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Found 24 results

  1. Can you unblock me? Username: okhomanu
  2. My IP got blocked even though I wrote the correct password. Please unblock my IP.
  3. is my IP Address. I got blocked for too much wrong passwords. What is even weirder is that I have only logged in with a wrong password 1 or 2 times (no more than 5) and only 1 consecutive time. Also it lets me log in through port 2083 so that is weird also
  5. I'm sorry. I got password anxiety which manifested into a whole OCDing wrong password frenzy! Can't say it won't happen again. It will. Everyone knows that... This is like the swear jar of forgotten and attempt overkill.
  6. I mistakenly entered wrong password to SFTP client and tried several times to login. I thought server error. Yet, it seems the password is incorrect. Please help me with unblocking my IP. Thank you.
  7. Hi please unblock me I was trying to sign into SFTP with a slow internet and filezilla keeps timing me out. thanks
  8. Please unblock IP again. To many SFTP connections
  9. Please unblock IP
  10. Unblock my account: -> Name is: fructueuxjeffersonMail; fructueuxjefferson@gmail.com
  11. Guest

    [Solved] Unblock IP

    Well... I hate this... But I've tried to connect to the server via FTP, and I'm pretty sure that my password is correct.What happened is that I changed my password, because I wasn't able to access my account. My account is orange77. I had to open a new account, because I was on Johnny server, and I was having problems. Now I'm on Ricky. My email is englishup19@gmail.com and the website is orangeadex.heliohost.org. This is part of the message that shows: The IP address has been blocked for trying to log in to SFTP with the wrong password too many times... Ok, but my username is correct (orange77),my password is correct, my port is correct (1312), the SFTP address is correct (orangeadex.heliohost.org). So, what the heck is going on? My connection is happening through Dreamweaver. Thanks. NOTE: This post is related to https://www.helionet.org/index/topic/38234-unblock-ip/
  12. Please, unblock my ip: Thanks! Where to find the FTP password or it is the same as my login password in heliohost.org?
  13. Please unblock my IP user: wanrashdan.apps@gmail.com or wanapps
  14. This morning I've been trying to stablish my first connection via SFTP and though Dreamweaver but with no success. Then, my IP ended up being blocked and now I'd just like you to unblock it. (my IP: Site: munny.heliohost.org / username: munny / server: Johnny. Thanks, guys!
  15. Hello, I'd like you to unblock my IP, I've attempted several times really to connect to your server via SFTP. I believe I've used either a wrong password or a wrong Server Name. After many unsuccessful connection attempts, this happened. This is my username: roguitar and my server is Ricky. My email is rogeriobsoares5@gmail.com. My IP Address is If you need further details, just ask me. Thank you very much. Yours sincerely, Rogerio
  16. I managed to lock myself out of the cPanel by trying to connect via SFTP with a wrong password. My IP is: Sorry for wasting your time, Cheers and hop you have a great one!
  17. PLEASE UNBLOCK MY IP: Please admin please unblock as soon as possible.
  18. Hi admins, my IP adress got blocked due to SFTP Logins: Could you please unblock it? Thanks!
  19. Please unblock my IP address
  20. Please help for unblocking my IP Thanks!
  21. Please unblock this so that i can view cpanel. This is the message I am getting: The IP address has been blocked for trying to log in to cPanel with the wrong password too many times. To prevent this from happening again in the future please make sure your username and password are correct. You won't be able to continue to cPanel until an admin unblocks you. To request that your IP be unblocked please visit
  22. Please unblock and can I also get to reset the cpanel password link to my email? -Thanks
  23. So i used fileZila and was kinda getting familiary with it and it failed to connect due to worng protocol. Apperenty it has happened so mayn times it got my ip blocked. So it suggested me to come here for help. Thanks guys for help and support!
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