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  1. This account was created in 2019 on cPanel so any issues with the DNS records is due to cPanel not any of our custom systems or Plesk. I can't even tell you how many DNS records I've fixed from the old cPanel accounts. Your DNS records were a disaster. More than half of your subdomains didn't even work because all the DNS records were missing for those too. Is everything working for you now?
  2. Yes, you can keep your Tommy account at the same time as a VPS account. You can't have 2 Tommy accounts or 1 Johnny and 1 Tommy account, but VPS don't count towards the limit. If we had unlimited amount of server space like Google or some huge company we could allow unlimited accounts, but we aren't there quite yet.
  3. The first thing to keep in mind on transfers from Tommy to a VPS is the VPS don't come with Plesk for free like Tommy. If you wanted to get the Venus VPS with Plesk it would be $7.00 per month for the VPS from us, plus $13.50 per month for the control panel from Plesk for a total of $20.50 per month. Like Wolstech already mentioned there are free control panels though, such as Hestia, that are similar to Plesk. If you want Plesk installed for free we can do that, and then we can try importing your Plesk account directly into your VPS Hestia control panel. I've done this quite a few times for cPanel to Hestia transfers, but never for a Plesk to Hestia transfer. According to Hestia's documentation their import tool works on Plesk backups though so it should work. The other free VPS control panel that gets a few recommendations is KeyHelp because Hestia still doesn't support IPv6 for some reason. If you don't care too much about IPv6 yet then I recommend Hestia.
  4. Your account was suspended because Wordpress is causing too much load. I have unsuspended your account, but please try to limit the load you put on our servers as it slows down not only your site, but the sites of all other HelioHost users sharing your server. This is really common for Wordpress. It can cause massive amounts of load even if you're hardly getting any traffic to your site. Wordpress is also incredibly insecure and very easy to hack. We see Wordpress accounts get hacked all the time and usually the hacker sets up a phishing site on your domain. We strongly recommend using any software other than Wordpress. If you insist on using Wordpress you might want to consider purchasing a VPS instead. VPS hosting gives you an entire virtual server to yourself, including no load limits, a dedicated IP address, and full root access. Wordpress sites load relatively slowly on our shared hosting, but they will be much faster on a VPS.
  5. Your Wordpress install is causing too much load. You used 22,901 CPU over 24 hours. Please try to keep that under 10,000 to avoid being suspended. Unsuspended.
  6. Your rebuild has been started. You'll receive an email in a bit when it's done.
  7. Uncheck the wildcard box. It isn't supported yet.
  8. Your VPS has been canceled and you won't be charged again. Thanks for using our VPS service.
  9. A password reset link has been emailed to you. Let us know if you're still having trouble getting logged in.
  10. Go ahead and test https://heliohost.org/dashboard/upgrade/ for me when you have a chance. Let us know if you have any issues with it.
  11. A password reset link has been emailed to you.
  12. There is no VPS associated with the email address of this forum account. In order to prevent someone from pretending to be you to cancel your VPS we require cancel requests to be verified from the email address that created the VPS. The easiest way to verify your email is to send the cancel request to support@heliohost.org from the email address we have on file for your VPS, or post the request to this forum using a forum account with the same email address as the VPS.
  13. The Mercury VPS comes with 1 GB memory. In my experience image analysis can use quite a bit of memory so you might be better off going with the $7 Venus plan. On your development system you could open a task manager and try to see how much memory the script uses while analyzing images. The OS uses about 300 MB so you'll have about 700 MB to work with before your VPS starts to swap and gets much slower. Depending on whether your image analysis is multithreaded you might benefit from more than 2 CPUs as well. Yeah, upgrading a VPS is pretty easy. I'm actually working on a new VPS upgrade billing system so that will make it even easier. The servers run Linux, not Windows, so the main thing you need to do is use an editor that can save files into Linux format. I use the free visual studio code and set line endings to \n instead of the default \r\n. There are tons of tutorials on the internet depending on what you want to do. The VPS just come as a bare operating system with no web server or anything. If you're not too familiar with Linux SSH we can install a free control panel such as Hestia for you as well. Plesk is not free so if you want to use that on your VPS it will be $13.50 extra on top of your VPS price per month. So a Mercury with Plesk would be $17.50 per month total.
  14. The Python module tensorflow isn't support on the Johnny or Tommy plan. VPS and Morty will support tensorflow though. VPS start at $4 per month, and Morty will start at $1 per month. VPS are available immediately, and Morty will be released in the next few months.
  15. The additional domain was added via Discord support.
  16. Cool. I hate installing multiple modules that do the exact same thing.
  17. That domain has been cleaned up as well. Thanks.
  18. Go to https://heliohost.org/ Click login. Enter your username and password. Click continue to Plesk. Click mail in the left navigation. Click mail settings in the top navigation. Click the domain you want to see the DKIM for. Scroll to the bottom, make sure DKIM is checked and then click the "How to configure external DNS" link. Copy paste the DKIM code into your DNS provider.
  19. Cool, thanks for being understanding. This will be the perfect test for the live system with actual money when it's ready.
  20. I'm out of town so sorry for the delay on this. I'm actually typing this from my hotel room after driving all day. Our normal process for VPS upgrades is to refund you for the unused portion of the previous subscription and then set you up on a new subscription, but not everyone's banks like that very much, plus it's a lot of extra fees for us, plus people don't always like paying twice like that. One guy I talked to said our PayPal refund took 32 days to actually get back into his bank account so he had to basically deal with paying twice for a month and kept asking us if we really refunded him or not. I'm working on a new system that will take your old subscription, credit the unused portion towards your new rate, and then start charging the new rate when your old balance expires. It's almost ready. If you want I can just increase you to 4 GB memory immediately, and then once the new payment system is finished, hopefully in a few days, we can set up the new subscription. The other issue is it will also take at least a couple hours to upgrade your VPS memory because the server that you're on has 0 free memory, and you'd need to be moved to a new server. Normally this isn't much of a problem if I'm at home for the full time that the VPS is being moved, but since I'm out of town the VPS may need to remain powered off for 12 hours or so depending on when I have access to a computer or not. If you don't mind backing up your VPS and starting over with a fresh OS new VPS creation is fully automated and I can just click one button and it will build the new VPS on the new server within 30 minutes. If you want to move the existing VPS we're looking at 2-24 hours of downtime probably. I'd also like to mention that we trained a second VPS admin on all of this stuff too in case I was out of town or busy, but he is also busy and can't help with this right now either. We're all volunteers and simply work on HelioHost in our free time for fun.
  21. I removed it and added the new one. Do you want me to remove stamphaus.stamphaus.heliohost.org too, or do you use that one for anything? It's mostly because of all these useless cPanel domains that we had to set a limit for people.
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