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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Heliohost, I cant get Tommy server. I woke early (in India it is 5:00am) (GMT:5:30) and waited for Tommy server. I keep on refreshing the page. At last the checkbox came. I clicked next but again it came the first page for comparing. After doing this, no way the checkbox went away.I tried this for more than 1 week. No way. So Please help me with this. Its a cheating. Every Time it shows 23 hours & 60 minutes to reopen even though I clicked next. So please help me with this. I need an urgent website. So please I beg You. With regards, Mubarak Bilal
  2. Hello! My django app was working very well and at certain point (without any change in the code) this error emerged: Request Method: GET Request URL: http://www.colouredsweat.heliohost.org/colswe2/contacts/ Django Version: 1.11.6 Exception Type: AttributeError Exception Value: 'function' object has no attribute 'as_view' Exception Location: /home/formigol/public_html/contacts/urls.py in <module>, line 6 This is the code line of the error location: url(r'^add_contact_1$', views.AddContactFormView.as_view(), name='add_contact'), where the views.AddContactFormView is a class based view thet has out of the box the methos .as_view(). I think that this is a server problem. What do you suggest to do? Do you think that the problem is similar to the following? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/46837068/options-object-has-no-attribute-get-all-related-objects-but-im-already-usin Thanks a lot for your help!
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