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  1. Please go into the base folder of my application (where composer.json is) ("cd /public_html/php/php-login") and do "composer install" on the command line.. Thank you! Username: mbdungo Domain: professionalserver.tk Server: Stevie
  2. It looks like after this 'A Dns Entry For Professionalserver.tk Already Exists' problem, I don't have now a capacity to upload my "phpDolphin.sql" file using the import function available in MySQL database.. This is what happened after uploading that SQL file: Can somebody fix my new issue? This problem is not existed when I'm in Johnny server. Okay here is what happening when I Check DB: MySQL Databases Checking Database mbdungo_phpdolphin is now being checked. mbdungo_phpdolphin.admin Error : Table 'mbdungo_phpdolphin.admin' doesn't exist status : Operation failed Check Complete
  3. As my HelioHost Account Status said: Your account has been created and you can now login at heliohost.org. Thanks for both of you..
  4. Same as my username mbdungo here and yes, the main domain is that domain..
  5. I'm now switching my server from Johnny to Stevie to increase my website performance, but I'm encountering an error during the installation of my new account.. Could you please delete a DNS entry for "professionalserver.tk" ? Thanks..
  6. No, I've just used the directives in the .htaccess file of my main document root, but now I've commented them out.. But my other directories are working such like this one: http://professionalserver.tk/php/wp/ Just to remind you that I don't have an index file, I just want to see my directories and other files by visiting my main domain... Or maybe the Java is now enabled to my account, and it's now impossible to see my directories and other files if I don't have an index.
  7. What happened to my main website? Please visit: Apache Tomcat 7.0.32 - Error report Username: mbdungo
  8. I already have successfully installed Django at: http://professionalserver.tk/django/ Please follow the topic [solved] Following "how Do I Use Django" Resulting An 500 Internal Server Error.
  9. I already deleted my folder "IntroducingWebPages2TutorialWebsite" but still my Hello World Page is not working..
  10. I don't know that yet but I have uploaded the completed project "IntroducingWebPages2TutorialWebsite" from Getting Started - The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site to professionalserver.tk/aspx/IntroducingWebPages2TutorialWebsite/ as professionalserver.tk/aspx/IntroducingWebPages2TutorialWebsite/HelloWorld.cshtml is its "HelloWorld.cshtml" file..
  11. Try to check this: [solved] Following how Do I Use Django Resulting An 500 Internal Server Error - HelioNet
  12. Please check: http://professionalserver.tk/aspx/HelloWorld.aspx The source code of that web file is just: @{ var currentDateTime = DateTime.Now; } <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <head> <meta charset="utf-8" /> <title>Hello World Page</title> </head> <body> <h1>Hello World Page</h1> <p>Hello World!</p> <p>Right now it's @currentDateTime</p> </body> </html> My username: mbdungo
  13. Activate Python: Please note that you have to add a line in the .htaccess file to use Python. The recommended directive is: Addhandler cgi-script .py .pl .cgi (This directive covers Perl, Python and CGI files.) Getting a 500 Internal Server Error? If you are getting a 500 Internal Server Error, it is most likely caused by the lack of execute permissions. Check to make sure the your Perl or Python script file has permissions of 755.
  14. Thank you! I didn't have "__init__.py" file, a "settings.py" file, and a "urls.py" file.. And it's now working on my account! Can you tell me some web tutorials for that files?
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