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Found 5 results

  1. Username: fasouza | Server: Tommy | Domain: fasouza.eu.org When I connect to SFTP with my username/password I can't see any of my files, just a directory named "fasouza" with no content. I'm also unable to create files and directories inside this mentioned directory. Here's a print from my SFTP client:
  2. Hi, it is possible to create MYSQL databases from a PHP script on Tommy? Thanks
  3. I have a JSP file mkdir.jsp in folder /home/vaninf/public_html/, it tries to create a directory and file, but I get "Permission denied" exception. How can I create a directory or file using JSP script? How can I get the permission to do it? Thanks.
  4. Hi, I have a problem I had a database hosted locally(on my computer) but than I wanted to host a website using a database and I found your site who has remote mysql access(thx god) so I dump my sql files from my old database.It has 51mb so I compressed in gzip using the format xxxx.sql.gz. It has now 4mb.So I started uploading it in phpmyadmin. Some tables works but some returned me these errors: #1005 - Can't create table 'louis53_bd.quests' (errno: -1)(details...) #1005 - Can't create table 'louis53_bd.full_morphs' (errno: -1) (D├ętails...) and some others errors When I clicked details to see why is this error from it brought me to InnoDB Status!It has no errors or no indications! So guys I need your help to resolve it! Louis53
  5. First, I only have one web hosting account! In other words, I just recreates my account.. It would be better to review my creation history that listed below: First registration, is on Johnny. But I move my account to Stevie. Now, I try to recreate my account in Stevie hoping the mild AJAX error would be fixed. And note that the password that I've used on all of those (re)creation have 18 characters, all alphabets are in lower case, and have two numbers. Here is the problem, every after the creation of my account, I always use Password Reset to get my password because all of my login attempts without resetting my password were always failed. Why it's happening?
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