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Found 7 results

  1. I just have a quick question?Can I point my domain to the Heliohost's IP adressess instead of the nameservers? I am just asking.
  2. Hello, everyone. I am sorry for bothering people here but it seems my IP address has been blocked. My username is ocube. I started to notice the weird behavior while uploading a folder via FTP to the server. At first it was working but maybe because my internet connection is bad, it just stopped, so I tried again, but it just won't log in. Tried with other FTP clients but all failed. Next, I tried uploading the files using the File Manager on cPanel, but when I tried to log in, I was greeted with the message above. I have never abused the server, I get almost no traffic (since I just use the server to upload test files, and to host my own website which nobody visits anyway). I have like, no SQL databases, and I have 1/4 of disk space left if I remember correctly. Can I please have my IP address unblocked? If I did a mistake, please tell me, so I may avoid the same mistake again. Thank you very much! PS: I was wondering... I donated a small amount of money (was it like $10?) back when Sparky was receiving donations, and in return, I got double server storage space (resulting in 2GB if I remember correctly). When Johnny crashed and my account was recreated, I lost the extra space and returned back to 1GB. If possible, can I please request for the 2GB storage again? Just a request--if not possible, that's perfectly fine, too! I am already extremely grateful for the free services I am using now, who am I to ask for more?
  3. I can't access the files directory, that is, the cpanel. This message shows in Google Chrome: And when I try access via FTP, this message shows in Dreamweaver: I wonder if this is the definite end of Ricky server....
  4. I managed to lock myself out of the cPanel by trying to connect via SFTP with a wrong password. My IP is: Sorry for wasting your time, Cheers and hop you have a great one!
  5. Early this morning (around 2:30am PST), I got an error message when trying to create an account on Stevie: "We're sorry, but an error was encountered during signup. Please try again later." From Kevery13's Apr 17 2012 [solved] Error In Stevie Signup forum post it looks like he had received the same message. He was told that it was because he was trying to signup a 2nd account on Stevie using the same IP address. There is already a Stevie account on my family's IP address. But that account isn't mine, it belongs to my son, who's still living at home. Moderator Ice IT Support told Kevery13: "If you would like a second account on the other server, you need to ask the administrators to make an exception for your IP address." How can I contact the administrators to request an exception for there to be 2 accounts (1 for my son, 1 for me) from our shared IP address?
  6. Hi, I have paid the fee for the dedicated IP. Paypal transaction ID: #0SR250114R216171L Username: jla Main domain: jla.heliohost.org Server: Stevie
  7. I just payed 12$ to add an IP Address to my newly created Johnny SSL website account. Domine name salrandazzo.heliohost.org Paypal transaction ID 2LM633435C544480P THanks
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