnny Server? For more Reference on the Module - https://pypi.org/project/wikipedia/ Waiting for your Response, Thanks and Regards
  17. Hello, I am new to Heliohost and already have a few problems. First of all, I can't access cPanel. When I login to https://www.heliohost.org/login/ and use the "continue to cPanel" button, I end up on a loading error page. Is it because it needs a really good internet connection ? If so, what should I do, as I cannot get a better one for now ? Secondly, I would like to host a Django application. I tried to follow the wiki-tutorial (https://wiki.helionet.org/tutorials/django), but all I get is a "basic hosting" of the files, and the app itself is not launched: when I go to my web address (mywebname.heliohost.us), I only get a list of the files and directories (db.sqlite3, manage.py, ...). If I host regular files (like .html files), I can access/see them without any problem. - Do you see what I could have missed when uploading my django app ? - What is the difference between the tutorial I followed (https://wiki.helionet.org/tutorials/django) and this one http://www.heliohost.org/classic/features/languages/python ? In particular, the second one says something about python's eggs, and that is not mentioned at all in the first one, so ... which is the "good" one ? Thanks in advance for any answer, hoping that my English is not too horrid ...
  18. Hello, I just discovered this site !I want to host a python script for free.Is it possible here or elsewhere?I wanted to try aws but you have to enter your credit card information, which I can't do :/
  19. Hi Admin, can you please install this python libraries: fastapi uvicorn pydantic Server: Tommy Python version: 3.7 Thanks
  20. Hi all, when I try to run a flask app on the tommy server, pymongo gives me this error, how can I fix it? "cluster0-shard-00-01.fhsrc.mongodb.net:27017: [Errno 111] Connection refused,cluster0-shard-00-02.fhsrc.mongodb.net:27017: [Errno 111] Connection refused,cluster0-shard-00-00.fhsrc.mongodb.net:27017: [Errno 111] Connection refused, Timeout: 30s, Topology Description: <TopologyDescription id: ugkctamdzd6nvshm69miov4r topology_type: ReplicaSetNoPrimary, servers: [<ServerDescription ('cluster0-shard-00-00.fhsrc.mongodb.net', 27017) server_type: Unknown, rtt: None, error=AutoReconnect('cluster0-shard-00-00.fhsrc.mongodb.net:27017: [Errno 111] Connection refused')>, <ServerDescription ('cluster0-shard-00-01.fhsrc.mongodb.net', 27017) server_type: Unknown, rtt: None, error=AutoReconnect('cluster0-shard-00-01.fhsrc.mongodb.net:27017: [Errno 111] Connection refused')>, <ServerDescription ('cluster0-shard-00-02.fhsrc.mongodb.net', 27017) server_type: Unknown, rtt: None, error=AutoReconnect('cluster0-shard-00-02.fhsrc.mongodb.net:27017: [Errno 111] Connection refused')>]>" Instead if i run the app with my pc on the localhost i don't get any error.
  21. My script uses the some modules from the standard library, praw and pint https://github.com/hgrecco/pint I'm on johnny and I think praw is already installed so how do I install pint? https://jac0b.heliohost.org/
  22. Hi, I am developing a telegram bot and I need the installation of this two modules: feedparser (https://pypi.org/project/feedparser/) gspread (https://gspread.readthedocs.io/en/latest/) Username: pgarcia Server: Tommy Domain: matchandgos.heliohost.org Python Version: 3.7 Thank you in advance, Patricio
  23. Hello, Could you please install some python packages for my Flask backend jonny server peewee flask-jwt-extended flask_cors sentry-sdk[flask]==0.16.2 Thank you!
  24. I'm sorry if this is a silly nooby question, i'm a total beginner on running Python on a web server. I'd like to run a Python script that requires some packages (such as pymal, pytorch, torch, opencv, pycocotools and detectron2). Is it possible to install them on the Python version installed on the server? How do i do that? In my pc i would do pip install but there is no terminal here Thanks in advance. (B.T.W. I am using Rick if it changes)
  25. Hello I am working on a app. I'm using heliohost as a server. I'm running Ricky, Python 3.6 I need the missing modules: joblibsurprisemysql-connector-pythonshortuuid Thank you very much.
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