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  1. Yes, that's definitely better! CPU always at 0% when idle and when running a command at 1 or 2%
  2. @Krydos I think I've fixed it with a reboot. Now the average load is around 4/5. I've tried using atop and iotop and it seems the disk is one of the problems. Will the new disks coming in January/February after the fundraiser help? Update: Now CPU is mostly of the time at 100%... with a load of 17/20. Will upgrading the CPU cores help? (I'm looking at mysql now, which seems causing the issue)
  3. Mmm... will se tomorrow what's causing the problem...
  4. No, it's worse... Now I see 100% CPU usage even when I'm IDLE (it only decrease for some seconds, then increases it): https://share.maicol07.it/kOfI5/jemUsuHe69.png/raw
  5. I think it didn't work... (or maybe worked until the problematic VPS was rebooting... and then it raised the CPU to 100%)
  6. It seems that this improved. CPU usage now is most of the time below 80%.
  7. Hi, recently, when multiple commands are executed in the VPS (for example sending a POST request from a PHP script or executing any shell command) always increase CPU load to 100%. Also, loading PHP pages is slow. Can this be related to the VPS network and SSD which will be upgraded when the fundraiser finishes? Do you have any fix I can try in the meantime? Thanks
  8. Ended up it was Cloudflare... so I ask you to do one last rDNS change to mail.maicol07.it since I would like to have cloudflare on maicol07.it, while it isn't needed on the first domain
  9. Yes The strange thing is that every rDNS checker (online and from cmd) shows that is properly setup... P.S.: I can't paste images directly in the message like you did because IPBoard says the image extension has been disabled
  10. @wolstech I've updated the post with the image attached
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