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  1. Hi! My username in heliohost is jason4931 and I'd like to create a new domain on my account named "xrplbkas.com" if that's possible, thanks!
  2. Hello all, I've recently come across https://eu.org and thought "Why not give it a try?". I have applied for a domain and got accepted! However, I can't add my domain as an alias or addon domain. I have the right nameservers set (ns1.heliohost.org and ns2.heliohost.org), what am I doing wrong? Furthermore, I would like to use CloudFlare with it, is that possible? Edit: There is this post by Krydos on cPanel's forum which is really confusing to me... so does it mean that we can't use eu.org domains...? P.S.: Sorry for my lack of knowledge regarding domain names and related subjects. I'm happy to elaborate if needed. Thanks for all answers!
  3. I need another subdomain on heliohost.org to host an additional website. Could you please create the following for me? new subdomain: pdjm.heliohost.org username: amalgd main domain: mainstay.heliohost.org server: tommy Thank you!
  4. Greeting. I tried about 5-6 time to add an "Addon domain" but every time page won't do anything or returns an error! It says DNS record already available, so I went to "Zone editor" --> click on manage button in front of my addon domain name and delete every 5 records (name of domain still is there, but when I clicked on the manage button for it, it shows no record founds); also deleted the appropriative folder named with my domain, under public_html; plus I deleted the sub-domain it generates with the name of addon domain followed by shahabou.heliohost.org then, I click on add domain in Addon domain section, after did and check the above things, and it shows me error below: (XID uhuswp) A DNS entry for “ouraie.ir” already exists. You must remove this DNS entry from this server or all servers in the DNS cluster to proceed.please help. thanks in advance bcs of all of your helps! with LOVE to HELIO <3....
  5. Hello, I just received my invite to restore my Tommy account after the downtime and have successfully created my main account. Before the server went down I had a second domain on heliohost that was manually enabled by the root admin. May I request that it be added again? Many thanks, Kurt Server: Tommy Recently created domain: kurtilk.heliohost.org Desired second domain: tpltrl.heliohost.org
  6. Dear Heliohost, I am sorry if this is in the wrong forum. I have also checked the wiki. I would like to set up nigelbarksfield.co.uk as an addon domain on Ricky after Tommmy crashed. However, cPanel states it cannot create the addon because a DNS record already exists for nigelbarksfield.co.uk. Please, could someone create it for me? Thanks in advance for topnotch service. Regards, Mr Nigel Barksfield
  7. Good evening as its in my timezone now. i am writing with a deep heart full of pains to request that you delete all my addon domains in my account and let my main free domain be as it is. my username name: Bfaschat my server: johnny i will be so much happy if you grant this two request for me.
  8. I do have exactly same problem with my domain pergaminpc.com.ar it shows some trails looking through FTP but it doesnt shows in my Addon Domain I already expected 48hs plus.
  9. I have recently brought a domain from godaddy.com. I added the same to my heliohost hosting account as addon domain. I have changed the nameservers in godaddy dns management. First time it failed with this - "No response from subprocess ( (cpanel)): The subprocess ended prematurely because it received the “ALRM” (14) signal.". Again I tried it gave this error - "domain already exists in the apache configuration." But it is not listed in addon domains page. When I try to access the page it show account queued with this message - "Ahoy! You're seeing this page because HelioHost has not gotten about to installing and configuring your account yet. This process usually takes 24 hours, and once it is complete your website should show up properly. While the account is being created we suggest taking a look at your control panel." Any Ideas what to do??
  10. Hello I successfully moved to server Tommy. I again create addon domain. It was created, but now opening only www version. I think, my domain evezers.cf was deleted not correctly on Johnny, because link to cPanel on Queued Page directs to Johnny server. Can you delete domain record on Johnny?
  11. Hello, I have a problem with domain addon. I've set up nameserver correctly as always. After cPanel finished processing domain addon it has never actually listed my new domain in the list of addon domains. public_html folder has been created successfully. When I try to repeat the process it says: A DNS entry for the domain “xxxxxx.xxxxxx.heliohost.org” already exists. xxxxxx's are the domain name and username on heliohost. Stats on cPanel left side show 2 addon domains, although there should be three. Thank you. Best regards.
  12. Hello! I got to set up two .eu.org domains today on my account (texl), and could only do that through a complicated chain of actions: 1) Set up a DNS zone on ClouDNS for the domain; 2) Request the domain using the zone created; 3) Once aproved, change the main domain of my account to the approved domain, so the heliohost nameservers would start handling it; 4) Change the nameservers to be the heliohost ones (wouldn't work before setting as main domain); 5) Change my main domain back to what it was before; 6) Add the domain as an addon domain. I was able to make the first domain work like this, but when I get to step 6 on the second domain I am getting this error: "The domain “semulapi.eu.org” already exists in the Apache configuration." I guess all this juggling of domains and nameservers might have messed up with the apache configurations. I tried deleting the DNS zone entries related to the domain to see if the error would go away, but it didn't. Could you guys help out? As always, thank you very much for the awesome service!
  13. Can I have two subdomains under the domain name heliohost.org in my account with the help of a moderator? That's it, thanks..
  14. Hello, I have an addon domain 'example.com', and when I created it some time ago, I created a user 'example@olego.com' and granted this user FTP access to directory public_html/example.com. I'd like to know how I can change example's FTP password. Under Addon Domains page, I can only remove the domain. Under FTP Accounts page, I see "No accounts found." Is there another section that allows me to change example's password? Thanks!
  15. I am trying to create an addon/parked domain for a domain that I wish to transfer to my Heliohost account but I get the following error. Sorry, the domain is already pointed to an IP address that does not appear to use DNS servers associated with this server. Please transfer the domain to this servers nameservers or have your administrator add one of its nameservers to /etc/ips.remotedns and make the proper A entries on that remote nameserver. I have a catch 22 where I cannot create the domain on my Heliohost account until I update the domain with my registrar but my registrar won't update my domain if the specified DNS's (ns1.heliohost.org and ns2.heliohost.org) are not configured for the domain. Can Heliohost enable me to create the domain without updating the registrar first? Or help me understand the error message better so that I can carry on with my transfer. If I delete the domain off the current host's server, will I then be able to create the domain on my Heliohost account? Thanks. Chris
  16. i am not able to delete "urbanazzi.com" from my addon domains. This domain is owned by me and i want to add it in parked domain. The error seems to be "Unable to find out which user owns the parked domain urbanazzi.com."
  17. Ok so on my Stevie server account ( username: zharry ) I want to add an add-on domain called blogsquared.tk. This addon domain previously existed on my Johnny server account ( username: advharry ). I have removed the addon domain from my Johnny server but I can still visit the blogsquared.tk and reach my Johnny server. When I try to add an add-on domain on my Stevie account it says blogsquared.tk is owned by another user. What are the steps I need to take or can an admistrator help me? Thanks, Harry
  18. Hi – I am trying to create an addon domain for an existing website and have run into an issue. After entering the necessary info on the CPanel Addon Domains page, I get the following error message: Error from park wrapper: Using nameservers with the following IPs:, Sorry, the domain is already pointed to an IP address that does not appear to use DNS servers associated with this server. Please transfer the domain to this servers nameservers or have your administrator add one of its nameservers to /etc/ips.remotedns and make the proper A entries on that remote nameserver. I already realize that the domain in question (pabwebsolutions.com) does not currently point to one of your web servers. As this is an existing site, my plan was create the add-on domain, create a subdomain for that site, and then replicate the website on that new subdomain. That way, I could confirm things were working correctly before officially moving the main website. This domain already has multiple subdomains on multiple web hosts and I control where they are hosted via A records on the registrar (GoDaddy). I would prefer to continue using GoDaddy’s name servers for this domain and not change to your name servers. (As an experiment, I did add your name servers as NS records on the remote chance this would satisfy your automated system check – it didn’t.) Checking previous posts, I found an individual with a very similar problem: http://www.helionet....n-to-heliohost/ The following entry summarizes that resolution - “The system prevents domains that aren't pointed at our servers from being added for security reasons. An admin can override this protection though and add the domain for you.” Please advise if there is an alternate approach to add “pabwebsolutions.com” as an add-on domain while still retaining GoDaddy nameservers. Otherwise, I would request an admin add “pabwebsolutions.com” as an add-on domain to my main domain pab49162.heliohost.org. Thanks in advance for your assistance - Paul
  19. I'm trying to add the "jimbo1qaz.ro.lt" addon domain to my "jimbo1qa" account, with main domain jimmyli.org . But the system won't let me, complaining that "ro.lt" 's nameservers are pointing to ns1-4.afraid.org, instead of looking at "jimbo1qaz.ro.lt", which does point to the HelioHost nameservers.
  20. This AJAX error is irritating me when every time I try to create a new folder on the folder of the Document Root of my Addon Domain: But after clicking the "OK" button on the alert, the created new folder will appear, I mean, it's created, but still, the error is irritating. But when I try to add a new folder on the folder of the Document Root of my main domain, that error doesn't exist.. Do anybody here experienced the same issue when creating a new folder on the Document Root's folder of an Addon Domain in File Manager? Is there any way to fix it? My details about what's folder of a Document Root that causes the error when I try to add a new folder and about what's my username, are in the attachment. I hope that irritation can be fixed, thanks!
  21. Mam/Sir, When I try to Addon the Domain example.tk instead that domain be added, it looks like it's creating example.main.tk subdomain.. Wherever I do, I couldn't add my another "dot tk" domain. Could you please give me a solution? And tell me what's the problem? My following information: My domain that couldn't be added: webdirectory.tk My cPanel username: mbdungo My main domain: firm.tk Thank you!
  22. Hello! When trying to add an addon domain to my hosting account, I receive this error message: "Sorry, you are not allowed to add any more than (0) addon domains! The domain below was not setup!" It was my understanding that I was allowed to add domains. Here is my information: Server: Stevie Username: crthell Main domain: crthell.tk I also am given this information from my cPanel stats: Parked Domains: 0 / 0 Addon Domains: 0 / 0 While some who are more maliciously inclined would fail to state this, cPanel also reports my storage as infinite. I don't want karma to bite me in the ass If this has, by chance, been posted in the wrong subforum, please correct my mistake Thank you for your assistance, crthell
  23. I created an addon domain k12swap.com for proxse, but I hosted it in a separate directory outside of my public_html folder, as I do not wish for people on my main site to be able to see my addon domain. (Or is it htaccess'ed so it's only visible from addon?) I set up the ftp username and password, but strangely the cPanel wants me to log in from my main domain, not k12swap.com. And when I tried to log in from k12swap, it 503'ed me out and eventually locked me out of cPanel for brute-forcing.
  24. first of all i want to thank all of heliohost staff for providing us best free hosting/support out there i just have one question, i can understand there is some sort of a que for creating new accounts but why is it like that for subdomains, parked/addon domains? its a real pain waiting 24hrs for a subdomain, i mean 1 day is really too long, there's 365 days in a year lol it is created immediately, it just points to another directory/has a redirect, why is it like that?
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