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Found 10 results

  1. Hello HelioHost Team, I have just created an account of free instace Johny, and want to do some testing, like Django project tests and other, to become better in implementing new Django Apps. Can you please grand me access to SSH? With regards, Obelix4132 (Jiri Cerny)
  2. Username: kairion, Server: VPS67. Hello everyone, I hope you're all having a nice day. Since yesterday my VPS seems to be suffering some timeouts during the day and now I'm unable to login to my panel or even SSH. Is this problem related to the Data Center's network issue mentioned on Discord? Also, would it be possible to add an IPv6 reverse DNS (PTR record) pointing to my domain fashost.eu.org?
  3. Hi. I want to access my Tommy server via SSH from my PC. Is it possible to connect my server using SSH? if possible, Kindly point me where I can find the credentials to ssh my server. I want to install Node-Red (A nodejs based open source app) to my server for testing. Inside Plesk, the extension tool(At the sidebar) is also not available to install Google Authenticator and ssh extensions. Also, If any steps available to install npm packages in your server other than using SSH, Please tell me. Thanks & Regards, Shyam Bhattacharyya
  4. Bom dia, perdi acesso a minha VPS, simplismente não conecta na porta 22 padrão, poderiam verificar por gentileza? 🤔
  5. May an admin please do the following SSH commands to my website? mkdir /usr/local/mail cd /usr/local/mail curl -s http://repository.ra...t/installer.php | php & May you please do this too? WHM Home >> Service Configuration >> Apache Configuration >> Include Editor >> Pre Main Include -> All Versions , and add this line. Alias /mail /usr/local/mail I want to install RainLoop Webmail Application.
  6. how to access my hosting via ssh
  7. Hi there everyone! I'm making my first steps here with both, server(hhosting) and laravel and would like to get some help setting things up. Firstly, I don't really understand if you have an option to use SSH / Console or not. If yes, how can I access it, please? And if no, well, is there anyone here who know how should I install Laravel 5.4.15? I guess it's goin' to be a real headache, but who knows, maybe not. Thanks!
  8. I have see that, a SSH Access option is added in Chanel of Johnny server. So, so I've generated a key and tried to use a ssh client, but I've got "Connection Refused" error. I don't know anything about ssh. I want to know can I connect to ssh? If yes, then how?
  9. I have no experience about things like this, I just upgraded ion cube loader, and I was told to restart the web server after upgrade, like this : "Once you have replaced the loader file please restart your web server." I can't access SSH how to solve it?
  10. Please go into the base folder of my application (where composer.json is) ("cd /public_html/php/php-login") and do "composer install" on the command line.. Thank you! Username: mbdungo Domain: professionalserver.tk Server: Stevie
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