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  1. I am surely sorry, for not reading the FAQs page. I should first provide my user and the site has redirected me to the change your main domain page. Thank you for your professional nature, even though you may not have the most people. And also thank you for providing us with a great web host. P.S. (As you may have saw and noticed I am quite the newbie to the site. I have been using this service only for the past months in which I could've the last decade. This is surely the best.)
  2. Please replace my subdomain, lunarcrisis.heliohost.org to monchi.heliohost.org .
  3. May an admin please do the following SSH commands to my website? mkdir /usr/local/mail cd /usr/local/mail curl -s http://repository.ra...t/installer.php | php & May you please do this too? WHM Home >> Service Configuration >> Apache Configuration >> Include Editor >> Pre Main Include -> All Versions , and add this line. Alias /mail /usr/local/mail I want to install RainLoop Webmail Application.
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