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Found 10 results

  1. Can I get the donor plan for tommy by paying the $1 in Crypto? Thanks.
  2. Hello everybody, this is my first attempt at using the forums so please correct me if this is the wrong place to post topics like mine! Thanks! My account is on the Tommy server and I have set up Node.js following the tutorial on the wiki. Basically, I would like to run a Node.js script continuously without having to keep a browser tab open. I am aware that running scripts for a long amount of time would cause high server load, so I'm just curious if there is a way to run a program without turning on my computer. Thank you in advance for all answers!
  3. Hi What is the limits for for PostgreSQL db?? Like heroku have 10000 rows limit. In elephantSQL we can see something like 20mb. Like that.. ANy row limit for Heliohost PostgreSQL??
  4. Just a question in my mind. I have a raspberry pi but running a modded minecraft server is a bit over the edge for it. Does exist any hosting service similar to heliohost but for game servers? Any hints are appreciated!
  5. I have an SSL certificate installed on my domain (both example.heliohost.org and example.tk, and variants), and would like to make it so that users going to http://example.tk are redirected to https://example.tk. I am currently using mod_rewrite inside .htaccess to make this work, but every post I can find on this online says this is a last resort and that using apache virtualhosts is much better. The problem is, I have no idea where the necessary apache configuration files are located, if I need to create them, or if I even have access to them. Or, should I use cPanel's redirects along with a wildcard instead? Some other method? Thanks for any help. Edit: Also, I'm on Ricky, if that helps.
  6. Dear helio host staff, I have been a user of Stevie for about a year or so now and I appreciate the efforts made by everyone here. Can I get an estimate when Stevie will be back online? Kind Regards.
  7. Is Heliohost Support phpBB3 forum?? I have an account on the server heliohost stevie and I install phpBB3 forum. but because I am afraid my account getting banned so I'll disabled the email feature on my forum board. Like this picture : what I want to ask: 1. Can I activate feature Send e-mail? I only need it for feature LOST PASSWORD 2. How many email can be sent in 1 day or 1 hours? so I'm not getting banned from heliohost 3. How can I limit the number of emails sent in one day on phpbb forum? Please Help me Thanks For Reply
  8. Hello, my name is zout, and I am here with a doubt, came to heliohost for lack of good accommodation providers on the internet, so in the future I will create my own website, but when I complete 400 posts and ask for a custom domain, after one year the domain disappears? Can I, then after a year, go back to having the domain? and, if the domain disappears, my site will be off the internet? I'll be online in helihost waiting for a response.[/font][/size][/i] Thanks and Hugs.
  9. Hi, My proplem is: I have change nameserver on Cpanel of domain is: ns1.heliohost.org and ns2.heliohost.org and i waitting when ping my domain xedapdienbonbon.com is request. And then login to Cpanel hosting install Forum PhpBB throught Softaculous and successfull. But going to homepage is error "Ahoy! You're seeing this page because HelioHost has not gotten about to installing and configuring your account yet. This process usually takes 24 hours, and once it is complete your website should show up properly. While the account is being created we suggest taking a look at your control panel. Thanks for choosing HelioHost! We wish you good luck with your website. Sincerely, The HelioHost Staff " I don't know i wrong anywhere My Information: Use: xedap domain: xedapdienbonbon.com Server: Stevie. Plz check for me.
  10. Hi, I'm really happy that I joined heliohost. Currently I'm on Johny server and trying to use MODx CMF to create my personal page, but there're something little odd happened, I often get un-responded page and have to wait some minutes to get to manager page again. Sometimes I've pushed to be logged off (session seemed accidentally ended). Then, I look into the Error Log, and below is the error content: [2011-12-26 05:44:51] (ERROR in xPDOConnection::connect @ /home/x/public_html/home/core/xpdo/xpdo.class.php : 2955) SQLSTATE[42000] [1203] User x_mymodx already has more than 'max_user_connections' active connections I'm sure that there's a mistaken (or limitation) on server config make this happened. Please tell me what can I do to get MODx run smoothly. Thanks, I think there's a bug with PDO extension and current version of Mysql server on Johny (which is 5.0.91). I wish our admin will upgrade it asap.
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