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  1. The domain has been added, but like Kairion already said it won't work until you fix your DNS.
  2. Krydos

    Morty Fundraiser

    HelioHost is raising funds to buy a new server! Each $5 or more donation increases your Johnny or Tommy storage by 1000 MB up to a maximum of 6000 MB. Each $30 or more donation will receive an early access beta invite for Morty including 42 to 730 days prepaid with no inactivity and no load suspensions. It's been a tough couple of years. After losing our cPanel licenses it looked like that was going to be the end, but it takes more than that to kill HelioHost. We're coming back stronger and better than ever. The transition to the new Plesk control panel is almost done, and we're getting a steady stream of new users daily. We need more server space so we can provide hosting to even more people. To make this happen we need to buy a new server. The one we have picked out has 192 GB of memory, dual Xeon processors with 20 cores, and 8.1 TB of hard drive space. We will also be putting Morty on an SSD raid array for the best combination of speed and reliability. Click the link below to check out the fundraiser and see more details. https://www.gofundme.com/f/heliohosts-morty-server
  3. Your invite to move to Plesk was sent on 2023-02-09. I have just resent it. Let us know if you still can't find it or if you run into any problems transferring your account over.
  4. There you go root@tommy2 [/home/krydos]# dig +noall +answer -x 86400 IN CNAME 124.subnet112.153.71.64.in-addr.arpa. 124.subnet112.153.71.64.in-addr.arpa. 14400 IN PTR mail.eason.email. root@tommy2 [/home/krydos]# dig +noall +answer -x 2001:470:1:1ee::60 14400IN PTR mail.eason.email.
  5. I see your request in the system. My guess is you should receive the invite email within 24-72 hours or so. It's kind of hard to guess how many people will accept their invite and how many people will cancel their VPS in the next few days so it's not a guaranteed timeframe. As far as enabling remote connections to PostgreSQL on a Ubuntu 22 VPS this guide should help you https://tecadmin.net/postgresql-allow-remote-connections/ I would use scram-sha-256 instead of MD5 like the guide says though. MD5 has been obsolete for about 6 years now so people should really update their guides.
  6. Added. Keep in mind that I work on escalated posts by oldest first. So each time you bump your post it moves it to the bottom of my todo list.
  7. Krydos

    PHP 8.2

    Maybe. If I recall correctly your search and contact form run on custom PHP code so you can't really check with the author if it will work without just trying it. You can try switching and if it doesn't work anymore just switch back to an older version of PHP that does work.
  8. Krydos

    PHP 8.2

    The latest and greatest PHP 8.2 is now available on both Johnny and Tommy. In order to switch to the new version go to Login > Continue to Plesk > Websites & Domains > [domain] > PHP Settings > PHP Version dropdown menu > Select PHP 8.1 and click ok. Keep in mind it can take up to two hours to switch versions so if your site is still running on the old version of PHP after doing the above you probably just need to wait a bit for it to update. Keep in mind that not all PHP applications support the latest version, so make sure you update to the latest version of your software, and check their documentation to see what versions of PHP are supported before switching the PHP over. Let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues switching to the newest version of PHP.
  9. Are you using /usr/bin/python3.10 like I said or /usr/bin/Python3.10 like you typed? Linux is case sensitive so a capital P would cause that error.
  10. A password reset link has been emailed to you. Let us know if you're still unable to log in after setting a new password. One thing to keep in mind is the password has to be ASCII letters, numbers, and symbols. You can't use any UTF-8 characters such as letters with accents or all of those Cyrillic letters in the quote that I definitely didn't say.
  11. Normally we would need to know the database name and the username, but I checked your account and there is only 1 postgresql database and only 1 user so I enabled remote connections to that.
  12. A password reset link has been emailed to you.
  13. Your account didn't unarchive correctly. We're still working out all of the bugs. Are you able to login with your old password now?
  14. The bypassinfo.com domain has been added to your account. The next step to host it with us is to do one of the following two options Use our nameservers by logging into your registrar and setting your NS records to ns1.heliohost.org and ns2.heliohost.org Use any external DNS provider, Cloudflare is a popular free choice, by creating an A record with the value and an AAAA record with the value 2001:470:1:1ee::2002
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