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Found 7 results

  1. Username: kairion. Server: VPS67 Hello guys. I'm running some services on my VPS besides hosting my site and as noted by Krydos on Discord I think I'll really need to get a memory upgrade. I'd like to upgrade it for now to 2 GB RAM.
  2. robertzo

    Server Load

    How can I tell if my account is slowing down the load by 20%. Same with the 20% CPU or memory. I want to know so I can see if my account would get suspended.
  3. Hello, I have recently launched a website (It is nowhere near finished yet!) on HelioHost; however, the memory consumption of my account increased to an unsustainable level (between 60-80% per day) while the CPU usage is consistent: it is always 1%. Accordingly, I suspect that there is a memory leak somewhere in my PHP code but I do not know where to start looking for it. Therefore I was wondering if there is a way to see which of my website's PHP files use the most amount of memory. If this is possible please tell me! Thank you! If it is not possible then I am open to suggestions on how to address and fix such high memory loads.
  4. Hi. I am not sure which server should I pick. How many cpu cores and memory do ricky, johnny, and tommy have? What are the limits on cpu/memory usage for the 3 servers? What are the download/upload speeds? Thank you.
  5. Is it good to work with a remote database instead of local databases for extended storage ?
  6. User: kymek Site: kymek.com Respected Sir, Thank you for your great services towards penniless organisations and individuals like us. Recently I tried to install aGov - a drupal distribution, but could not complete it. It said to set the php memory limit to 256mb. Can you please do something to solve this issue? By Jove if I can gather some money this year, I would share some ($60-70) with HelioNet. Thank you so much... __Kymek
  7. Here is the link to the instructions for turning off your system paging. These are instructions straight from Microsoft and they worked for me. I recommend doing this if you have 6 or more Gigs of RAM. This sped up my entire system noticeably. This is only a suggestion but it helped me. I am also posting a screenshot I made of where to turn off the space allocated for the Page file. This is a separate step and may be a little redundant but it doesn't hurt. http://btfy.me/6fgybp
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