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Found 10 results

  1. I want to set my php limits to the following bellow: max_execution_time upload_max_filesize post_max_size memory_limit i need help. thanks.
  2. I'm implementing a simple email marketing tool. I'd like to know what the limit of emails I can send everyday is, using phpmailer or whatever? And what would you recommend? Thanks
  3. This question was changed to https://www.helionet.org/index/topic/36204-how-to-import-big-files-to-phpmyadmin/ Thank you
  4. netship


    Hello, did anyone succeeded hosting Odoo CRM on Heliohost? I am asking this because I see that Odoo starts 2 cron jobs periodically (once in a second each) and I saw that more than two cron job runs a day are not welcome and I am a bit worried that the account might become suspended if I install Odoo.
  5. Hello! First of all, thank all of you very much for the awesome service! I want to know how big does a database have to be to be considered "too much"? I have a database with a few million entries, and I don't know if I am allowed to try and upload it to HelioHost. If I am allowed, I would be using PostgreSQL, but it would be nice to know if there is any difference between MySQL and PostgreSQL in regards to the resources. I could port the database to MySQL if that would be better. Thanks again!
  6. Most free web hosts have limited sending of emails.. Some of them have limited sending to 1 email per hour. Now, what is the SMTP (Send mails) limitation of HelioHost? Does it have limit? Or it is unlimited or what?
  7. User: kymek Site: kymek.com Respected Sir, Thank you for your great services towards penniless organisations and individuals like us. Recently I tried to install aGov - a drupal distribution, but could not complete it. It said to set the php memory limit to 256mb. Can you please do something to solve this issue? By Jove if I can gather some money this year, I would share some ($60-70) with HelioNet. Thank you so much... __Kymek
  8. Mam/Sir, Just a simple question.. What are the upload size limits on File Manager and FTP client for your free web hosting service? Hope it will be answered soon. Thank you!
  9. Hi, I am really interested in hosting with HelioHost but it seems impossible to sign up for Stevie. I have looked many times over the last few days but the limit is always reached. In fact I set my alarm to just before 3 AM EST (midnight PST) and tried to sign up right when the limit reset, but the second I clicked it , it was already reached. Are you not accepting new signups at all, or is the limit very low? How could it be used up right at midnight already? I am not interested in using Johnny because 15% downtime sounds way too high. thanks.
  10. Hi everybody! Whenever I'm causing a lot of traffic on my webpage (Stevie), I suddenly can't access my page no more. Neither in my browser nor FTP and it gives me a timeout error. Though my site appears not to be down, as other people can still access it. After a few minutes of inactivity I'm always able to connect to the page again. Is there something like a short time traffic limit, that causes this problem? It really bothers me, cause I'm having a hard time doing backups of my whole page.
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