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Found 3 results

  1. Will one of the wonderful folks who do such things please create a PTR record for vps69 using the information below? IPv4: IPv6: 2001:470:1:1ee::69 Domain: pizzabeer.club Thanks! -Ray
  2. Username: kairion, Server: VPS67. Hello everyone, I hope you're all having a nice day. Since yesterday my VPS seems to be suffering some timeouts during the day and now I'm unable to login to my panel or even SSH. Is this problem related to the Data Center's network issue mentioned on Discord? Also, would it be possible to add an IPv6 reverse DNS (PTR record) pointing to my domain fashost.eu.org?
  3. Username: kairion | Server: VPS67 Sorry for bothering again. I did my fair share of tests with OpenLiteSpeed (as well as other web servers and panels on DO's VMs) and in the end it isn't all that better than Apache or NGINX. So now I finally reached a decision and I'll stay with KeyHelp, which proved to be the most stable panel on all my tests in the past month. Therefore, may I kindly ask you guys to reinstall the OS on my VPS (just the OS, I'll take care of the rest)? Edit: Could I also ask you guys to create PTR (reverse DNS) records pointing to fashost.eu.org? I'm not in a hurry, so it can take as long as needed. PS.: Any chance VPS users could have access to a control panel so they could reinstall OS and set PTR (reverse DNS) records by themselves?
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