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Found 5 results

  1. How can I access the Johnny server shell? I have an application written in Django 3.0, but the server does not have this version, I wanted to update it for myself, and also install an SSL certificate Let's Encrypt
  2. So I'm on the Johnny server and it has the praw module already installed but the problem is that it is outdated at version 6.5.1 whereas the latest version is at 7.0.0. I wanted to upgrade it to the latest version for the additional functionality but I'm not sure how to since there's no shell access. Can anyone here upgrade it for me or will I have to switch to another server or something? My account is snekcode on the Johnny server.
  3. Hey, Just wondering if it was possible and if yes, how to do it! 1. Automatically backing up MySQL database 2. Automated backing up public_html folder. 3. Zipping to one file 4. Mailing it as a link or an attachment to the webmaster or required email address or atleast sending a simple mail to remind of the backup. Any ideas on how to do that and run it weakly as a cron or monthly as per requirement! Open to all suggestions and discussions.
  4. In the Step 1: Download and Extract of the Detailed Instructions on “Installing WordPress « WordPress Codex”, there are the words “If you have shell access to your web server...” My questions are: What is a Shell Access to a Web Server? Do HelioHost features shell access to their web server? And if does, where can a client see or what is their shell access to HelioHost server?
  5. I am running a gaming site and I am thinking about offering to host one or two BYOND games at a time. However I do not know if I have that access, how to use it if I do, or how much cpu it would use per game. If anyone knows something about this please help me out.
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