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  1. Your subscription has been canceled and you won't be billed again. Thanks for using our VPS service.
  2. Thanks for the donation. Glad you got everything working again.
  3. Django restart access has been enabled for the domain elecalculation.helioho.st. If you want to load the new code changes immediately just edit the /home/elecalculation.helioho.st/httpdocs/elecalculation/elecalculation/dispatch.wsgi file. Adding a space, removing a space, adding a blank line, removing a blank line, etc will work. Just make sure the last modified timestamp changes. Let us know if you run into any issues.
  4. /etc/ssh/sshd_config and /etc/pam.d/sshd have been edited as requested. Can you login now?
  5. Ownership of the VPS has been verified. I have added this Gmail account as a contact for your VPS so you can request support from either email address. I logged in and made the changes as requested to the /etc/pam.d/sshd file. Can you login now?
  6. The email address for this forum account doesn't match the email address used to create VPS59. Here is the forum account that uses the same email address https://helionet.org/index/profile/215619-drdark24/ Here are your options: Post your request from the forum account listed above. Email your support request to support@heliohost.org from the email address used to create your VPS. Post with the forum account listed above asking for this other email address to be added to your VPS account. Email to support@heliohost.org from the email address used to create your VPS asking for this email address to be added to your VPS account. This email verification is needed to help prevent someone from pretending to be you to delete your data or remove security from your VPS, etc.
  7. Did it work prior to enabling WSGI control?
  8. WSGI control access has been enabled on the domain vmailhot.helioho.st. If you want to reload your code changes and restart your Django app just edit the file /home/vmailhot.helioho.st/httpdocs/project1/project1/dispatch.wsgi As this restart feature is pretty new let us know if anything unexpected happens.
  9. Remote access enabled. host= port=5432 username=vandreguardieiro_usuario dbname=vandreguardieiro_bdespeleo password=<set in Plesk>
  10. Thanks for the donation. If you're curious where your space is being used here is the breakdown. Backups 0 MB Emails .08 MB Files 1860.59 MB Trash 0 MB Logs 3.39 MB PSQL 0 MB MySQL 11.10 MB Total 1875.16 MB Limit 3000.00 MB
  11. The domain elude.tnpca.net is already added to your account. Would you like me to remove it?
  12. Our ISP rebooted some network hardware for us and our internet connection appears to be working as normal again. Let us know if you’re still having issues connecting to our servers.
  13. Krydos

    ISP Network Issues

    It seems like some IP addresses around the world are being blocked from accessing the servers in our cabinet. If your IP address is affected you will see a timeout error for https://heliohost.org https://helionet.org https://johnny.heliohost.org https://tommy2.heliohost.org and every other server that we own. If your IP address isn’t affected everything will be working as usual. It seems like the IPs are being blocked on our ISP’s level so it’s not something under our direct control. We have contacted our ISP to see if they can fix it. In the meantime if you need to connect to our servers please try switching to another internet connection or using a VPN. We will let you know when everything is working normally again.
  14. We used to allow unlimited domains, but people like you ruined it for everyone by adding hundreds of pointless domains and causing our uptime to drop because of there being too many domains on the server.
  15. Remote access enabled. host= port=5432 username=youkko_main dbname=youkko_mages password=<set in Plesk>
  16. It is intentionally disabled. If you want root access to change settings like this you can do so on a VPS https://heliohost.org/vps/ Does it work now?
  17. Enabled. You should now be able to restart your Django app by editing the dispatch.wsgi file.
  18. The module curl-cffi has been installed on Johnny's Python 3.10. You can see the current list of installed modules with this link https://krydos2.heliohost.org/pyinfo/info3.10.py
  19. Glad you got it working. Like Wolstech said you need to keep an eye on your load. Over the last 8 hours you're already at 60% of your daily CPU limit, and 24% of your memory limit.
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