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Found 9 results

  1. Hi sorry for causing high load i need unsuspense my site to only take a backup then i will shutdown the site cause the problem. thanks. username : kemostar server: johnny
  2. VPS60 would like a force restart on it's server.
  3. I have never received the validation email. Then I checked the confirmation page and found out that the validation email was sent to a different address. The one without dash which I don't have access. I know that I have entered the correct email because it was copy pasted. So that I don't have to type and missed todays free signups.
  4. Username: kairion, Server: VPS67. Hello everyone, I hope you're all having a nice day. Since yesterday my VPS seems to be suffering some timeouts during the day and now I'm unable to login to my panel or even SSH. Is this problem related to the Data Center's network issue mentioned on Discord? Also, would it be possible to add an IPv6 reverse DNS (PTR record) pointing to my domain fashost.eu.org?
  5. Username: kairion | Server: VPS67 Sorry for bothering again. I did my fair share of tests with OpenLiteSpeed (as well as other web servers and panels on DO's VMs) and in the end it isn't all that better than Apache or NGINX. So now I finally reached a decision and I'll stay with KeyHelp, which proved to be the most stable panel on all my tests in the past month. Therefore, may I kindly ask you guys to reinstall the OS on my VPS (just the OS, I'll take care of the rest)? Edit: Could I also ask you guys to create PTR (reverse DNS) records pointing to fashost.eu.org? I'm not in a hurry, so it can take as long as needed. PS.: Any chance VPS users could have access to a control panel so they could reinstall OS and set PTR (reverse DNS) records by themselves?
  6. Hello everyone. Happy new year. My subdomain blog.fasouza.eu.org got disabled but I'm actually using it. When trying to enable it again on Plesk I got the following error: Could it please be re-enabled?
  7. hi, i've been trying to deploy nextjs and nuxtjs, but have failed to do so each time (totla 3 tryes, 1 nuxt, 2 nextjs) nextjs needs to run command "npm run start", and nuxt builds a seperate node project which is just "node .output/server/index.mjs" for next i tried to make a start.js file which has "exec("npm run start")", currently i have a nextjs project in my tommy https://davidon.top (note i route my traffic through cloudflare) with next i tryed to run it with the run command button and got an error saing port 3000 is allredy beeing used so i switched to a different port (this is most likely my issue but i dont know what port i need to be using, currently its 3069) i dont know where to go from here or waht i should try so im hoping you could guide me. (i would also be glad to contribute to the wiki on how other people can deplay theyr nuxt or next projects, i just need to find a right way to deploy it)
  8. Hi i would like to change my domain, i recently got 6$ tommy server and i want to link it with davidon.top idealy i just change the dns records to point to your servers. (since i want to use cloudflare for protection and other thinks) but i can also just change the nameserver if thats nececery (username itismedavid)
  9. hello admin my site now is archived i try to enter but not work at all can actived my site plz site url :tvnrahman.helionet.org ./ tvnrahman.net username :tvnrahma thanks you
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