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Found 15 results

  1. Have the free sign ups on tommy reopened?
  2. Early this morning (around 2:30am PST), I got an error message when trying to create an account on Stevie: "We're sorry, but an error was encountered during signup. Please try again later." From Kevery13's Apr 17 2012 [solved] Error In Stevie Signup forum post it looks like he had received the same message. He was told that it was because he was trying to signup a 2nd account on Stevie using the same IP address. There is already a Stevie account on my family's IP address. But that account isn't mine, it belongs to my son, who's still living at home. Moderator Ice IT Support told Kevery13: "If you would like a second account on the other server, you need to ask the administrators to make an exception for your IP address." How can I contact the administrators to request an exception for there to be 2 accounts (1 for my son, 1 for me) from our shared IP address?
  3. I'm trying to signup again because I wanted to switch from Johnny to Stevie. (48 hours) after I deleted my account I see this. When I try to signup I get a confirmation email that I succesfully signed up. Right after that I get an email with an error message: Can this be fixed, please? P.S. I'm sorry if I put this in the wrong section!
  4. I registered a .cf domain (monoco.cf), and pointed the nameservers to ns1.heliohost.org, ns2.heliohost.org After that, i tried to signup a Stevie account using monoco.cf (i selected "other"). Things OK, i finished the registering wizard, and received an email (longmono@giantrat.cf) said that my account in the creation queue. I waited (registered yesterday), and today i check again, but it seem to be that i've never registered before. (my account, even thought, is not existed in database!!!) I've registed again. I don't known what i misstook? Will i have to wait to tomorow again?
  5. Please Help me figure this out... Thanks in advance...
  6. Before I sign up I would like to know what is the difference between Stevie, Johnny Stevie SSL, and Johnny SSL? I see that the first two packages are 100% free and the other two require a $12 setup fee but it seems it's too good to be true so are there any strings attached to any of the packages?
  7. i had a previous account on johny server "rifan02" and i wanted to move to stevie,so i deleted it.After it got deleted i tried to sign up again with the same username and i got a error messsage stating that "Sorry, a DNS entry for jbldruglaboratories.com already exists, please delete it first (from all servers in the DNS cluster)".So please take a look.
  8. That username couldn't be found on the system. You could create an account with that username by visiting heliohost.org/home/signup, or you can find support on our forums helionet.org. http://www.heliohost.org/scripts/status.php?username=iiii3o13 Can anyone please assist ? THanks
  9. To whom it concerns, I am trying to sign up for a new account using a subdomain from an account that I deleted 3 days ago : paradigm-synergy.heliohost.org. I attempted to sign up for a new account , and the initial sign up worked , but I got an e-mail indicating that there is a problem. I am in a "Catch 22" , because I already deleted that account. Please for me.Best regards.
  10. Hello HelioHost team, I am a webmaster for ULENOP Ministries. I been having issues with registering for the Stevie SSL plan. Everytime i register it shows that I'm successful and I even recieve an email stating that the account has been created. But then after i receive another email stating that their was a error during installation. Is it possible that anyone can help me with my issue. I've even payed the $12 fee already but i can't even successfully register for an account. Thanks in advance, Stanley artmanstan@gmail.com
  11. Moderator, I am trying to signup with stevie but each time i try, it says daily limited signup quota is over, i tryed different time but yet i can't, please help me
  12. Yesterday I've signed up for a Heliohost account, all went well. Today I thought to change my domain name because I did not like it. It said I would have to wait 24 hours. I then thought a few hours later that if I just created a new account it would be faster that way. I then continued to delete my old account (because in cpanel it displayed my old domain name, but I could no longer access any form of any of the URL's that had been requested). I then tried to signup for another account (stevie), upon which it says "We're sorry but we have encountered an error...." Any ideas? I do not like to think that I cannot ever sign up for a heliohost account because I was quite looking forward to their services. Thanks for the help in advance
  13. Hi, I am really interested in hosting with HelioHost but it seems impossible to sign up for Stevie. I have looked many times over the last few days but the limit is always reached. In fact I set my alarm to just before 3 AM EST (midnight PST) and tried to sign up right when the limit reset, but the second I clicked it , it was already reached. Are you not accepting new signups at all, or is the limit very low? How could it be used up right at midnight already? I am not interested in using Johnny because 15% downtime sounds way too high. thanks.
  14. I've been trying to signup on Stevie for hours but I keep receiving this error; Is signup currently blocked or is Db down? And when it could solved? Thanks, Lazysheepherd
  15. At about half of an hour after 12:00AM PST, I tried signing up on Stevie. I filled out the form and all. When I tried to submit, HelioHost responded: "We're sorry, but an error was encountered during signup. Please try again later." I tried again, but it still didn't work. Could the problem at all relate to the fact that the HelioNet username that I entered is already used with another website? Or maybe because I used the same email address as I did with a previous website.
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