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  1. badrihippo

    Domain Cleanup

    Hi! These domains have always annoyed me. You can delete all the *.hippo.heliohost.org domains from my account, since I'm using custom domains anyway (sssnet.tk, and sometimes subdomains of snipettemag.com)
  2. Thanks for the detailed breakdown! This makes a lot of sense; I didn't consider the "sharing/using it at the same time" aspect of it before. I just went back and re-read your original post too; there's quite an interplay between memory and storage here! First the storage was slow, so it was being offloaded to the memory to keep things running; now the memory is running out which means it may have to be swapped to the storage. Must be quite a balancing act to decide how much of which resources to upgrade. About the usage of CPU vs. memory, I can see that play out for myself too: most of the processes I have running there don't consume much CPU except for short periods while working, but the memory usage is constant.
  3. Oh, so it's more of a "we have less of it so use it sparingly" thing than a "that's just how much it costs" thing?
  4. Hi! In case this is helpful, I recently made successful payments with my international debit card. Putting notes here for reference, both for myself and if it helps you. TL;DR: Braintree might be worth a shot? (They're owned by PayPal, so whatever data you're giving them, they already have). In the past few months, I've made payments from India at the following places: GoFundMe - gofundme.com Kobo US - us.kobobooks.com Mozilla - donate.mozilla.org Mailgun - a bill from mailgun.com Note that this was with an international debit card. Local debit cards won't work, but at least my international one worked flawlessly. (It's still at a roadblock with Stripe and PayPal). I tried to figure out what payment gateways they used for collecting my card details, and here's what I got: I couldn't make out what GoFundMe uses; in their privacy policy they say they use different processor depending on the country Kobo was similarly opaque but IIRC they use Citrus Pay (I placed an order with them yesterday) Mozilla uses Braintree (a PayPal company but evidently with better payment processing than PayPal itself) Mailgun uses something called "chargifypay.com", but when I try to load that page it redirects me to a complicated billing/SaaS provider called Maxio. Looks like there was a separate billing management service called Chargify that has now been bought over. I was hoping for more details but that's unfortunately all I could find. If it's worth it, let me know and maybe I'll have a shot at writing to those companies and asking them directly what payment processor they use.
  5. By the way, I've noticed the price jump is significantly more when upgrading RAM than it is for storage or even CPU upgrades. Is this because CPUs scale better but RAM has to be added linearly each time, or something? (Just trying to understand how this works; it's a pattern I've noticed in other hosting providers too)
  6. It was an fsck issue; Krydos is resolving it on Discord. Not directly related to the DDoS though it could have been triggered by it! Thanks Krydos, and mods please mark this topic closed
  7. Thanks for the heads-up! I'll run an analysis and see how much RAM my server is using; my guess is my team will choose to keep it for the upgraded amount since we can afford it at least for now.
  8. I just read something about a DDoS attack on Discord. I guess that's what must have triggered all this. Take your time then; I'll check back in a few hours and see if things have stabilised. To add more information: when I try to SSH in I get the error, ssh: connect to host members.snipettemag.com port [REDACTED]: Network is unreachable curl on the other hand seems to be trying and then timing out, curl: (7) Failed to connect to members.snipettemag.com port 80 after 394 ms: Connection refused So (from my limited knowledge) I guess it could be some kind of DDoS-triggered network failure?
  9. Hi, I woke up this morning to find that my VPS had a "read-only filesystem". I tried rebooting (shutdown -r now) to see if it solved the issue, but now it's gone mostly unresponsive: I can ping it, but can't load pages or SSH in. Could you check the status and restore the system? Domain: members.snipettemag.com (or hippo2.heliohost.org) IP address: I'm using a custom SSH port which I don't want to post in public; if you let me know where to send it I can give it to you. I see other people have had similar problems (and I have, too, once) so I'm guessing this is a quick thing to solve? I don't remember what exactly happened last time, but I think it was essentially running fsck and then booting again. There are a few services to be started after boot, but if you get it to where I can SSH in, I can take it from there. Thanks, Badri
  10. I've been logging into my account to keep the site active, but I might have missed a date or logged in at the wrong place. When I load my website (sssnet.tk) it shows an "Ahoy there" queued account message. The HTTPS version of the site shows an "SSL not set up properly" message instead. The confusing part is that my main domain, hippo.heliohost.org doesn't show any of these errors. Instead, it show Apache's "Testing 123" landing page, which makes sense because I haven't really placed anything on the main domain. I tried logging into Plesk, and that happened smoothly with no indication of a deactivated account. However, when I tried to renew the SSL certificate for sssnet.tk, it was unable to do so, because .well-known/... is also being redirected to the same generic page. Could you reactivate my account, if that's what the problem is? And if not, perhaps something else is wrong in the setup?
  11. Sorry for the late reply! I should check this forum more often. Ouch, PayTM really doesn't like other countries then. It is optimised for India so I guess the idea is only to support Indian businesses? PayU seems more international but since they're also India based it's likely they'll be the same. (I couldn't find any evidence to the contrary). I've never used Payoneer, and their documentation about available payment methods seems quite opaque. They mention "linking" an account which is bad news for anyone from India since India no longer allows linking. But if you set up a test payment I'm willing to give it a try (if it goes through you can extend my VPS or something). I was trying to research more on payment options, but unfortunately most people are talking about getting payments from the US to India, which is annoying. I guess Indians are more focused on getting US dollars than on paying for US services >.<
  12. Oh okay great! I guess this is a workable solution for now (unless I change the PayPal account I pay from). Yes, PayTM would be great, if you can manage it! It's got good support in India (as does any app supporting India's Unified Payment Interface or UPI). Another potential option is PayU, which I personally use, and which has competent customer support staff who actually have the authority to make changes rather than stonewalling. I'm not sure if it works for people based outside India, but if PayTM doesn't work it's worth looking into. (Customer service is a big problem here even with major companies; for example I contacted Western Union about activating my account dozens of times within the span of a month before giving up; they didn't seem to be able to review the documents they themselves had asked for and allow me to use their own platform. Anyway, that's something I won't go into now...)
  13. Hi there, My VPS expires in a few weeks, and because recurring payments aren't working from India I've been having to make one-time payments. My friend just sent the last payment of $21.60 on October 5th (two days ago); could you confirm that it's arrived and extend my subscription for another 6 months? Server: hippo2.heliohost.org (also members.snipettemag.com) IP: PayPal payment ID: 81X39290UA608530J from Manasa Kashi (she also sent an email to Krydos, but perhaps it was the wrong one...) *** More generally, it looks like recurring payments aren't going to happen for a while, due to changing government regulations in India and PayPal's glitches (incompetence?). Given that, would it be more convenient to do a large one-time payment (say, for 2-3 years) instead of every 6 months? (I know the automated system only supports 6-month increments, so it depends on how the manual override works; there was a glitch once where the VPS expired prematurely and was manually extended). I'm fine either way, but longer-term payments might be less work for you on your end, so let me know which you prefer for next time onwards!
  14. Another clarification: do I have to log into the HelioHost control panel (https://heliohost.org/login as @balloons mentioned above), or Plesk directly (eg. https://tommy2.heliohost.org)? Or do both options work?
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