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Found 11 results

  1. Hi everyone, it is my first time here in the Helios (server Johnny), I'm using it to host a python web app for prognostic about a specific type o cancer. I use Flask and py script to get predictions. I need following libraries: numpy pandas sklearn torch torchtuplespycox So I'm kindly asking to the mods if they can add this modules (especially the last ones that are probably missing) Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi everyone, it is my first time here in the Helios world , I'm using it to learn about servers, apis, remote databases etc... My goal for the moment is to host a .py script that is actually an Restful API. I made it thanks to (if someone is interested).the script once started runs forever, waiting for rest request (get, put, post, delete...) The script uses Flask, and flask_restful. I checked here: http://krydos2.heliohost.org/cgi-bin/modules37.py if the modules was already installed but, "flask_restful" is missing. So I'm kindly asking to the mods if they can add this module -> flask_restful to Jhonny and Tommy (Python 3.x) Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello I am working on a app. I'm using heliohost as a server. I'm running Ricky, Python 3.6 I need the missing modules: joblibsurprisemysql-connector-pythonshortuuid Thank you very much.
  4. So I'm on the Johnny server and it has the praw module already installed but the problem is that it is outdated at version 6.5.1 whereas the latest version is at 7.0.0. I wanted to upgrade it to the latest version for the additional functionality but I'm not sure how to since there's no shell access. Can anyone here upgrade it for me or will I have to switch to another server or something? My account is snekcode on the Johnny server.
  5. Hi, I am pleased with the lightning speed the root admin added my python module I requested. What is the absolute path to the modules? /usr/local/bin ? or? Thanks in advance
  6. For my master thesis I need realtime GTFS data which can be retrieved and parsed with python. I have this script working locally. When executed here i get a 500 error. (Exec format error: exec of '***/cgi-bin/gtfsrealtime.py' failed: ***/cgi-bin/gtfsrealtime.py) Could it be that the modules from the google packages I'm importing are missing? (I've read on the forum that the requests package should be installed) Would it be possible to have them installed if so? (I am on Johnny using python 2.7) Thanks in advance! from google.transit import gtfs_realtime_pb2 from google.protobuf import json_format import requests feed = gtfs_realtime_pb2.FeedMessage() response = requests.get('https://***') feed.ParseFromString(response.content) json = json_format.MessageToJson(feed) f = open("test.json", "w") f.write(json) for entity in feed.entity: if entity.HasField('trip_update'): print entity.trip_update f.close()
  7. import sys, osimport dialogflow_v2 as dialogflowimport codecs, json from twisted.internet import defer, endpoints, protocol, reactor, taskfrom twisted.python import logfrom twisted.words.protocols import irc I am making an IRC bot for an IRC server and would like to host it 24/7 it should be very low cpu intensive because it is a small server and I doubt that it will have more than a dozzen uses per hour. I don't see how to actually keep the script running though. Using the helloworld test (which does work) I assume that it only stays running while the browser window is open and restarts in a new instance every time someone opens the webpage? I also dont understand how to install dependencies? would I just package all of the required files into a folder and upload that? I understand that heliohost does not have a command interface. Is there some other way to pip install?
  8. Hi, could you install these python modules for Python 3.6 on Ricky? Django>=1.11,<2.0; python_version < '3.0' Django>=1.11; python_version >= '3.0' siphashc>=0.8 Whoosh>=2.7.0 translate-toolkit==2.4.0 lxml>=3.5,!=4.3.1 backports.csv; python_version < '3.0' Pillow bleach>=3.1.0 six>=1.7.0 python-dateutil social-auth-core>=3.1.0 social-auth-app-django>=3.1.0 django-crispy-forms>=1.6.1 oauthlib>=3.0.0 django_compressor>=2.1.1 djangorestframework>=3.8 defusedxml>=0.4 django-appconf>=1.0 user-agents>=1.1.0 filelock>=3.0.1 setuptools jellyfish>=0.6.1 openpyxl>=2.6.0 celery>=4.0 celery-batches>=0.2 translation-finder>=1.4 pathlib2; python_version < '3.4' html2text>=2018.1.9 pycairo>=1.10.0 pygobject>=3.14.0 diff-match-patch==20181111 requests django-redis hiredis phply>=1.2.3 akismet>=1.0 psycopg2-binary aeidon>=1.2.1; python_version > '3.0' zeepThanks
  9. Hey guys, would it be possible to install the following modules for python 3.6: - time - datetime - calendar - Mail_sender server: Johnny name: frederi6 Thank you!!
  10. hi i want to run python script that requires the following libraries -opencv, -pytesseract, -tesseract-ocr. i read something that tells to include them in the PYTHONPATH, but i don't know how. I would appreciate your help for further clarification
  11. Hello Helioids! Just found this service and started poking around. I'm glad HelioHost exists! Determining without command line access which python packages are available was a bit tricky. I'm documenting a solution here so it will show up for others in search. The following script is tested as working on server Johnny, under Python 3.6. Upload it to, for example, /home/USERNAME/public_html/cgi-bin/SCRIPTNAME.py. Don't forget to make it executable (chmod 755 SCRIPTNAME.py). Sending a request to that file from your browser, for example by visiting YOURSUBDOMAIN.heliohost.org/cgi-bin/SCRIPTNAME.py, will return installed module details wrapped in html that should be good enough for your browser to parse. Hope someone else finds this helpful! #!/usr/bin/python3.6 import sys import pip version = sys.version modules = pip.get_installed_distributions() print("Content-type: text/html\n\n", "Python ", version, "<br><br>") for mod in sorted(modules, key=lambda mod: mod.key): try: deets = next(pip.commands.show.search_packages_info([mod.key])) print(deets["name"], "<br>") print(deets["version"], "<br>") print(deets["summary"], "<br>") print(deets["author"], "<br>") print(deets["author-email"], "<br>") print(deets["home-page"], "<br><br>") except: print("<p>", mod.key, "</p>")
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