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  1. WSGI control access has been enabled on the domain mvt-capital.com. To restart your Flask app and load new code changes in simply edit /home/mvt-capital.com/httpdocs/mvtcapital/mvtcapital/dispatch.wsgi. Adding a blank line, removing a blank line, adding a space, or removing a space are examples of editing the file. As long as the last modified timestamp changes it will clear the server cache. Let us know if you run into any issues.
  2. I also added the email address from this forum account to your VPS account so you can request support from either.
  3. Your VPS rebuild has been started, and you will get an email in a bit when it finishes. Your next free rebuild will b available on 2024-08-19. If you need another rebuild prior to that date they can be purchased for $1 each. Let us know if you need help with anything else.
  4. That VPS was purchased with an email address that doesn't match the email address on this forum account. Since this action permanently deletes data we need to verify your identity first. This is to prevent someone from pretending to be you to delete your data. The easiest way to verify your email address is to send an email to support@heliohost.org with your rebuild request from the email address you used to purchase the VPS.
  5. Krydos

    Sparkie Reboot

    We're going to be rebooting Sparkie soon to hopefully speed up the raid array rebuild for Johnny. Our main website will remain online, but you won't be able to do some functions like logging in, or resetting a password. The forum will be completely unaffected, and will continue operating as usual. Tommy users will be unable to login through heliohost.org, but will still be able to login directly at tommy2.heliohost.org. Some of our VPS customers located on Sparkie will be rebooted as well. We're still hopeful that we will be able to get Johnny back online and running soon.
  6. The subscription has been canceled, so you won't be billed again, but the VPS will remain powered on for a month. We will email you in a month with a link to renew if you decide to keep it longer than a month.
  7. Krydos

    More Johnny Issues

    Yeah, that's fine. Once Johnny is back online you can get whatever you need from it and we can delete it. Your existing Johnny domain can be moved to Tommy prior to Johnny coming back online. You'll need to use a different email address to create your Tommy account, but after your Johnny account is deleted you can change the Tommy account's email address if you want to. Ask for support here, not in news https://helionet.org/index/forum/45-customer-service/?do=add
  8. Krydos

    More Johnny Issues

    Johnny started having some more issues with hard drive corruption so we shut him down to run some file system repairs. You won't be able to login to your Johnny account and all of your websites on Johnny will be offline until that finishes. Users on Tommy are not affected by this downtime.
  9. Krydos

    Johnny Databases

    The InnoDB repair script finished last night, and Johnny should be back to normal now. If you're still having problems with your database, or trouble logging in to your Johnny account let us know so we can take a look.
  10. Your subscription has been canceled and you won't be billed again. Thank you for using our VPS service.
  11. Looks like you'll need a VPS. Not everything can be installed on shared hosting. If you're interested in the cutting edge we will be supporting Ubuntu 24 VPSs soon, and you can get early access if you want.
  12. Due to some corruption in the InnoDB engine on Johnny's MariaDB database we have put it into read-only mode to repair the affected databases. In the meantime if you use InnoDB engine you may receive errors about being in read-only mode or repair-mode when trying to write or change data. This is expected and we will make another news post once the databases are fixed, and normal read/write mode is restored. At this time we have no reason to believe any data is lost. Users on Tommy are not affected, and users on Johnny using MyISAM engine are not affected either. As long as your software supports MyISAM we strongly recommend it to help in situations like this because InnoDB has a tendency to crash very easily.
  13. You were suspended 10 days ago and our load system only holds onto load data for 7 days so I can only guess, but it looks like you had a cron job set up to run every minute. That was likely the issue. Do you agree to not run cron jobs as much if we unsuspend you?
  14. Your subscription has been canceled, and you won't be billed again. Thanks for using our VPS service.
  15. The email address of this forum account, and the account you're requesting to be canceled don't match. While I'm fairly sure you are the person you are claiming to be, we need to have verification from the email address that was used to create the account in order to delete or rebuild a VPS. This is to prevent people from pretending to be you to delete your data. The easiest way to verify your email is to use the comcast address you listed above to send an email to support@heliohost.org requesting the cancel and delete.
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