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  1. Seems like Google is having issues with Drive, at least for Brazil. I'm trying to download the latest restream.io's OBS fork but since the binaries are hosted on Drive the downloads always chop at the middle (even using wget doesnt solve the problem). Anybody else over the world experiencing issues with Gdrive too?
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    Good article! Great to see HelioHost is alive and kicking after all those years!
  3. I was able to run a 1.11.2 server with some mods for two players (in a pi3B), but it randomly crashed. I heard on raspberry pi subreddit the new 3B+ could run a bit better, but i dont have one yet. So the correct question should be: Is there any VPS service with business model similar to HelioHost?
  4. Just a question in my mind. I have a raspberry pi but running a modded minecraft server is a bit over the edge for it. Does exist any hosting service similar to heliohost but for game servers? Any hints are appreciated!
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