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  1. Hello there! I request you to kindly add the following python packages: 1. daphne 2. channels 3. tz_detect 4. corsheaders I am using Python 3.10.
  2. I am unable to download my backup files from johnny server help!!
  3. Hi, i'm using Johnny Heliohost remote mysql and codeigniter 4 for development. After a few requests from the frontend, I'm seeing this error on mysql that user has more than max_user_connections (code 1203). While connecting db from backend, codeigniter seems to automatically close db connections. Even when I'm checking through workbench show processlist shows only 1 sleeping process. But then, suddenly max_user_connections exceeds the limit for the same request which was working a moment before. So, my asks are jotted below: - Can the mysql wait_timeout parameter be redued to 180 secs? - From mysql documentation it seems the max_user_connections are set to 150 and another for super user, is there any additional limit from heliohost's end? If there's any better way of dealing with this problem I'm all ears. regards inifinit5
  4. Hey everybody, I'm quite new to this. I signed up yesterday to Johnny and started to send some data to a MySQL database. That worked quite good but since 3.5 hours the server seems not accessible and in the cpanel I get a message that the server is down. The MySQL server is currently offline. Error while connecting to MySQL: (XID 8f868x) The system failed to connect to the “MySQL” database “mysql” because of an error: CR_CONNECTION_ERROR (Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (111)) Error while connecting to MySQL: (XID 8f868x) The system failed to connect to the “MySQL” database “mysql” because of an error: CR_CONNECTION_ERROR (Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (111)) at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/Mysql/Basic.pm line 391, <STDIN> line 1. Is there something wrong in my application posting the data or is the server really down? I'm quite confused... Thomas
  5. I have a question? What is the difference between Johnny and Ricky? Does Ricky cost money? Which one is worth it and what is the tradeoff?
  6. I wanted to switch to Johnny if that's still possible. I made a donation via PayPal ID: 296783309L762123Y. My original account is on Ricky and username was 7eter (i believe). Email has always been peteramried@web.de Thank you!
  7. I'm asking about the difference between production servers and testing servers. I heard that uptime is a factor, but is there any other factors that makes one better. I also heard that the speed is faster, but also heard that Ricky was slow (before the upgrading). Also this is off topic but is Autossl Let's Encrypt or Sectigo/Comondo (I know that cpanel.net is Sectigo)???
  8. I need the UUID python library for my flask app, on the Johnny server. It is not in the list of installed libraries, is there any way to get it installed?
  9. Hello there. I want to create a different server. But I cannot create it. I think the Tommy server will be great. Please have someone in charge switch my account to Tommy's server. Regards, EinSchweizerYT
  10. Please unsuspend my account a. HelioHost username: byndvsts b. The server my account is on: Johnny c. My HelioHost main domain: beyondvisits.com
  11. Receiving this on Johnny with Postgres this morning/afternoon. Any indication into the cause, or what can be done? Am I leaving too many connections open, or? Thanks! Full error message: psql: error: could not connect to server: FATAL: remaining connection slots are reserved for non-replication superuser connections
  12. Requesting soap extension for PHP 7.3 on johnny server, thanks in advance!
  13. Hello Heliohost, I cant get Tommy server. I woke early (in India it is 5:00am) (GMT:5:30) and waited for Tommy server. I keep on refreshing the page. At last the checkbox came. I clicked next but again it came the first page for comparing. After doing this, no way the checkbox went away.I tried this for more than 1 week. No way. So Please help me with this. Its a cheating. Every Time it shows 23 hours & 60 minutes to reopen even though I clicked next. So please help me with this. I need an urgent website. So please I beg You. With regards, Mubarak Bilal
  14. Hello, I would like to know if there is a way to stop a python script running in cgi-bin, since I don't have access to the shell I don't find a way to do it. Thanks in advance. username:sebas server:johnny python3.6
  15. Hi, I noticed that in the FAQ it says that, "If you would like to have one account on Ricky and one on Johnny, you may do so by request only (post in the customer service forum)." Would it be possible for me to get permission for this? Thanks.
  16. Hi I am new to HelioHost. I need the following packages for my flask app on Johnny Server: newsapi
  17. How can I access the Johnny server shell? I have an application written in Django 3.0, but the server does not have this version, I wanted to update it for myself, and also install an SSL certificate Let's Encrypt
  18. Am using Johnny server. And I face CORS issue suddenly even after adding PHP headers to allow all origins. It was working from June 1 (IST) Morning, but all of a sudden it threw CORS errors in the evening. Why is this happening? Any ideas how to solve it? I tried to look for .htaccess files but it was not in the public_html folder. Can someone help me out.?
  19. Hello. I am on the Johnny server for my site, and i am trying to install MediaWiki. However, it says this. The following errors were found : Required PHP extension not found: iconvI looked it up, and iconv is supposed to be enabled by default, so I don't know why its disabled or not there. Requesting it to have it be put back. EDIT: Fixed it, i changed to a newer version of PHP (i was on 7.2) and now it installed correctly. Lock this thread or something, or delete it.
  20. I have created a new email id on my account. First time it worked fie and opened in browser without any error. I have also setup the id on my android device using blue mail app. But for the last two days i am getting a error on opening the mail id using https://johnny.heliohost.org:2096/ it logs in to mail client and the shows the following error on this link https://johnny.heliohost.org:2096/xxxxxxxxxxxxxx/3rdparty/roundcube/index.php I can successfully send and receive mails using my device but not on web mail. I have deleted and recreated the account but the problem remains same. Ps: My other two mail id's are working fine. Please help.
  21. a. username - gypsyb b. the server - johnny.heliohost c. main domain - gypsybud.com
  22. Hi, I have a Django 3.0 project that I uploaded to Johnny, following the Django wiki, but I keep getting 500 Internal Server Error. On going back to the wiki I saw that only version 2.1.13 was supported as of Nov 2019. On searching the questions here I saw that as of Jan 2020 also Django 3 was not supported. The error report on cPanel seems similar to the error report in that question. Is my project not working because Django 3 is not supported? If so, when can support for Django 3 be expected?
  23. I followed the tutorial of getting a flask app running on Heliohost. I changed the .htaccess file a bit so that public_html folder can be the source of my flask app rather than rikchan.heliohost.org/flask (that is my site btw). So all the links like rikchan.heliohost.org/meta is getting redirected to rikchan.heliohost.org/flask.wsgi/meta , which is also working but I would like my flask app to behave how it was intended to be. here is the website link https://rikchan.heliohost.org
  24. Its been more than 20 hours and my website devansab.com is down. I changed my cPanel password and for sometime everything was working fine. When i logged in again from heliohost.org it says invalid login. I then tried restting my password again and it just says invalid login. My website devansab.com gives a timeout error. Even ping devansab.com and johnny.heliohost.org dosen't give any response. The website is down after i changed my cpanel password. So my problem is that, i cant login to my account and my website is down for more than 20 hours. Please help me.
  25. Hey there I'm having trouble trying to log into my johnny CPanel management page. Login on heliohost.org works but when clicking on "Access CPanel", nothing works. PLS help ! Thank you all in advance.
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