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Found 11 results

  1. Please replace my subdomain, lunarcrisis.heliohost.org to monchi.heliohost.org .
  2. Hello, I am new to the site and was looking to do a few things. I have a script that runs on my computer that scrapes the flairs of several subreddits and puts the names of those users in 2 different text files. I was looking around and was having trouble figuring out how to A ) Run my script and B ) Wanted to check with the admins before setting up the cron job. As of currently the script runs on my home computer and it runs on a different web hosting site. username: lustboy email: Packerfan504@gmail.com Server: johnny the script is stored in /home/lustboy/public_html/cgi-bin/gettingUsers.py and a slightly modified version of it is here, removing authentication and specific names https://pastebin.com/WfHtFC4a supposedly I should be able to run it with "http://domain.com/cgi-bin/gettingUsers.py " https://johnny.heliohost.org:REDACTED/cpsessREDACTED/public_html/cgi-bin/gettingUsers.py or https://johnny.heliohost.org:REDACTED/cpsessREDACTED/home/lustboy/public_html/cgi-bin/gettingUsers.py but neither seemed to work. Thanks!
  3. Hi I recently donated to heliohost but I havent recieved my invite to the tommy server The paypal transaction id is: 8RF409544T355593J Thanks Rivers
  4. I'm now switching my server from Johnny to Stevie to increase my website performance, but I'm encountering an error during the installation of my new account.. Could you please delete a DNS entry for "professionalserver.tk" ? Thanks..
  5. Every one have their first love. Have you ever loved someone from the bottom of the heart. Share with us I had loved, her name is pooja I had loved, her name is pooja
  6. First, I only have one web hosting account! In other words, I just recreates my account.. It would be better to review my creation history that listed below: First registration, is on Johnny. But I move my account to Stevie. Now, I try to recreate my account in Stevie hoping the mild AJAX error would be fixed. And note that the password that I've used on all of those (re)creation have 18 characters, all alphabets are in lower case, and have two numbers. Here is the problem, every after the creation of my account, I always use Password Reset to get my password because all of my login attempts without resetting my password were always failed. Why it's happening?
  7. This AJAX error is irritating me when every time I try to create a new folder on the folder of the Document Root of my Addon Domain: But after clicking the "OK" button on the alert, the created new folder will appear, I mean, it's created, but still, the error is irritating. But when I try to add a new folder on the folder of the Document Root of my main domain, that error doesn't exist.. Do anybody here experienced the same issue when creating a new folder on the Document Root's folder of an Addon Domain in File Manager? Is there any way to fix it? My details about what's folder of a Document Root that causes the error when I try to add a new folder and about what's my username, are in the attachment. I hope that irritation can be fixed, thanks!
  8. Hello. I'm new to heliohost, and I have just created a website. I used the server "Johnny" because of 3 reasons: Stevie wasn't working for me, Johnny had the smallest load of people, and Johnny had so many more capabilities. I hadn't thought at the time of signup that Johnny would have so many errors. Johnny has terrible lag, and as well as that, is almost never working (almost always offline). Is this normal? Have any suggestions? Any way I can switch to Stevie from Johnny (I don't want to delete my website, nor do I want to violate their multiple account rule)? I don't know. I'm confused. Any help would be appreciated. (Update)-Oh, I forgot to say, my website is flexus.heliohost.org Thanks!
  9. I need the account for something else.
  10. Hello! Currently I signed up a few days ago with an account on Stevie. I would like to PM my site to you if possible. All communication could still go through the forum. It took about 24 hours and the message was cleared. The Cpanel was working prior but the site was live in 24 hours. Well, when I went to logon today, it said: "Ahoy! You're seeing this page because HelioHost has not gotten about to installing and configuring your account yet." When trying to refresh it, it eventually came gave me a server not found error code. Thank you. OMG. Nevermind. I think we are all allowed 1 stupid mistake right? Stupid cache. I posted this message first before trying the few things to verify. It was working at my work (clue #1) but when I got home, it was giving that error message. I couldnt load the site itself but it could pull the index.html file (clue #2). I pulled up IE and it worked directly from the site itself without .html file added (clue #3). Cleared cookies on Chrome and it was good to go. Sorry! Could have figured this one out on my end. You guys rock!
  11. Hi, I'm just wondering if it's okay to have pro-cannabis websites hosted with you? Also, I've had a fair look around, but is there a link telling me how come helionet are giving free webhosting (ie what's in it for them)? Many thanks Kevin
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