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Found 4 results

  1. Hi I have this website questioninmind.com from couple of days my login was not working after that i was busy in some other task so not able to debug the issue ,now today when i saw my website only not responding when i check after login into the cpanel databse showing no record. Can someone please help em resolve the issue?
  2. Hi, just some help needed, i have an account here on heliohost but actually i want completely clear it and start afresh for a new domain will full space available. I cleared the public_html folder but it seems like there is other residual data too. Any way to clear all of that (inclusive of logs and all data) and kind of reset the account. If required, i have no objections with letting the account get into the queue of new accounts and waiting for it. All help would be appreciated. username: rutaj6
  3. I have created Mysql database on Heliohost via cPanel - Mysql wizard, How do I import my database schemmas and data to the server?
  4. Mam/Sir, Lets talk about this message which would be received after a Hosting Account Installed!‏: Because I'm planning to fully host my websites with this free web hosting service... What if I successfully developed a script with that host and completely installed some software therein and my database already got an important information because of the users who coming thought my websites... What if my account get suspended for inactivity? Can I recovered the data therein? Or even just the database? AND WHAT IF my account get suspended just because of an error of the system? (As mentioned in Heliohost FAQ - HelioHost Wiki and in Suspended and Queued Accounts - HelioNet.) How can I get my data back? Or even just the important database? If ever there's no way to get the data back when the account get suspend, mostly if the reason is just because of the error, then it's VERY HARD.. Please respond, thank you..
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