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  1. Username: fasouza, Server: Tommy Since I've completed my KeyHelp setup on my VPS and migrated my domains to it, I'd like to ask for a reset/wipe of my Tommy's account. I think it will be helpful since it will remove all my domains from the server (I'm planning on having only a HelioHost's subdomain on my account) and thus hopefully help everyone's uptime.
  2. Username: kairion | Server: VPS67 Sorry for bothering again. I did my fair share of tests with OpenLiteSpeed (as well as other web servers and panels on DO's VMs) and in the end it isn't all that better than Apache or NGINX. So now I finally reached a decision and I'll stay with KeyHelp, which proved to be the most stable panel on all my tests in the past month. Therefore, may I kindly ask you guys to reinstall the OS on my VPS (just the OS, I'll take care of the rest)? Edit: Could I also ask you guys to create PTR (reverse DNS) records pointing to fashost.eu.org? I'm not in a hurry, so it can take as long as needed. PS.: Any chance VPS users could have access to a control panel so they could reinstall OS and set PTR (reverse DNS) records by themselves?
  3. Dear HelioHost Community, I came here to try out some web development. Unfortunately I started with overriding my .htaccess file in the /public-html/cgi-bin directory. Is there a way to restore it? Or has there never been a .htaccess file? To my shame I have to admit that I didn't do a backup before. Otherwise I didn't change anything. Maybe someone could just upload the standard .htaccess for this directory or tell me how to reset the whole file structure to default? Would be a great help. Another thing I want to know is that if I want to run python 2.7 scripts I have to move to Server "Ricky", right? Thanks for helping out a newbie! Kind regards, mojo
  4. Hi there I am unable to log into my account and i cannot reset my password, after clicking the link in the email it just fails. My website is also showing errors and no-one can log into any of my pages: Warning: session_start(): open(/var/cpanel/php/sessions/ea-php56/sess_mm7p6qrajt87u67dnooa0u8pq5, O_RDWR) failed: No space left on device (28) in /home/**/public_html/login.php on line 2 Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at /home/**/public_html/login.php:2) in /home/**/public_html/login.php on line 2 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/**/public_html/login.php:2) in /home/**/public_html/login.php on line 20 What has happened here? I have not added anything to my site in a while. Please help as my website cannot be used right now. My website is www.rugbypredictions.co.uk
  5. Hi, just some help needed, i have an account here on heliohost but actually i want completely clear it and start afresh for a new domain will full space available. I cleared the public_html folder but it seems like there is other residual data too. Any way to clear all of that (inclusive of logs and all data) and kind of reset the account. If required, i have no objections with letting the account get into the queue of new accounts and waiting for it. All help would be appreciated. username: rutaj6
  6. c2s

    Starting Over

    I want to start all over with a clean slate but want to be sure what is safe to delete from my home directory and what should be left.
  7. Good day! I tried to reset my password and received an email with links (one SSL and another non-SSL) to reset. Clicking on the either of the links won't work as it takes me to a form which does nothing even after you've manually entered the provided confirmation code. A check of the form's source shows that the action part of the form tag is empty, as below: Any help would be appreciated. The site is cscvapps.heliohost.org Thanks in advance.
  8. My account username is geonyoro. My account was recently suspended for inactivity but I reset it. I was unable to login after and even after multiple password resets, I cannot login.
  9. Dtc

    Hello. I did reset my password today but the password that the system gives me at the end does not work, i tried multiple times. Can you help me please? My account username is dtc
  10. Morning, I can't get the password email reset to work, the confirmation code screen doesn't change when entered. Please could the admin reset? Many thanks Stevie scott002 c-scottwatson.co.uk
  11. Hello, i'm really sorry. Something went wrong with my password when I signed up. I can't log in. So I tried to reset my password. Although I'm sure, that I can receive mails, it doesn't work for me. I simply get no mail. User: Babsis Domain: st-barbara.eu Hosted on: johnny The DNS servers are set to the mail server host, so I can receive the mails. When I can log in, I will change everything accordingly. Please help me and thank you in advance.
  12. I received a confirmation code for resetting password for cpanel for Johnny. But it does nothing, just forwarding me the the same form again and again. johnny.heliohost.org How can I reset the cPanel password?
  13. Hi, I recently tried to change my password in cPanel. It booted me out of the system, and when I try to log back into cPanel, it says wrong password. I used the Forgot My Password tool, and it sent me a verification email. Did all the steps. When it gave me the new password, it still did not work to log in to cPanel. If you could please perform a manual password reset or see what is wrong, that would be great. Username: rileyspi URL: rileyspiller.net Server: Stevie
  14. So, like what happens to many people, I have forgotten the password for my Stevie cPanel. I tried resetting it, but never received the reset email. I just let it be, as I didn't need access right then, and was busy with other things. Of course I kept getting the inactive account reset emails, so I kept my account open using the renew tool. But I am still unable to reset my password. So unless I did something without thinking, and changed my cPanel email, I am puzzled as to why I don't receive any reset emails. I can provide account information to the Helionet personnel if needed. Thank you,
  15. as you can see i cannot get into my account and the cpanel password reset is not working i click the link to confirm my code but it keeps requesting for a code? plz help
  16. my id is sajanmal i m unable to reset the cpanel password please help me and i also want to know how to ON jsp server
  17. Hello! I have a problem, cant log in to my accaunt. Username: vjcolt email: coltbiz@gmail.com Of course i try password reset in cpanel, but after i enter Confirmation code, nothing happened, don't receive any emails from cpanel and cant login. How to reset my password?
  18. I reset my password earlier today, after some cPanel work. I tried logging back in and my new password didn't work. Then i tried the password reset, and now after an hour there is still no email. Is there anyway to get a password sent to me manually? Domain Name: ibernn.heliohost.org User Name: mrward E-Mail: theindepthgamer@gmail.com Thanks.
  19. First, I only have one web hosting account! In other words, I just recreates my account.. It would be better to review my creation history that listed below: First registration, is on Johnny. But I move my account to Stevie. Now, I try to recreate my account in Stevie hoping the mild AJAX error would be fixed. And note that the password that I've used on all of those (re)creation have 18 characters, all alphabets are in lower case, and have two numbers. Here is the problem, every after the creation of my account, I always use Password Reset to get my password because all of my login attempts without resetting my password were always failed. Why it's happening?
  20. Hi, I have accidently delete the Helihost Cpanel username. I tried to reset it, but I've failed on it. Please anyone can help me on this?
  21. Hey there. Please i want to know how can i reset my account so i can start everyhting from scratch. But i dont want to Delete my account from heliohost then remake it because it will take time. can you guys just reset it or something! Thanks By the way my account name is: ibbi2080
  22. Hey everyone, I have forgotten my password for my cPanel login. I have recently re-activated my account. When I request a password reset, I am sent an email. In the email I am asked to paste the code into the textbox. However when I paste the code and click proceed, nothing happens. I would very much appreciate some insight into this.
  23. I made a an account on johnny (polders.heliohost.org) but due to some issues I decided it was better to move to the stevie server. My problem: my password on johnny isn't working anymore, I tried resetting the password a couple of times but that fails for me (I'm getting the mail but the two reset links and the keyword aren't working for me). Because of that I cant login nor delete my johnny account. So I made a stevie account (bzub.heliohost.org) and decided to let the johnny account die out in 30 days, but this new stevie account can a ) not add any addon domains (it says I can add (0) domains) b ) not park the domain I want because the wrapper says it's being used by another user (the johnny account?) So I was wondering if you could guide me trough the password reset or delete the johnny account and help me with that domain addon problem on bzub.heliohost.org. Thanks,
  24. Hi, I wanted to reset password of my stevie account. I tried, but I've didn't received a email about it. Can someone help me? Username: ermando Server: Stevie Website: 3dsfun.heliohost.org Best regards, MarioErmando~
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