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  1. I'm upgrading the renew script, so all of the above is because I haven't finished deploying all of the code yet. It should work better after it's fully tested.
  2. $23 from the second donation has been refunded. Thanks for the donation.
  3. KeyHelp has been installed for you. SSH into your VPS and run the command sudo cat /root/keyhelp_login_data_2024-02-20_22-41-08 And it will display the URL, username, and password that you can log in to the control panel with. Let us know if you need help with anything else.
  4. I increased the max upload size to 100 MB. Does it work now?
  5. Removed. If any of your files got lost in the process I created a full backup before I changed anything that you can download from https://heliohost.org/backup/ if you need it.
  6. Most people go with the free control panel Hestia. You can read about it at https://hestiacp.com/ Another popular free control panel is KeyHelp. You can read about it at https://www.keyweb.de/en/keyhelp/keyhelp/ We can also install Plesk on our VPS, but be aware that it increases the cost by $15.50 per month so your monthly cost would more than double from $15.00 per month now to $30.50 per month. I'm pretty sure none of the control panels I listed have any connection to mumble servers, so no.
  7. I wonder if ppp089210002124.access.hol.gr is their ISP or university or work internet or someone in between hijacking the 3306 port? Maybe try using a different internet connection.
  8. Try resetting the password at https://heliohost.org/reset/
  9. Johnny and Tommy are still running CentOS 7 and that's the latest version of SQLite that the OS will ever support. Morty is running Alma 9 and has SQLite 3.34.1 currently, but that server hasn't been released yet. If you need a newer version of SQLite immediately you will need to get a VPS. MariaDB and PostgreSQL will likely have much better performance than SQLite anyways and are easier to use.
  10. You can enable remote connections to MariaDB databases yourself through Plesk. When you create or edit the database there is the option at the bottom to allow only local connections, remote connections from certain IPs, or remote connections from all IPs.
  11. The transaction ID doesn't come up with anything. I tried searching by your email address and didn't find anything either. I tried scrolling through looking for $25 donations and I didn't see anything recent either.
  12. It was only the Redis module that I ever had any issue with. The others have been installed. You can see the current list of installed modules and their versions on Johnny's Python 3.10 with this link https://krydos2.heliohost.org/pyinfo/info3.10.py
  13. You were suspended on 2024-02-14 14:54:48. Here is what your load graph looked like at the time. I would recommend looking at your access logs around that time to see what was going on. It's possible some bot was up to no good on your site.
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