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Found 17 results

  1. Username: fasouza. Server: Tommy. Main domain: kairion.helioho.st. Could you guys please add two additional SFTP users to my account? They will be used on backup operations so I'd think it's better to have them limited to their respective backup folder instead of using my main SFTP account. Usernames and passwords sent on HelioHost's Change Password page (https://heliohost.org/password/). Usernames and their respective root directories: fasouza_fashost_keyhelp -> /fasouza/backup/fashost.eu.org/keyhelp/ fasouza_fashost_fasouza -> /fasouza/backup/fashost.eu.org/fasouza/ Thanks 😊
  2. Username: fasouza | Server: Tommy | Domain: fasouza.eu.org When I connect to SFTP with my username/password I can't see any of my files, just a directory named "fasouza" with no content. I'm also unable to create files and directories inside this mentioned directory. Here's a print from my SFTP client:
  3. Hi, my ip was blocked because I tried to access sftp using FileZilla and the SFPT credentials showed in the cPanel "FTP Accounts" section.. it failed I think 3 times, now I can't access anymore. What can I do? Thanks
  4. I tried too many times to login to my SFTP account with the wrong password. Oops. I appreciate the security measure. Thank you. user: zacharyw
  5. I'm new at this website and I created an user but when I tried to use the given data to login it was false and I kept trying different things and then I got blocked??? I need help to get unblocked and I#d like to know how to login into an user.
  6. This morning I've been trying to stablish my first connection via SFTP and though Dreamweaver but with no success. Then, my IP ended up being blocked and now I'd just like you to unblock it. (my IP: Site: munny.heliohost.org / username: munny / server: Johnny. Thanks, guys!
  7. Hello, I'd like you to unblock my IP, I've attempted several times really to connect to your server via SFTP. I believe I've used either a wrong password or a wrong Server Name. After many unsuccessful connection attempts, this happened. This is my username: roguitar and my server is Ricky. My email is rogeriobsoares5@gmail.com. My IP Address is If you need further details, just ask me. Thank you very much. Yours sincerely, Rogerio
  8. Hello I have problems of access via sftp with port 1312 ricky server.Also problems with BD MySQL remote with my account. Any help. Thank you
  9. Hi admins, my IP adress got blocked due to SFTP Logins: Could you please unblock it? Thanks!
  10. "The IP address has been blocked for trying to log in to SFTP with the wrong password too many times...." Question: Is there a Logfile somewhere so I can see when this hapend and maybe also which wrong password was used? I suspect someone from my University was attending to "brute-force" my SFTP Account. (Because I normally don't enter the password manually when I log in to my Account) Many thanks in advance, Peter
  11. Hi there I successfully logged onto the cPanel, but the SFTP seems to be denying me access. I tried this a few times, and got a "Too many authentication failures for halfer" in Filezilla (while connecting to johnny.heliohost.org:1373). Since then I have had trouble with cPanel on Jonny - either the login operation times out, or I get a "The login is invalid". It seems to be quite inconsistent in how it responds. I have tried now around 15 times, so I expect I'm blocked. Also, I use a VPN as a matter of course, which may complicate things (I barely know it's there, but it gives me an exit IP usually somewhere in Europe). If someone can give my account a kick, that would be most appreciated - I am keen to have a play. Thanks for setting up this project!
  12. The IP address 31.3.***.*** has been blocked for trying to log in to SFTP with the wrong password too many times. To prevent this from happening again in the future please make sure your username and password are saved correctly in your SFTP client.
  13. Hello, my IP got blocked, could you please unblock me ? At Cpanel, I get : The IP address [...] has been blocked for trying to log in to SFTP with the wrong password too many times ((I tried to connect via the sftp command from lubuntu, but for some reason the server would not accept my password for my ftp profile auguste...))
  14. Hi, I am trying to use git-ftp (with the following command: git ftp init --user user --passwd password sftp://mysite.heliohost.org:[sftp-port]/public_html/app -vv) and trying to connect through sftp to Johnny server, but I always get this error: * Failure initializing sftp session: Unable to request SFTP subsystem * Closing connection 0 curl: (2) Failure initializing sftp session: Unable to request SFTP subsystem Any ideias how this could be solved? Would it work in Stevie? Thanks!
  15. mover.io is a great app for taking backup, but I can't connect it to helio's ftp and neither sftp. :(/&--#62;
  16. Hi All, My first Post as I'm new to helionet community. I have a few questions to ask : 1) Johnny is asking me for Login again and again, and even after entering the right password he's doing the same. So I can't enter my cPanel. Yesterday all was good. Cummon Johnny whats the matter, don't you like the new member ? 2) Yesterday When I tried using SFTP but the port was not 22 and so I guess Filezilla couldn't log me in. After many tries I went for FTP i.e. port 21. ( Also I guess Johnny had a down time at that time coz FTP didn't respond to my login, after half an hours time I could get in for the First time ). So my question here is how to connect to SFTP. 3) MIME, I have a few images in JPG format but the logs says, 404 File Not Found. I checked MIME handlers and all seemed Good, there was an entry for JPG JPEG & JPE. So whats here now? ( Note: PNG is shown withour any problem ). I will be adding a font MIME handler too I need that if I face problem there I'll post it, however Right now JPG is an issue. Thx Buddies for Listening to me and Also in Advance for Replying
  17. I wonder if is possible to configure SFTP connection for Stevie. Can you address how to do it? Helionet Account: c0rs0 Site: netxure.com Server: Stevie Best regards, James G. Leon
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