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Found 18 results

  1. While I was using HestiaCP on my VPS I found out it lacks support to IPv6. In fact, this is on their "to do" since 2020 so it seems it will take a while. Considering that IPv6 support is one of Internet's best practice, what are other free control panel options to use? Some I found while researching were these: CyberPanel: https://cyberpanel.net/ CloudPanel: https://www.cloudpanel.io/ KeyHelp: https://www.keyhelp.de/en/ ISPConfig: https://www.ispconfig.org/ Control-WebPanel (CWP): https://control-webpanel.com/ SPanel (free for the next couple of months since "licensing is in beta (?)"): https://www.spanel.io/ Virtualmin: https://www.virtualmin.com/ Webmin: https://www.webmin.com/ OVIPanel: https://www.ovipanel.in/ aaPanel: https://www.aapanel.com/ Froxlor: https://froxlor.org/ Cloudron (free for two apps): https://cloudron.io/ Ajenti: https://ajenti.org/ Sentora: http://www.sentora.org/ Through a fast analysis from their websites CyberPanel, CloudPanel, KeyHelp, ISPConfig, Control-WebPanel (if you're into RHEL/CentOS based distros), Sentora (supporting Ubuntu 20.04 right now) and SPanel (despite it isn't really free) seems to be the most promising ones. Does anyone have any experience with any of those? Right now I have access just to my HelioHost's VPS so I'm unable to destroy/create my machine and thus it wouldn't be easy to test them, that's why I'm looking for people who had already used and could vouch for one of them.
  2. Username: kikiEmail Adress: christianvelazquezalvarez@gmail.comHosting: christian.heliohost.org / Domain name: christianenremoto.tkServer: Tommy Hello! Is it possible to activate my account? Suddenly, you have blocked it. I use it for exposure and testing. And I intend to delete the internal scripts that can overload the web (and the hosting). I have donated before and I just want to regain access and service. Thank you. Merry Xmas, crew!
  3. Hello, today I got suspended (got unsuspended later heliohost username is painless) for high load spikes caused by my website. I would like to know what caused my website to load spike tommy.
  4. Username: demon666Domain: phantomtest.heliohost.orgServer: ricky Hi All, I tried to access web pages on my domain today but was presented with an error message from my ISP stating "website cannot be found". I found my usual FTP connection didn't seem to be working, I tried to create a new connection but this didn't seem to work either. And I also found I was unable to access my email account. However, logging in to my account and accessing the cpanel from the main heliohost.org page appears to work as expected, from here I am able to access File Manager and Webmail. So the issue seems to be related to being unable to access anything which contains my domain name. Is anyone able to assist? Thanks in advance. D
  5. Hello: As of the point of posting this, my account is still queued to initialize and setup, but I have a web service I need to have deployed as soon as posible. username: macencio filename: InformatikService.war Thanks in advance. P.S.: Yes, I've enabled java in my account.
  6. How can I shift from johny to tommy and after shifting how many days would take to enable java and deploy JSP website?
  7. I made some changes. File: MCS.war Thank you very much in advance! att, SuperMock
  8. I'm very serious to use the HelioHost free hosting to host my upcoming commercial scripts. Upon trying to register a HelioHost account on Stevie 3-4 times with a username that starts with a number, they've successfully "Hosting Account Installed!" but later received the following email: Title: HelioHost Account Error Dear 5ervant, Your hosting account at HelioHost has encountered an error during installation. The error is: Sorry you must provide a valid username Please visit http://www.heliohost.org/scripts/signup.php and try to signup again. Regards, HelioHost Staff I doubt that registering a username that starts with a number is not allowed by the system. Can somebody help me create a HelioHost account with that username that starts with a number? Don't worry I'll delete the other one if this is possible with the help of an administrator or moderator. Thank you!
  9. Hi all, I am trying to write my first CGI script using Python on my shared virtual web server. I put the script under 'public_html' in the 'cgi-bin' folder on my web server. I made the script executable with the chmod +x command. For the she-bang I am using #! /usr/bin/env python so that the script will be able to find any Python interpreter and not a specific one at a specific location. I made a test form to call the script from when a button is clicked but I just receive a 500 Internal Server error when trying to run this script. I messed around some with the location of the cgi script, which is a .py file in this case, but only received 404 errors. Does anyone reading this know what I am missing? Here is my Python script: #! /usr/bin/env python print "Content-type:text/html\r\n\r\n" print '<html>' print '<head>' print '<title>Hello Word - First CGI Program</title>' print '</head>' print '<body>' print '<h2>Hello Word! This is my third or fourth or so CGI program</h2>' print '</body>' print '</html>' Here is my HTML code that calls the Python script: <!DOCTYPE html> <head> <title>Test CGI Scripting With Python</title> </head> <body> <center> <form action="cgi-bin/hello.py" method="post"> Click this button <input type="submit" value="Submit" /> </form> </center> </body> </html> Thank-you for reading this everybody. Respectfully, minus
  10. Please check: http://professionalserver.tk/aspx/HelloWorld.aspx The source code of that web file is just: @{ var currentDateTime = DateTime.Now; } <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <head> <meta charset="utf-8" /> <title>Hello World Page</title> </head> <body> <h1>Hello World Page</h1> <p>Hello World!</p> <p>Right now it's @currentDateTime</p> </body> </html> My username: mbdungo
  11. Hi Admin, My website which is hosted on stevie server is not up. I have my own domain which has already been configured. It's been more than 24hrs but it's not up. the domain is rehabsecurity.com thanks.
  12. I guest I've followed How do I use Python/Django? perfectly, exept the sentence: If it is your wish to develop on-site you will need to manually create a blank __init__.py file, a settings.py file, and a urls.py file. And after that, after following the guide, my specified subdirectory is now have an 500 Internal Server Error.. Do I need to install the Django web development framework manually before it'll work? Please help..
  13. /hello guys, just want to say thank you for this free service, i had been trying and using many other free web hosting services but find all of them with many issues and some services not provided for free web hosting service. My web is working fine with Heliohost services. Thank you.
  14. I'm sure that some of you are looking for an online directory which will allow you to submit your business listing without a cost. Here I introduce you http://www.webdirectory.tk where you can find great products, services and businesses you can even check it if what I'm saying is real, or you can even submit your business if only it's not trivial because this business directory is fully reviewed by the admin. So we're sure that all of the listings therein are not spammy.. Guys, what do you think about this business directory?
  15. In the Step 1: Download and Extract of the Detailed Instructions on “Installing WordPress « WordPress Codex”, there are the words “If you have shell access to your web server...” My questions are: What is a Shell Access to a Web Server? Do HelioHost features shell access to their web server? And if does, where can a client see or what is their shell access to HelioHost server?
  16. Hello Support-Team, I have got a web server running on stevie. Actual, I wanted to see my access logs from apache but I couldn't find them in my home directory via ftp. When I click to "Latest Visitors" in cPanel, it just says : "There are no domains which have last visitors stats to display." If I can't get the origin apache logs, how can I enable the visitor stats ? f4stdev
  17. So I was wondering a useful way to use php the other day and came up with a simple but extremely useful script. Firstly I want to make it clear that this is more for smaller site designers wanting to find out how to best improve their sites, however larger sites with more traffic may find it useful as well for different reasons. USES FOR SMALL SITES Learn how your users move around your site. Learn the most popular areas of your site. Help learn what can be done to move users to the areas of your site that you want. USES FOR LARGE SITES Learn when users are visiting broken links. Learn when users are trying to enter restricted areas. Learn what IP is most likely that of a spammy or otherwise disruptive user. OVERALL USE Learn what peak times are for your site. Identify when the best time for site maintenace is. The script is simple and will only create a plaintext log but you can refine it to use MySQL databases for storage. I advise putting the script after the page's html and styling is processed to avoid any major problems with displays being broken. Now to the fun part. Small sites: <?php $ip=$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']; $page=$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']; $dayassoc=getdate(); $output= $ip."\t".$page."\t".$dayassoc['mon']."/".$dayassoc['mday']."/".$dayassoc['year']."\t".$dayassoc['hours'].":".$dayassoc['minutes']."\r\n"; file_put_contents("tracking.txt", $output, FILE_APPEND); ?> put that on each page to get as detailed a listing as you can about how users interact with your site. You can include this on custom error pages as well and I'll explain that shortly. Large sites: I suggest only placing it on error pages, also replace "errorpagecode" with 401, 404, etc depending on the page you're putting it in. If you must put it in a trafficed area try to limit the amount of pages you paste it in to avoid collisions with file write requests. <?php $errcode="errorpagecode"; $ip=$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']; $page=$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']; $dayassoc=getdate(); $output= $ip."\t".$page."\t".$dayassoc['mon']."/".$dayassoc['mday']."/".$dayassoc['year']."\t".$dayassoc['hours'].":".$dayassoc['minutes']."\t".$errcode."\r\n"; file_put_contents("tracking.txt", $output, FILE_APPEND); ?> Feel free to leave questions and comments ; EDIT: Changed to use file_puts_contents() instead of messy, unintuitive c-like fopen/fputs/fclose per Byron's suggestion. EDIT 2: I should probably add that you'd want to keep people from accessing this file so in your root folder's .htaccess add something like: AuthUserFile "/home/user/.htpasswds/public_html/passwd" AuthName "Visitor Tracking" AuthType Basic <Files "tracking.txt">; require valid-user </Files> where AuthUserFile is the filepath to a nonpublic directory containing the user=>key pairs required to access the file. AuthName can be anything you want. Don't put the require valid-user directive outside the files tag as that will password protect your entire site.
  18. Hello, I want to use more that 500 MB space. Is there any way to upgrade this Web Space? If require, I can pay price for this. And, does email account space is included in this 500 MB Space?
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