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Found 7 results

  1. I have a question? What is the difference between Johnny and Ricky? Does Ricky cost money? Which one is worth it and what is the tradeoff?
  2. I'm asking about the difference between production servers and testing servers. I heard that uptime is a factor, but is there any other factors that makes one better. I also heard that the speed is faster, but also heard that Ricky was slow (before the upgrading). Also this is off topic but is Autossl Let's Encrypt or Sectigo/Comondo (I know that cpanel.net is Sectigo)???
  3. Hi, recently, when multiple commands are executed in the VPS (for example sending a POST request from a PHP script or executing any shell command) always increase CPU load to 100%. Also, loading PHP pages is slow. Can this be related to the VPS network and SSD which will be upgraded when the fundraiser finishes? Do you have any fix I can try in the meantime? Thanks
  4. Hey, I see that the jonny server load seems a little high currently 29.24% causing a lot of '500 internal Server' errors for me. I was wondering it this the fastest server? if not could I be moved to the fasest one please? Ravenx30
  5. Hey there i want to set up a ecommerce site but want to know if this server is fast. i have some expreince on heliohost but when i test speed from a tool i find The webste here is slower than the Website on other Hosts? can you help? Thanks
  6. Here is the link to the instructions for turning off your system paging. These are instructions straight from Microsoft and they worked for me. I recommend doing this if you have 6 or more Gigs of RAM. This sped up my entire system noticeably. This is only a suggestion but it helped me. I am also posting a screenshot I made of where to turn off the space allocated for the Page file. This is a separate step and may be a little redundant but it doesn't hurt. http://btfy.me/6fgybp
  7. Hey, How fast is the server and what is the up time like? I hear it is pretty good from review sites but I want to know what you guys think. Any chance you could send me links to your sites hosted her on the Helio servers? *I'm new here =) My name is nolan,
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