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  1. Hi, I know it's probably way too late but I was wondering if the backup to my old website l09.heliohost.org was available. I downloaded the backup from the recovery tool a couple months but it didn't contain any files. When I try to download it now it comes up with a 404 error. I can provide the email and username combo. Any hope on the files still existing and if I can download them?
  2. Please remove my account from Stevie, so that I can recreate it on another server. Account name: afheaton Domain in use: afheaton.heliohost.org Many thanks, A F Heaton.
  3. Hi guys, I've managed to receive a link with a backup from Stevie after filling my data in this page: http://www.heliohost.org/backup/ The link itself though doesn't work, it redirects me to http://backup.heliohost.org/cgi-sys/suspendedpage.cgi My account was indeed suspended, so I reactivated it. Unfortunately, the link still keeps redirecting to that page. I've tried sending an email to heliohost support, but it seems that there's an automated message sender using a standard message containing the link to the backup form and the description on how to use it. I'm a bit confused at this point. Is there still something I need to do on my side? Is there a chance that there's no actual backup ready because it doesn't exist? Thanks!
  4. I have tried every day to send me backup of stevie on my email acount and never receive the linkMy email is m0992951265@gmail.comMy account is maralexI tried search on spam folder and not found
  5. Hi I have a account on the Stevie server named krivers Im just wondering if its possible to have the files and settings including the domains and all the DNS settings moved over to my new account on Tommy, the account name for that being rivers ? If this is possible, can the primary domain on the krivers account be set as the default domain not he new rivers account on tommy. Any assistance would be appreciated Thanks Rivers
  6. Merry Christmas and happy New Year to everybody! I would like to create a new account on Johnny using the same e-mail and username as on Stevie, but I'm not allowed to as the credentials are still associated with the Stevie account. Would any of the mighty admins please free my account on Stevie? Could you also be so kind and free the domain brute.heliohost.org? By the way, I've got another domain for my site, namely, brute.tk (provided by dot.tk and/or Freenom). Will I need to change any settings to continue using this domain: the nameservers or anything? Username: incog E-mail: the same as in this Helionet account Domain: brute.heliohost.org, brute.tk
  7. Hi, This is related to the Stevie server crash. I got an automatic backup of my files from the backup page; however this only contains backups for the /public_html directory. I have most of my server scripts in external directories; would it be possible to recover those as well? My username is hippo (/home1/hippo on the server), and the directories I need are: /django /databasesRecovery of the following directories would be nice, but is not so urgent: /pyenvs /pymodulesThanks in advance, and good luck with the backups!
  8. Hey, as per the latest update on the news channel, Stevie backups should be available soon. Awesome! Will MySQL databases be backed up? I'm not sure which engine they use. Also, will we be able to access the backups for a continuous period of time or short segregated spans? And, any estimate on around when we will be able to access the backups?
  9. Hi, I would like to say if there are backups of my accounts. The account usernames are: mkgamers ; domain: mkgamers.ml maicol07 ; domain: maicol07.tkThere are some backups of my accounts? I have run the script, but for the first it gave me a .tar.gz empty file; for the second it didn't recognize the username or the email. Thanks for your support.
  10. Dear helio host staff, I have been a user of Stevie for about a year or so now and I appreciate the efforts made by everyone here. Can I get an estimate when Stevie will be back online? Kind Regards.
  11. Hi.. I am Hamza I have an account in Stevie server and when i try to get a backup of my data at https://heliohost.org/backup/ it says "No Backup, I cannot find a backup for hamza and *my email*@gmail.com. You could try again, or open a ticket to see if an admin can manually create a backup for you." and i really need a backup of "mysql" database so what can i do ?
  12. Hello! I tried to download a restored backup of my site by link https://heliohost.org/backup/, but it is completely empty. Can admins manually take another look and find at least some stored data of my website? Website: bimusoft.tk User: mihail ------------------ Thank you!
  13. Hi, firstly thank you for your service for me it has been a precious tool for learning about website creation, in the 5 years that I have used Heliohost it has been a brief weekly task for me to visit your website and click on whatever publicity is available. That has made sure that some funds are coming in to help pay for the service over the years. I have read here on the forums that Stevie may be down till january or febuary. I actively use my website for hosting some videos I use on other website through links so I have followed the steps for transfer to another domain as shown here: http://wiki.helionet.org/Moving_your_account Since my site is on Stevie I imagine it is impossible to delete for the same reason that I can not log in to the cpanel. I have a local backup of the website data, but help migrating to Tommy is needed, or at least help deleteing my account so I can start another with the same name servers.
  14. Username=wikinet Server=Stevie Dear Heliohost Support I today downloaded the backup of my old Stevie account from heliohost.org/backup. However the MySQL backup inside the tar.gz archive is truncated as the size of file wikinet_qa.sql is just 2 KB instead of being around 6 to 8 MB. Please help me to get the MySQL file backup as I need it to update my website. Many Thanks
  15. Hi there, I have managed to download my backups from stevie. I would like to create a new account on either johnny or tommy using the same email address, user name and domain name as the one I use on stevie. How do I go about it? My details as follows: user name: hajjprac domain: hajjpracticalities.heliohost.org email: imraan.ahmed.89@gmail.com Thanks
  16. Please help me, i need to use laparcela.tk in Jhonny server but now is in innactive server Stevie. This night i want register in Jhonny with the same user in Stevie and use laparcela.tk Can you delete my domain? STEVIE ACCOUNT: domain: laparcela.tk user: parcela JHONNY (deleted today for change): domain: laparcela.heliohost.org user: laparcel
  17. Hy guys, I have been using Heliohost for last 3 years and though over two weeks of stevie's downtime caught me by surprise, frustration just like any any other heliohost user but I can only imagine the problems admins must be facing repeatedly failing to get stevie up and I support them in such situation . BTW, Can you move my Stevie account (including the files) onto a new Tommy account ? Although, I must add, one such incident has potential to create a dent in reputation built over years. 2. Any chances of ftp being up anytime soon? thanks guj
  18. I've been waiting for the HTTP access logs to be enabled on Stevie since this news post indicated that it would occour after a trial on Johnny. As the lack of log access has been my no. 1 issue with Heliohost, it's been a bit disappointing to see no mention of this upgrade since 2015. So I figured I'd make a bit of noise and perhaps at least find out if it's still going to happen, or whether I can finally stop checking http://stevie.heliohost.org:2082/frontend/x3/raw/index.html
  19. Hello, I signed up for a Heliohost account on Stevie and tried to log in; however, my password didn't seem to work. Additionally, the password reset link turned up a page that looked like this: Could an admin help me reset my password (username: calebt)? Thanks!
  20. Server: Stevie PHP File: bloodline.heliohost.org/php/signup.php Web Site: bloodline.heliohost.org Database: rutaj6_user Table: userdata ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi, I have been trying to use a PHP file to connect and create records in the database table above. Everytime I trigger the file to run through a form submit button, it shows Internal Error (500). The error page that I had coded displays fine and there are no other errors anywhere. I have been trying for over an hour and it is still failing. I have checked and rechecked the code to see if it contains the problem but there is no error to my knowledge. Please let me know if you find the reason behind the error and if it in your server or something from my side! Thanks in advance. Rutaj Dash
  21. I've just read some topics here about problems with Cpanel login, but all of them were about Johnny. I'm on Stevie, and I can't access Cpanel as well. When I enter my login & password and click 'Login', the page just sort of reloads, and nothing more happens. By the way, I also can't log into my FTP account while I'm pretty sure the credentials are correct. The site's working well, though. Username: incog Domain: brute.tk Stevie
  22. Hello Sir, I am having problem accessing the phpmyadmin through my stevie account. The page just keeps on loading. The database doesn't open. username= ecell Please resolve this issue. I have communicated this on IRC Chat but I didn't get any response.
  23. Hey guys - I signed up for Stevie, setup wordpress and bought a domain and redirected the nameservers. Everything was perfect until I checked the site today. Quirks: 1) Accessing http://deepclaritas.com/ (my domain) gives DNS can't be found. It was working just fine yesterday. I made no changes between yesterday and today. Possible reasons: 1) Something's wrong with the domain itself. I'm following up with my domain name provider on this right now. 2) Helio's nameservers are down or something is wrong with my heliohost account. I noticed a very minor quirk in cpanel where available disk space showed NA/infinity. Thoughts? Recommendations?
  24. Early this morning (around 2:30am PST), I got an error message when trying to create an account on Stevie: "We're sorry, but an error was encountered during signup. Please try again later." From Kevery13's Apr 17 2012 [solved] Error In Stevie Signup forum post it looks like he had received the same message. He was told that it was because he was trying to signup a 2nd account on Stevie using the same IP address. There is already a Stevie account on my family's IP address. But that account isn't mine, it belongs to my son, who's still living at home. Moderator Ice IT Support told Kevery13: "If you would like a second account on the other server, you need to ask the administrators to make an exception for your IP address." How can I contact the administrators to request an exception for there to be 2 accounts (1 for my son, 1 for me) from our shared IP address?
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