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  1. Add https://server.ppblk.space & https://lms.ppblk.space & https://chat.ppblk.space & https://app.ppblk.space Sub Domains Please. and send me instaructions to how will I control the. Please sent the instructions to bawanthabeliwaththa@gmail.com mail address.
  2. I want to access my postgre sql from external but I don't really know how can someone provide me some informations and enable external access please. primary domain: cryptex.heliohost.us database name: cryptex_userdata database user: cryptex_admin
  3. Hy I'm requesting to kindly enable remote access for my PostgreSQL database. Details given below. Server : Johnny User : prg_prg Database name : 1) prg_db1 2) prg_db2 3) prg_db3 Thanks in advance! Please let me know if it is enabled.
  4. How can I access the Johnny server shell? I have an application written in Django 3.0, but the server does not have this version, I wanted to update it for myself, and also install an SSL certificate Let's Encrypt
  5. Dear Admin, Could you enable remote access for my PostgreSQL database please? host: ricky.heliohost.org database: lioncita_db user: lioncita_user Thanks a lot.
  6. Hello! May I have an from-outside-access to my helio postgre db? Can't host data on local db, need to share access with some other people. Parameters: GENERAL INFORMATION:Current user: andreikuhost: johnny.heliohost.org:2083 POSTGRESQL INFO: database: andreiku_student_platform user: andreiku_db_admin Can provide more information if needed.
  7. I have created domain "combine.heliohost.org" and want to access postgresql db "combine_Rms" which I have created with user "combine_rms" I need to access it remotly It gives me error "FATAL: no pg_hba.conf entry for host "", user "combine_rms", database "combine_Rms", SSL off"
  8. Hi, I'm developing a website in PHP. What I need is some mechanism to protect a folder called profilepics from being accessed by any user in the world. There are users' profile pictures there and I don't want them to be seen or downloaded. How can I do this magic? Thanks.
  9. Username: demon666Domain: phantomtest.heliohost.orgServer: ricky Hi All, I tried to access web pages on my domain today but was presented with an error message from my ISP stating "website cannot be found". I found my usual FTP connection didn't seem to be working, I tried to create a new connection but this didn't seem to work either. And I also found I was unable to access my email account. However, logging in to my account and accessing the cpanel from the main heliohost.org page appears to work as expected, from here I am able to access File Manager and Webmail. So the issue seems to be related to being unable to access anything which contains my domain name. Is anyone able to assist? Thanks in advance. D
  10. Hi I need remote access to the postgresql database from any ip. Server: johnny.heliohost.org Postgresql user: "penosu_main" Postgresql database: "penosu_nueva" Thank you in advance Gonzalo
  11. Hi there I successfully logged onto the cPanel, but the SFTP seems to be denying me access. I tried this a few times, and got a "Too many authentication failures for halfer" in Filezilla (while connecting to johnny.heliohost.org:1373). Since then I have had trouble with cPanel on Jonny - either the login operation times out, or I get a "The login is invalid". It seems to be quite inconsistent in how it responds. I have tried now around 15 times, so I expect I'm blocked. Also, I use a VPN as a matter of course, which may complicate things (I barely know it's there, but it gives me an exit IP usually somewhere in Europe). If someone can give my account a kick, that would be most appreciated - I am keen to have a play. Thanks for setting up this project!
  12. Hi I've been trying to make a windows desktop application with visual studio using C# and i'm having trouble connecting to the mySQL database. my connection string is "Database=jackt_database;Address=johnny.heliohost.org;User Id=jackt_un;Password=*******" (obviously password isn't *******) the user ID has been added to the database and has been given all privileges. I've added the wildcard "%" to the remote mySQL section to allow connections from all IP addresses. I've tried resetting the password and changing it in my code multiple times. It is 100% not the code because i have tested it using a different host and it worked. // sql server connection here string constring = "Database=jackt_database;Address=johnny.heliohost.org;User Id=jackt_un;Password=********"; SqlConnection sqlcon = new SqlConnection(constring); try { sqlcon.Open(); MessageBox.Show("sqlconnection successful"); } catch (Exception error) { MessageBox.Show(error.ToString()); } finally { sqlcon.Close(); } i get the error "a network related or instance specific error occurred while establishing a connection to SQL server. The server was not found or was not accessible. Verify that the instance name is correct and that the sql server is configured to allow remote connections." later in the error it says "the network path was not found". Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Jack
  13. Hello everyone, my problem is that I want to access my postgres database with pgAdmin 4. An Admin enebled remote access. But every time I try to connect to the server pgAdmin 4 gives me that problem promt: Unable to connect to server: received invalid response to SSL negotiation: H What can I do to connect to the server, any thoughts? I would be glad if anybody can help me. Have a nice christmas time.
  14. Hi, My IP has got blocked. Kindly unblock it. Also, could you tell me why it got blocked so that I could be careful next time. Thanks in advance... My account is nijojob Email is nijokjob@hotmail.com Regards, Nijo Job
  15. Hi everyone, When I try to access with pgAdmin I get: "Unable to connect to server: FATAL: no pg_hba.conf entry for host "200.45.???.???", user "overflow_heroku", database "overflow_mastodonargentina", SSL off" Message. I suposse I need external access to my PostgreSQL database, could you give me please? All incoming IPs Database: overflow_mastodonargentina User: overflow_heroku Thank you in advance
  16. Domain: glasalvia.heliohost.org Email: glasalviacalio@gmail.com Username: glasalvia Thanks!
  17. I am very worried with the Johnny server's situation because inside i have the only copy of my website and the PostgreSQL database and it is not possible to access and recover my files. Anybody talks about Jhonny server but i think that is very important. What happen? Please, let me some information of the cause.
  18. Hi all how can i connect an asp.net page to a .mdb database file in the directory /public_html
  19. Hallo Heliohost, Thanks for a great service. However, today I could not log in to cpanel with my my normal username (nbarks in lower case) Please advise. Thanks from the webmaster at, http://www.nigelbarksfield.co.uk
  20. Currently it's almost impossible to access the web mail interface (roundcube or the other two). Sending and receiving email seems to work though.
  21. In the Step 1: Download and Extract of the Detailed Instructions on “Installing WordPress « WordPress Codex”, there are the words “If you have shell access to your web server...” My questions are: What is a Shell Access to a Web Server? Do HelioHost features shell access to their web server? And if does, where can a client see or what is their shell access to HelioHost server?
  22. Hello Support-Team, I have got a web server running on stevie. Actual, I wanted to see my access logs from apache but I couldn't find them in my home directory via ftp. When I click to "Latest Visitors" in cPanel, it just says : "There are no domains which have last visitors stats to display." If I can't get the origin apache logs, how can I enable the visitor stats ? f4stdev
  23. Hi, I am unable to access my cpanel, ftp, mysql databases, and webmail accounts. I have checked the reactivate script and it assures me (repeatedly, because I'm a persistant pain in the rear sometimes) that my account is not suspended. When I try to login into the cpanel I get repeated HTTP Basic Auth popups. FTP, MySQL, and Webmail just report generic errors in my connection. Domain: ravendreamer.tk Server: Johnny cPanel Username: ravendmr Thanks for any help someone can provide.
  24. Hello there! My first cry for help. I am behind the firewalled network and no access to ports over 1000 is allowed. There is no way that I can influence on this to be changed so I can't access my cpanel since it's on 2082 port. But, I've found in your wiki this http://wiki.helionet.org/How_to_access_cPanel Sadly, I have tried this method and got nothing. It's like the subdomain does not even exist. I hope you'll figure out the problem. Thank you.
  25. I am trying to connect my mysql database via my computer and when I do i get this error. ySql..Data.MySqlClient.MySqlException (Ox8øøø4Aø5): User coldwinroot already ha nore than ‘nax_user_connections’ active connections at MySql.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlStrean.ReadPacket() at MyßqLflata..Myßqlclient .NativeDriver..AuthenticateNew(Hoolean reset) at MySql.Data.MySqlClient .NativeDriver.Authenticate(Boolean reset) at MyßqLflata..MyßqlClient.NativeDriver..Open() at MySql.Data.MySqlClient.Driver.Open() at MyßqLflata..MySqlClient.Driver..Create(MyßqlConnectionßtringBuilder settings ) at MySqLflata..MyßqlClient .MyßqlPool. ..ctor(MyßqlConnectionStringBuilder settin s) at MyßqLflata..MyßqlClient.MyßqlPoolManager..GetPool(MyßqlConnectionßtringBuild r settings) at MySqLData..MyßqlClient.MyßqlConnection..Open() at Phoenix.Storage.Classl. .ctor(Class2 Jianager) at Phoenix.Storage.Class2.nethod_ß() at Phoenix.HabboHotel.ClassS. .ctor(1nt32 conns) at Phoenix.Class4nethod_ø() at Phoenix.CClassø.llain(String[] args) My connection settings are, host name = stevie.heliohost.org database port = 3306 username = (my username hidden)_root database = (my database hidden)_hotel password = (my password hidden) Please help :-( I am not sure what's wrong :'( EDIT: Was trying to open more than max number of database connections at once.
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